Effective Tips to Stop Hair Loss

Aging and genetic problems or even stress can cause anyone to shed hair frequently. It’s completely normal but can cause worry and more stress to most people. For women especially, losing hair might affect their self-esteem and change the way they look at themselves. The thing is, treating hair loss and preventing it depends on the reason behind its occurrence. You need to know why you’re facing hair loss in order to stop it and find the right treatment.

how to stop hair loss

For some situations, hair loss can be normal like for women shedding hair after pregnancy, such symptoms are okay and usually stop without any intervention. But for other cases, medical or home treatments are needed. We show a few remedies and treatments for hair loss in this article that can help anyone prevent this underlying problem based on its causes.

Treatment with Protein 

Your hair mainly consists of protein follicles called Keratin. In order to keep it healthy and prevent hair damage, you need to consume enough protein in your diet to keep those follicles in good shape. Even though more research is needed in this area, studies show that people with nutritional deficiencies and those who lack amino acids in their nutritional intake are more likely to suffer from hair loss. This is because amino acids are the building blocks of protein that are needed for hair health. Make some changes to your diet and eat foods that are rich in protein like eggs, nuts, fish, chicken, and peas to help reduce your hair loss problems. You will be surprised by the difference when you fix your diet and focus on the nutrients that your hair needs, this is why increased protein consumption is the first step to cure damaged or falling hair. 

Follow A Mediterranean Diet

A Mediterranean diet focuses on raw vegetables and healthy herbs like parsley and basil. These foods have been proven to reduce risks of developing androgenic alopecia or slow it down in most cases. This condition is also known as female or male pattern baldness which might be the reason why you are starting to shed hair. By following a Mediterranean diet, you are practically eliminating the chances of developing this condition and protecting your hair from falling. This means that you need to fill up on raw fresh vegetables and herbs to help prevent hair loss and keep your skin healthy at the same time. Many other benefits come with following this diet but if your main problem is hair loss then this is the diet for you.

Medical Hair Loss Treatments

Medical treatments for hair loss include a category of a wide range of treatments like prescribed medications and laser therapy. Most of these medications are topical and are available over the counter in most regions. The hair loss treatment leading group from Gro Clinics in Australia and New Zealand offer the best-refined hair transplant techniques that can do more than prevent your hair from shedding. Other medical treatments can be in the form of injecting platelet-rich plasma into the scalp to stimulate the growth of hair for patients that want to cure hair loss and grow more hair. Red light therapy or laser therapy is another technique that improves hair density for people suffering from genetic or post-chemotherapy hair loss. Make sure you consult your doctor before trying any medical solution to make sure that you are getting a suitable treatment for your condition.
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Multivitamin Supplements

Vitamins play a very important role in enhancing hair growth and retaining them. We’re talking about vitamins like vitamin A, B, C, D, zinc, iron, and selenium. Another essential vitamin is vitamin H, also known as B7 or Biotin, which is very important for fatty acid synthesis in the body. A process that aids in the retention and overall health of the hair life cycle. People with deficiencies in these vitamins are more prone to suffer from hair loss. Talk to your doctor about prescribing supplements of these vitamins for you or you can easily find them in most grocery stores and drugstores near you. 

Of course, you can find many other home remedies like applying coconut oil, massaging the scalp, or using onion juice which are all effective methods but depend on the condition of the patient. Talk to your doctor in case you are facing sudden hair loss or excessive shedding to know more about your condition and treat it accordingly. Some underlying problems like thyroid issues may not be responsive to home remedies or certain medication so make sure you consult your doctor first before following any hair loss treatment methods.

Susan Harris

By Susan Harris

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