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Exercise and The Environment: How To Be Eco-Friendly While Working Out

Most of the time, finding the will to workout is hard enough on its own. The last thing you’ll want to think about is how your workout routine is affecting the environment surrounding you. But what if we told you that there are easy and practical ways to get the best of both worlds? Here are a few ways through which you can be more eco-friendly while sweating out your stress.

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Embrace Sustainability

Sustainability is the cornerstone of environmental awareness. In short, it means using items and equipment that can be recycled or reused, all to reduce the buildup of stubborn waste that harms the environment. With these values in mind, here are a few ways in which you can embrace sustainability.

Buy Green Workout Clothes

Few of us ever pay any attention to the kind of clothes we purchase. After all, how damaging can a piece of clothes be to the environment? Turns out, plenty. Starting from the process through which the raw material is harvested to the manufacturer process, a lot of resources are consumed and even waste is produced. Since you can’t do anything about the process, all you can do is to pick environmentally-friendly brands that pride themselves on being green. These brands can make good use of recycled materials and eco-friendly business models to satisfy your workout fashion needs. 

Recycle Old Items

Now you know what to do whenever you need to get a new item, but what about your old clothes and workout gear? The easiest way to deal with them properly is to recycle or reuse them adequately. Instead of throwing away your old sneakers and clothes, consider donating them to charities. Moreover, certain brands can take this old gear and reuse them into playground material. 

Avoid Plastic Water Bottles

One of the more obvious sustainability efforts would be to steer away from single-use plastic. By now, we all know how detrimental plastic is to our environment. Instead of buying a water bottle every time you head out for exercise, how about getting your own glass water bottle instead?

Develop an Eco-Friendly Workout Routine

Believe it or not, you can even tweak your workout routine to be more eco-friendly. Here are a few ways through which you can achieve that. 

Indoor Exercise

Going to the gym is not always possible, not to mention how time and money consuming it can be. Why would you go to the gym anyway when you have your home welcoming you with open arms? You can train every muscle in your body, do cardio, and wrap up with a stretch, all at home. You can also practice yoga to increase your flexibility, practice mindfulness, and strengthen your muscles. However, you should make sure to use a rubber yoga mat so you can stick to your sustainability goals. These mats are eco-friendly and can be recycled cleanly and efficiently. 

Outdoor Exercise

Another gym-alternative is going for outdoor exercise sessions. You can simply run the track in the nearest park or jog around the block, but you can also spice up your routine by looking for local sport group activities and join the fun. That way you’ll make a few workout buddies as well.

Gym Tips

Let’s be honest: sometimes, going to the gym is the only thing that can get us moving. It seems like there’s something magical in the air that forces us to work out and sweat it out. In case indoor exercise is not an option for you or you simply prefer the gym, then there are still ways in which you can be more environmentally friendly. You can start by steering away from the machines operating on electricity. If you have to use one, like treadmills, then consider running the track instead or incline the machine so that it uses less electricity. Better yet, look for gyms that promote their eco-friendly ventures. These gyms make it a point to use less electricity and install self-generating energy once used.

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Green Nutrition

The truth is that exercise is only half of the fitness equation. Nutrition plays just as big a role in your fitness goals, if not a bigger role. Instead of opting for a protein shake or an energy bar following your workout, try to look for greener alternatives. It may take a little more effort on your part, but packing organic fruits, vegetables, and snacks until you can have a healthy meal will go a long way in both, saving the environment and maintaining your health. 

Talking about environmental sustainability in the workout space can be a little weird. After all, how bad can working out be for the environment? Well, once you pay closer attention to the little details, you’ll find out that the impact of exercise is actually quite significant. It’s worthwhile to make a few adjustments so you can embrace sustainability, develop an eco-friendly workout routine, and adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle in general.

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By Susan Harris

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