Evidence-Based Ways to Improve Your Memory

With diet and lifestyle changes, people are now prone to memory loss more than ever. Forgetfulness is normal but sometimes tends to be frustrating. There is also increased memory loss caused by aging, lifestyle, habits, and neurological factors, including Alzheimer’s disease. To avoid having untimely memory loss and to improve your overall memory, it’s advisable to take measures now to prevent adverse effects. Some of these measures include lifestyle and diet changes, which have proved to improve memory. Here are some evidence-based ways.

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1. Eat Less Sugar

Consuming too much sugar is proven to cause body ailments and other chronic diseases, including corroding cognitive features. According to health experts, taking too much sugar leads to reduced brain volume, which leads to memory loss. This damage is mainly in the part of the brain that accommodates short memory. From studies done, individuals who take large volumes of sugar recorded less memory than those who take less or no sugar. It is advisable to cut on sugar to improve your memory and improve your overall health, which deteriorates when too much sugar gets into the body. Practice healthy eating and drinking foods and drinks that have zero or less sugar.

2. Take Supplements

With studies and research, scientists and manufacturers have come up with different supplements that improve the brain’s overall functioning, leading to improved memory. According to supplement experts from, most of these supplements are natural, and they help boost memory and enhance the cognitive features of a human being. Such products are made from plants and also from fish oil. The green products and fats help reduce inflammation, reduce the risks of heart disease, relieve stress and anxiety, and slow down the mental wear. People who have used these products, according to studies, have shown improvements to their brain and thinking capacity and are way better off as compared to those who never used the supplements. According to scientists, fish oil contains omega-3 acids, which help improve memory, especially for aging individuals.

3. Meditation

While most people disregard meditation, it is proven a way of improving one’s memory. Meditation helps to soothe and relax the mind, reducing anxiety stress, lowering blood pressure, and improving memory. Meditation has also proved to increase the grey matter, which tends to decrease as people age up, reducing their cognitive and memory strength. Through meditation, individuals can improve short-term memory effectively, applicable to all ages. Analysis has also revealed that individuals who practice meditation have spatial working memory compared to those who don’t. What is spatial memory? Spatial memory is the ability to control information in the mind concerning space objects. Benefits can be seen from using online mediation software or a Textsheet alternative. Try meditating today and get the benefits of improved memory.

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4. Having a Healthy Weight

With lifestyle changes, most people have been affected by the weight factors, making them have excessive weight or be obese. Obesity got linked to the decline of memory in most individuals, which, when not controlled, can lead to memory loss. It also leads to insulin resistance and inflammation, which affects the brain in a more significant way. Also, having a high Body mass index leads to poor performance in judgments and remembering things. To be safe and to improve memory, it’s recommended to maintain a healthy weight. How do you do this? Maintaining a healthy weight is done by taking a balanced diet and exercising as required to avoid the accumulation of fats and toxins in the body. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind and an improved brain.

5. Have Enough Sleep

Do you sleep enough? If not, you’d better start doing so since lack of sleep has adverse effects on memory. People who spend most of their nights playing video games, chatting, or focusing on other things have a high risk of losing their memories. With a deprived sleep, you are on the verge of losing your memory cells, which reduces your thinking and memory capacity. According to studies, even children who don’t sleep well end up having poor school results since they can’t think and memorize what they learn. It is advisable to have enough sleep every day. According to experts, normal adults must have at least seven to eight hours of sleep, with children needing more. With sufficient sleep, your memory will regenerate and end up having better performance. 

You can also consider enhancing your memory by having a peaceful mind, drinking less alcohol, training your brain on improvements, cutting down on refined carbs, and exercising more. When you do these things right, you’ll end up having an improved memory and better-thinking capacity. We do hope you’ll take the tips seriously for a successful life.

Susan Harris

By Susan Harris

Susan Harris is the owner of Rooted Mama Health. She is the mother to two amazing children and wife of a loving husband. She strives to provide the world with all the information they need to live a happy and health lifestyle.