Creative Ways to Teach Your Children the Value of Education

As adults, we finally come to understand why our parents put such value on getting a good education, but when we were younger, most of us really didn’t get why it was such a big deal. In this day and age, children have so much more exposure than we do, and they also have so many more distractions, so having them grasp the value of education could be that much harder. You’re in luck though, because there are a number of creative ways that are bound to catch your kid’s attention to really help them grasp the value of education. 

tips to teach your children about the value of their education

Apply Real-Life Situations to What They’re Learning About

One thing that makes it difficult for children to appreciate the value of education as they get older is the fact that they can’t really find the connection between what they have to learn and how to apply it in real life. One of the most effective and creative ways to give them a better understanding of why education is so important is to show them how what they learn can be applied to real-life situations. Things like maths can be applied to measuring the things around them, how people use it to build buildings, or the general infrastructure of a town or city. Or how it is useful when buying things for younger kids and how they need to be able to calculate to make sure that they have tabs on their money, and that they understand percentages later on as well. 

Expose them to The Variety of Options Available

At different stages of their youth, children tend to get bored of school simply because they’re not offered the foresight of what lies ahead of them. A really cool way to get them more excited about their education is to give them a peek into how much variety they can have moving forward. Show and tell them about the different courses that are available at colleges, and what kind of things they can learn about, and the freedom that they will have to pick from these options so that they can find out what suits them best. The list of colleges found at is a great place to start, and you’ll find that these universities have such a wide pool of options. You can even show them more about these courses by checking online, where you’ll find much more detail about what these courses entail. This will certainly widen the scope and picture of what it means to get an education for your children and definitely get them feeling more excited about the future with an education. 

Take Them to Different Work Environments

This is something that you can start to do from when your kids are young enough to speak and process their surroundings. Make it a habit to take them to different workspaces and have them experience first hand what different genres of education lead to. When they have a better understanding of how every job is carried out and what goes into it, they will be able to develop a deeper appreciation for their education and understand what it takes hard work to get to a place that they want to be in the future.

teach your kids to love going to school

It will also help them have more exposure to real life and what to look forward to in terms of career and what their calling might be, and this will make it easier for them to decide what they’d like to study. By doing this, they themselves will have the motivation to focus and work hard because they know what their goals are. 

Have them Watch Documentaries

It’s easy to lose control of what your kids are exposed to these days, and this is why you need to take creative and different approaches when it comes to educating them. Because of their electronic devices, they have hours of exposure to useless information and videos. To help counter this, make it a habit to watch a documentary a day together. There are so many others there, and it’s a fun and interesting way to educate them on nature and history. Once this becomes a family event, they themselves will look forward to it. 

Hands-On Experiences Will Give it More Dimension

At least once a month, take your children to experience hands-on experiences. Take them to the park, camping, and stargazing to get them in touch with nature. Museums and art will connect them to history and culture, as well as the freedom of expression. By doing this, they will develop a love for these things rather than dread to learn about them at school.

All of these creative suggestions work at the end of the day to allow your children to understand the value of education from different perspectives. By doing so, you give them foresight and hands on experiences that allow them to understand why knowledge truly is power, and they’ll find that learning at school is something to look forward to rather than something they dread. 

Susan Harris

By Susan Harris

Susan Harris is the owner of Rooted Mama Health. She is the mother to two amazing children and wife of a loving husband. She strives to provide the world with all the information they need to live a happy and health lifestyle.