3 Facts You Need To Know About The Evolution Of Bongs

Proven or unproven, it is a fact that all the smokers, vapers, and everyone who loves getting high out there has a great place in their hearts for the device called a bong. A spate of reasons is available to explain why it is so. For the knowledge of those who are new to smoking and bonging, a bong is a filtration device that is majorly used for smoking tobacco, cannabis, or other kinds of herbs.

At this point, you may have a relevant question: What is the difference between regular smoking and bonging? Well, to answer your question, a bong is arguably the fastest way to get to the top edge of highness. With the help of Bong, smokers can take heavy and strong hits that are unlike anything else. A bong is cool, portable, and fun to use. What is more, a regular bong is compatible with a variety of herbal substances which directly implies it is suitable for almost every kind of smoker. As per specialists over at Freeze Pipe, every individual that is still looking for their ideal bong should try freezable bongs for enhanced highness. It can be said confidently that the ones who enjoy getting stoned as hell can count on bong to get the job done in fashion. 

As popular as bong is today among smokers, not many people know how this unique smoking tool came to be what it is today. Isn’t it important for every blogger to know the facts regarding the evolution of bong? Yes, it is. Therefore, without any delay, let us jump right into it and see what bong is:

It Goes Way Back

Owing to the relatively newer popularity of bongs, you might not have imagined that bongs are not a result of modern culture. Evidence suggests that smoking devices similar to bongs in anatomy were used in the Asian continent in ancient times. An excavation that took place in Russia in the year 2013 revealed the tribal chiefs from over 2400 years ago used to have golden bongs to smoke cannabis and opium. In 16th century China, during the run of the Ming Dynasty, the use of water pipes was widespread from leaders to workers. 

Now you know, the water pipes have a bright part in the smoking history. In all likelihood, next time you pick up your bong for a memorable session, you are going to feel all the greater.

Is It Hookah?

There are a lot of people who argue that a bong is a kind of hookah with a smaller frame. Several others believe that the water pipe is the result of hookah’s evolution. However, those arguments are baseless and not at all right. Hookah and bong are not related anywhere in history despite being similar in construction and function. In other words, a bond may be similar to a hookah, but that does not mean it is a hookah. In general, bongs are portable and more convenient to use than a hookah - and they do not even use the hose for smoking. However, to close the argument, it can be said that both hookah and bongs are greatly amusive for true smokers. 

Modern Bongs Know No Limits

Just like that, bongs made their way into the current times and it is magnificent. The evolution in water pipes has led us to a point where almost everything is possible. You have bongs that are no longer sticking to the regular circular body design, the ones with different function mechanics, and the ones with innovative features. Today, it is easy as pie to find bongs that operate with just a push of a button, light themselves up, and allow for easy cleaning, etc. If you look around in shops you can find bongs that use the mechanism that will be just ideal for you. In addition to that, you also have the option to customize the design and art on the body of your bong to give it a look that defines your personality.   

Which bong are you going to pick up? There are many options and the facts about the evolution of the device must have turned you towards it.  The evolution of bongs has undoubtedly been impressive and now if you bongs, you are part of it. Therefore, you got to try to take it to another level. Look around, find your substance, and do not wait to bong it up!

Susan Harris

By Susan Harris

Susan Harris is the owner of Rooted Mama Health. She is the mother to two amazing children and wife of a loving husband. She strives to provide the world with all the information they need to live a happy and health lifestyle.