Best Pure Sine Wave Inverter

If you are reading our article, you are probably interested in finding the best pure sine wave inverter for your home. This process can be difficult because there are hundreds of different inverters on the market and if you don't find the best pure sine inverter for you then you risk wasting money. Our team has researched, tested, and reviewed what we believe the best pure sine wave inverters on the market.

best pure sine wave inverter

What Is A Pure Sine Wave Inverter?

Before you look for a sine wave inverter, you have to have a complete understanding of what the device does and what features you will need for your home. To put it simply, a pure sine wave inverter is a device that converts DC power to AC power. This can be important to power your home but it also is commonly used on worksites, campsites, boating sites, and much more. Since a pure sine wave inverter is mobile, it can be transported to wherever you need to convert DC power to AC power.

A pure sine wave inverter does not produce electricity and it does not store electricity. This is a common misconception about inverters. The device is solely responsible for inverting direct current electricity to alternating current electricity. These are commonly used with batteries or fuel cells within the home or on a worksite.

Best Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Our team spent months researching, testing, and reviewing the best pure sine wave inverters in order to provide our readers with the knowledge they need to make an educated buying decision.

1. GoWISE 3000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

GoWISE is one of the most popular inverter brands on the market in 2020. They have provided the market with top-notch products for many years and have built up a loyal fanbase. This is why we believe the GoWISE 3000W is one of the most reliable pure sine wave inverters on the market.

The GoWISE 3000W provides 3000 watts of continual power but also provides 6000 watts of surge power when it is needed by the user. This inverter comes with ample power that will provide you the power you need no matter what your project is. The inverter comes with three AC sockets as well as one USB port.

The output voltage is 12V direct current to 120V alternative current which operates at a frequency of 60 Hz. We have tested the GoWISE 3000W inverter for projects at home, at a worksite, as well as for boating and we have loved how easy it has been. We believe this is the best pure sine wave inverter because of its reliability, ease of use, and power that it provides for users.

2. AIMS Power 3000W Sine Wave Inverter

3. WZERLB 3000W Power Inverter

4. Xantrex PROWatt 2000 Inverter

5. Samlex America PST-2000-12 PST


Why Houston Is A Great City For A Family

When you and your partner are thinking about starting a family it is important to find the perfect city for you and your family to grow up. There are many different factors that go into picking a city for your family. In this article we analyze Houston, Texas and talk about why we believe it is a great city to start a family. Learn why Houston might be a great option for your family!

houston texas skyline

Houston Has A Great Housing Market

When you are thinking about a city to raise your family, one of the first things you should think about is the house your family will be raised in. Thankfully, Houston, Texas has a great housing market. Hard Money Property is a network of hard money lenders in Houston that has years of experience in housing in the Houston. They believe that Houston offers one of the best housing markets in the entire U.S.

Houston's real estate market has an abundance of residential homes as well as an abundance of commercial real estate properties. This combination of residential real estate and commercial real estate is a great sign for those who are looking for a healthy real estate market. This means that there are great homes for sale at a healthy price point, but also means that if you need to upgrade to a larger home that it is possible to flip your home for a higher price point. That is why there are so many real estate investors seeks hard money loans and fix and flip loans in Houston.

Houston Is Safe

One of the most important things to research when looking for a city to raise a family is how safe the city is. As Houston is one of the largest metropolitan cities in the United States there are many different suburbs and neighborhoods within the city. If you are looking for a safe neighborhood to raise your family in Houston, then you will find a wide range of options.

Our team has looked at research and publication recommendations to provide our readers with our top 5 best neighborhoods in Houston for families:

  1. Kingwood
  2. Clear Lake City
  3. Midtown
  4. Kingwood
  5. Westchase

These neighborhoods offer families a great safety score but also provide great options to schools and shopping. The neighborhoods also provide affordable housing that are great for families no matter what your budget is.

Houston Has A Great Job Market

One of the most common reasons that families move to a new city is because one of the parents received a new job. In Houston this is incredibly common because of how rapidly the housing market in Houston is growing. This means families from around the country are moving to Houston because of a new job. A city with a great housing market helps to eliminate stress of finding a new job but also provides a higher quality of life for families. Houston offers high paying jobs in a variety of different industries and has seen tremendous growth over the years.

We believe that Houston, Texas is a great city to raise a family. The city is growing rapidly but crime rates have remained low and safety scores are incredibly high. We hope our article has helped you understand why moving to Houston might be a great option for your family!


Best Earplugs For Sleeping With A Snorer

You may think of earplugs as just something to protect your ears from loud noises but it can also be the solution to getting a great nights rest.  Noise while you sleep can be one of the main things that stops you from getting the undisturbed rest that your body desperately needs.  It can be difficult to get a goods night rest if your partner snores. 

Snoring is an issues that millions of people around the world struggle with.  This causes them to not be able to sleep well but it also stops their partner from sleeping well because of how loud the snoring can be.  In order for you to be able to sleep it can be vital to wear the best earplugs possible to give you the quietness that you need.  Our team has reviewed the most popular earplugs for sleeping to help make you an educated buying decision.



decibullz custom earplugs

Best Overall Earplugs
 For Sleeping:

livemus!c Hearsafe ear protection

Best Noise Protection:

flents foam ear protection plugs

Best Budget Earplugs:
Flents Quiet Time

Earplugs For Sleeping Reviews

Decibullz Custom Molded Earplugs

decibullz custom earplugs

Decibullz is known for providing its customers with protection against even the loudest noises you will face.  These earplugs are used by many outdoorsman while they are working with chainsaws or doing shooting activities.  This should give you an idea of how well they will protect your ears from loud noises.  This means that no matter how loud your partner snores you will be able to have a quiet nights rest.

We absolutely love how comfortable these plugs are.  The material is known for forming directly to the shape of your ear which means it is even more comfortable.  Our team hasn't found earplugs that were as comfortable as the Decibullz.  This means it is easy to fall asleep while wearing earplugs because they are so comfortable that you won't even realize that you are wearing them.

If you are new to wearing earplugs you may think it will be difficult to get used to wearing them, but earplugs that are as comfortable as this will be incredibly easy to get used to.  You won't have to worry about hearing your partner snore as you try to sleep because the earplugs work so well you won't hear anything at all!  Our team absolutely loved testing these earplugs and we highly recommend them to anyone who has trouble falling asleep because of snoring or any other noise that may be happening at night.

LIVEMUSIC Hearsafe Earplugs

livemus!c Hearsafe ear protection

If you have been to concerts or music festivals recently you may have seen musicians and audience members where these earplugs to protect their ears from the loud music.  They were designed specifically for blocking out live music that may damage your hearing but recently many people have been using them to help them sleep.  They come in a few different options that offer more or less noise canceling protection.  

One model protects against noises up to 23 DB while the other protects against noises as loud as 29 DB.  Snoring won't come close to those levels of sound but it's nice to know that these earplugs will keep everything quiet while you are sleeping.  We loved wearing these earplugs because of how comfortable they are but also because of the neat carrying case that comes with every order.  This makes it easy to carry around or to pack if you are going on a trip.  This means you will never be stuck sleeping without them!

Flents Quiet Please Ear Plugs (50 Pairs)

flents foam ear protection plugs

You may have seen similar ear plugs used by construction workers or by marksman because of how many company in one package.  The box comes with 50 pairs of ear plugs which means they will last you a very long time and you can even share them with your family and friends.  Although these ear plugs aren't reusable like other brands we have mentioned, they will still be able to last your roughly five uses before it is recommend to switch to a new pair.

We love how these earplugs take away the worry of keeping track of something.  When you purchase more expensive earplugs you must keep track of them, but when you buy a box of 50 you won't have to worry as much about them.  I have heard complaints that they aren't as comfortable as more expensive brands which is probably true but we believe this is a great option for those who are new to wearing earplugs.  This will allow you to try wearing earplugs as you sleep to see how well you like it.

MPOW Foam Earplug

60 mpow foam ear protection plugs

Mpow is a great option for those who would like to test out wearing earplugs but are also worried about having sensitive skin.  The foam is made with hygienic materials that are designed for those who have sensitive skin.  They don't have any harsh manufacturer ingredients that other foam has.  The foam is incredibly soft which makes it easy to insert and take out of your ear not matter what shape your ear is.  We believe this is a great option for those who are new to using earplugs and should give you a great experience and help you sleep better.

Crioxen Noise Cancelling Earplugs

foam noise prevention plugs

We absolutely love how these earplugs look!  They look absolutely beautiful and they also work like a charm.  They provide you with a comfortable and high quality noise canceling properties that you will love.  It can be so difficult to sleep when there is a constant noise that hinders your ability to stay in a deep sleep.  That is why it is so important to make sure everything is as quiet as possible.  We love these earplugs and love the carrying case that comes with them!

What To Know Before Buying Earplugs For Sleeping

You may have been having trouble sleeping because noise outside of your bedroom or because of your loved one snoring.  Earplugs are a great option to giving you the peace and quiet that you need when you sleep.  You will be amazed at how much better you will sleep if you don't have any noise to disrupt your deep sleep cycle.  Before you buy earplugs it is important to keep a few things in mind so you get the best possible result.

Comfort Is The Most Important ThingWhen looking at earplugs the most important thing is comfort.  If your earplugs aren't comfortable you wont be able to sleep.  We wear earplugs at night in order to make sure we are able to sleep as well as possible so if they aren't comfortable then you won't be able to sleep.  It can be important to try out a few different products to see which one is the most comfortable for you.  We tested all of the above products and we believe that they will all be comfortable for you to wear while you sleep.

It May Take Time To Get Used To ItIf you have never worn earplugs before then it might take some time to get used to wearing them while you sleep.  It can feel a little bit funny to have something in your ear while your head is resting on a pillow.  We recommend trying the earplugs for a week or two before making a decision about whether it helps or not.  We think you will feel a noticeable difference in how well you sleep because you you won't be able to be woken up throughout the night.

We believe that wearing earplugs while you sleep can be beneficial for anyone, especially if you are sleeping with someone who snores.  The earplugs will keep you well rested and will keep your sleep cycles consistent.  You can read more of our articles on our blog.

Health & Fitness Lifestyle

Bride With Stage 4 Cancer Gets Married

Our goal for Rooted Mama Health is to provide our readers with uplifting lifestyle blog articles, beauty articles, as well as health blog articles to help them live happier and healthier lives. And this is a story that taught me a lot about perseverance and always seeking the positive things in life!

Dealing with cancer can be one of the most difficult things that an individual, and their family, can go through. But often times it is important to view the positive things in life instead of only focusing on the negatives. 

I recently read about a story in which a 29 year old woman was planning her dream wedding when she was informed that she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. What made things even worse was the doctors said Laurin most likely wouldn't live another three months to her wedding date.

This young woman, and her family live on the other side of the country from me but I was still incredibly moved by their story. I believe the strength that Laurin and her family showed on the day they got the news from the doctor will help everyone around the world focus on the positives of life.

After the doctors recommended moving up their wedding, Laurin and Mike decided to get married in three weeks. This gave them enough time to prepare the venue, and get everything ready. And in just three short weeks, Laurin and her now husband Mike, walked down the aisle and got married!

bride with stage 4 cancer gets married

She says it was the best day of her life and she was surrounded by hundreds of friends and family for her special day. She stayed positive through the entire wedding planning period and was able to have her dream wedding even though it wasn't on the date they originally planned for. But this just shows the strength and perseverance that Laurin and Mike have.

I think we can all learn something from hearing a story like this. I know it helped me really think about how good my life is. I have a family that loves me and I am healthy. Not everyone is fortunate to say that, but I think your health is something that many people take for granted.

After getting married, Laurin and Mike are planning on taking their honeymoon to Europe! They say it has always been a dream for them to travel the world. We hope and pray that Laurin's health continues to improve and her family is as supportive as always!

To learn more about Rooted Mama Health, please check our About Us page.

Health & Fitness Lifestyle

Should You Skip Dinner or Eat Before Bed?

This may be one of the most well known struggles.. It is late at night and you are feeling hungry. But should you eat another meal right before going to bed or should you skip your late night dinner and wait for the morning? Our team will talk about why this happens, as well as which is the healthiest option for you.

woman eating late at night

Our team at Rooted Mama Health have years of experience researching and writing health, beauty, and lifestyle articles and this topic was no different. We had to perform the research and reach out to health experts to see if eating right before bed is healthy or not. This is a rumor that we hear all the time that if you eat right before bed it will cause issues with your metabolism or make you gain weight. But is this true at all? Our team will help you answer that question.

Below are our tips from our research to help you understand if you should eat before bed or if you should wait for the morning.

Listen To You Body

Believe it or not, your body does an incredible job at maintaining daily health and typically it is a good idea to listen to your body. Your body will signal your brain when it is hungry. And your body is able to digest and deal with food no matter what time of the day it is. This means that eating before bed isn't unhealthy, as long as you are eating healthy food and aren't overeating. 

It is possible to cause even more discomfort for your body if you only eat junk food and unhealthy options right before bed without any exercise or restraint to help the body function in a healthy manner. Which leads to our next point!

Pick Healthy Late Night Meals

When you are hungry at bed time is it important to pick a meal that will satisfy your hunger without causing your body issues such as heartburn, acid reflex, or cause your body to gain weight. This is why we recommend thinking about healthy options instead of giving into your junk food cravings. A sandwich, a fruit smoothie, a salad, or a bowl of soup will keep you full without causing any issues for your body to digest the food. It may not sound as glamorous as a fast food burger, but your body will thank you for consuming healthier options. We recommend that you look into getting a custom keto plan in order to get a personalize ketogenic diet that helps you reach your health goals.

Think About Your Current Health Risks

If you currently have any health conditions, or have conditions that may run in your family it is important to keep these in your mind when deciding when and what to eat before bed. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes it is important to not skip a meal as this could be harmful for your health. We talk more about this in our Halki Diabetes Remedy review article. On the other hand, if you have a history with weight management or cardiovascular conditions then it can be recommend the fast at night to help you manage your weight. We highly recommend that you speak to your doctor or nutritionist if you have any existing health conditions.

Bottom Line: We recommend that you eat a small, but healthy meal at night if you are having a strong hunger calling. We recommend keeping this meal protein based with vegetables and fruits if possible.

You can learn more about our team on our About page, you can also read more of our health articles on our home page.


TextSheet Alternative

Textsheet was one of the most popular websites that allowed students to get help on their homework and school assignments. Unfortunately, TextSheet has been taken down because of copyright legal issues. This has caused thousands of students around the country to try to find a TextSheet alternative. In this article we will list our favorite Textsheet alternative websites that will help students with their school work and homework assignments.

textsheet alternative

What Is Textsheet?

Textsheet was an online education website that was known to help students with their homework assignments. It provided students an opportunity to find online lessons but also gave them the opportunity to interact with students with similar questions. It was a great resource for those who were stuck on a lesson and needed some help in order to get good grades on their assignments.

The reason that Textsheet was taken down was because they utilized content on their website that they didn't actually own. This was a major copyright issue and ended up being the reason that they were taken down. They utilized content from Chegg and the Chegg team decided to file a DMCA copyright violation against Textsheet.

Best Textsheet Alternatives

If you are a student who is looking for an online resource to help you with your school work then we have found these alternatives to help you. Or if you are a teacher who is looking for an online resource to give to your students who are struggling then these resources will help! Below are our favorite alternatives to Textsheet.


Chegg may be the reason that Textsheet was shutdown, but they had every legal right to do so. We believe that Chegg is the best Textsheet alternative because of how similar the content on the website is. If you used Textsheet then you will find Chegg to be very similar in usability. It is designed for students of all ages to get help on their school assignments so it is a great resource for students of nearly age grade level.

Course Hero

Course Hero is a similar alternative for Textsheet but much of the content on the site is not free. They offer millions of different types of online courses which makes it a great option for higher education students or for those who are looking to learn a skill they will utilize in their career. When it comes to K-12 students there are still valuable resources for them such as 24/7 homework help but some of this content will be restricted by a paywall.


CrazyForStudy is similar to Textsheet and the other website on this list but it seems to mainly focus on content related to reading and literature. CrazyForStudy has over 60 million book summaries and resources about these books. This makes it a great choice for those who are struggling with a literature or english class.

What Happened To Textsheet?

The owner of TextSheet was an online persona named Sultron. He created TextSheet as well as a few other online forums and websites. Once TextSheet became popular online for homework help and assignment answers, the website was charged with a DMCA lawsuit from Chegg. 

Chegg believed that TextSheet was copying their answers and content and pretending it was their own. So lawyers were involved and it was concluded that TextSheet had a serious issue about copyright infringement. The owner of TextSheet realized that they faced serious legal action if the didn't take the site down for good.

Is TextSheet Down Forever?

It's difficult to say for sure, but it seems like TextSheet will be down permanently. Since they faced serious legal action from copyright issues, it is doubtful that they will be able to go back online unless they make some serious changes to the website. This would require TextSheet to use completely unique content on their site so they don't face any future copyright issues.

How Does TextSheet Work?

When TextSheet was live, it worked by helping students and educators with education resources. Often times these were answer sheets for homework, assignments, and quizzes. It became incredibly popular for students who were looking for help with their homework and assignments.

We hope we were able to help you find a Textsheet alternative that will help you with your school work and home work assignments! We recommend reading more of our blog articles for similar content.


How To Clean Your Home Efficiently

Cleaning your home has always been important, but with a global pandemic going on it is more important than ever to clean your home effectively. Having a clean home can offer many benefits for you and your family but also for your physical home. We will talk about the benefits of having a clean home as well as provide you some more information on how to do it.

woman cleaning her home

Why Is It Important To Clean Your Home?

When you talk about cleaning your home, one of the first things that people think about is providing a clean area to live. But what does that actually mean? That means removing dirt, grime, and germs from your home. Germs are the big ones as they will protect the health of your family.

If you live in a home that is covered with germs that are never cleaned then it can increase the chances of you and your family getting sick. This is why so many cleaning companies provide germ killing agents within their products. Having a clean home not only looks nice, but it will also help keep your family safer.

One of the things that isn't as obvious is how cleaning your home can have a positive impact on the physical health of your home. Particles of dirt, dust, and grime can actually ruin the finish as well as the physical integrity of different parts of your home. If your home is left uncleaned for long enough these particles can actually shorten the lifespan of your house and the furniture within your home.

Hard Money Property has years of experience providing hard money loans, fix and flip loans, and working with other types of loans for real estate projects. With their years of experience offering loans in locations around the United States, they understand that it is important to keep your home healthy. After a home improvement project they will invest in routine deep cleaning to make sure that their new residential property is healthy.

How To Clean Your Home

Now that you understand how important it can be to actually clean your home on a routine basis, we will teach you the best way to go about actually cleaning your home. Most people are used to cleaning one room at a time and this method typically takes hours to clean a home in its entirety. We typically will recommend cleaning your home by task. This means cleaning all the bathrooms in a row, then switch to dusting every surface, then vacuuming. This mindset will keep you moving quickly instead of slowing down and only focusing on one room of the house.

The second thing to keep in mind when cleaning your home is that it is important to double-check areas of the home that are prone to higher levels of germs. These areas are typically the bathrooms, kitchens, dinning room tables, and other areas where many people will interact with. We recommend paying extra close attention to these places in order to keep your home clean and germ-free.