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leanbean product

LeanBean Reviews

LeanBean is one of the most popular fat burning pills on the market because of its combination of natural but powerful ingredients. It is designed specifically for women and our team has recently featured it on our best weight loss supplement guide. With so many different fat burners on the market we thought it was important to highlight LeanBean reviews by customers and our teams analysis to give our readers a better understanding of the product.

leanbean product

There are thousands of different diet pills on the market today but it LeanBean is different as it brings fat burning elements as well as appetite suppressing elements into one supplement. Our team has spent hours researching this product to provide our readers with a complete review of LeanBean.

What Is LeanBean?

LeanBean is a fat burner that is relatively new to the market compared to other more established products such as Thermofight X or RiduZone. LeanBean was designed specifically for women and they have tailored their ingredients around providing benefits to women which makes the product unique compared to other products. LeanBean has been used by thousands of women around the world to help them burn fat and regulate their appetite to help them lose weight.

How Does LeanBean Work?

LeanBean works by helping to speed up your metabolism and regulating your bodies hunger cravings. This means you will be less hungry so you consume less calories each day but your raised metabolism will help you burn more calories. The LeanBean team has developed their supplement around natural and highly studied ingredients in order to provide a positive boost to individuals.

LeanBean Ingredients

You can learn more about the ingredients in LeanBean on their website. You can take a look at the LeanBean ingredients label below:

leanbean ingredients label

As you can tell from the ingredients label, LeanBean utilize a lot of healthy ingredients such as vitamin B6, vitamin B12, zinc, potassium, and choline. But one of the most powerful ingredients in LeanBean is glucomannan which is the ingredient that helps to suppress your hunger cravings. This will help you consume less food each day and help you loss weight because of the deficit in calories that you eat each day.

The ingredient that helps to speed up your metabolism is turmeric, zinc, and green coffee bean extract. This will help you burn more calories without having to increase the amount of exercise that your perform each day. But our team typically will recommend making sure you are getting adequate amount of exercise each day. You can learn more about these ingredients from WebMD and The National Institutes of Health.

LeanBean Reviews By Customers

Our team thinks it is important to take a look at customer reviews of a health product to get a better understanding of if the product works or not. Often times customers will have different experiences with a product so it is important to look at as many customer reviews as possible.

By looking at the LeanBean website you will see a lot of positive reviews such as the before and after image below.

leanbean before and after image

There are plenty of examples of women around the world who have seen great results from LeanBean in combination of diet and exercise. By looking at their official website you will see a lot of great reviews from customers but we also took a look at custom reviews on Facebook, Yelp, BBB, Twitter, Youtube, and Amazon and we were happy to see that the majority of reviews were really positive.

It seems that most women have seen great results from using LeanBean but most women also said that they have improved their daily exercise and overall diet. We believe it is vital to incorporate a healthier lifestyle and diet whenever you are trying to lose weight.

LeanBean Side Effects

By taking a look at customer reviews as well as the ingredients we can get a good idea of potential side effects. All of the ingredients within LeanBean seem to be natural and safe for most people but we recommend that you speak with your doctor before starting any health product.

A few LeanBean customers reported that they had an occasional cough and a few reported a stomach ache when they first started but those were the only side effects we heard from customers. Other than those two side effects, our team didn't find any evidence about other potential side effects.

How Do You Take LeanBean?

When you order a bottle of LeanBean it will come with clear instructions on how and when to take LeanBean. Typically you will take LeanBean pills four times a day. It is recommended that you take one pill before each meal of the day as well as another pill in the middle of the afternoon.

It is recommended that you take the pills each day for three months in order to see full results from the product. Often times you will hear that customers only used it for a week or two before they quit. It is important to stay consistent with the product and use it on a daily basis.

LeanBean Conclusion

LeanBean has positive reviews from women all around the world. The ingredients in the diet pill are high quality ingredients that have been involved in a wide variety of clinical studies. Our team are big fans of the LeanBean team and we believe that their health products are great supplements.

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mintlyfe patch reviews

Mintlyfe Patch Reviews

The MintLyfe Patch is one of the most popular weight loss products on the market because of how well they advertise their product. With claims that it will help you lose up to 30lbs from your belly, there are thousands of people around the U.S who are dying to give it a try. Our team decided to put it to the test to share with our readers a few real MintLyfe Patch review.

mintlyfe patch reviews

What Is MintLyfe Patch

MintLyfe Patch is a popular abdominal weight loss patch. It claims that it will help users get rid of fat as well as cellulite within just a few weeks. They focus on using the product on your belly to help lose inches of your waist but reviews have stated that they have used them all over their bodies.

The MintLyfe Patch claims that it helps users to lose weight by increase the rate of metabolism in the user which in turn helps to increase the rate at which fat is burned but also helps to improve the absorption of fat in the body.

MintLyfe isn't the only weight loss patch brand on the market and after our review we don't believe they are the best on the market either. We have utilized the MintLyfe patches as well as looked at customer reviews to come up with this opinion. Read about our reviews of the MintLyfe Patch below.

Our #1 Recommended Weight Loss Supplement

ProVen Natural Weight Loss

Our number one recommended weight loss because it is backed by years of scientific evidence to help you lose weight quickly!

MintLyfe Patch Review

Our team has tested a wide variety of different weight loss products and we decided to review the MintLyfe Patch. We even utilized the product for over 6 weeks to make sure we gave the product enough time to work and we only saw minor results. The product is associated with bold claims that it will help individuals lose up to 30lbs and we didn't see this as the case for MintLyfe Patch.

We had a team of 10 individuals who used the product for 6 weeks and on average we saw a loss of 5lbs. This number fluctiated throughout the team with some losing more than 5lbs while others lost less than 5lbs. Different products work better for different individuals but we saw that on average our test subjects were only able to lose a few pounds.

Should I Use MintLyfe Patch?

From our test as well as our analysis from the ingredients we weren't concerned with any danger from using the product. We even found the product to be rather easy to use compared to other complicated weight loss products on the market. If you are looking to lose weight and are thinking about trying out a new weight loss patch then we believe there are better options on the market compared to MintLyfe Patch.

We believe MintLyfe Patch will help you lose a few pounds on average, it may help you lose more or it may help you lose just a few pounds. We have a hard time believing that it will help you lose up to 30lbs like we have seen in recent advertising materials. But we highly recommend that you speak with your doctor or nutritionist before starting any time of weight loss or health product to make sure that it is safe for you.

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health benefits of cannabis

5 Health Benefits of Cannabis and CBD Oil

Cannabis and CBD... These two have been considered quite taboo in the United States since the anti-marijuana movie, “Reefer Madness” was released in 1936.  That being said, in the past 10-15 years cannabis and CBD have made huge strides in their overall perception, and many people are understanding that they have huge health benefits!  So let’s get right down into, what are the top 5 health benefits of cannabis and also CBD?

health benefits of cannabis

Relief of Chronic Pain and Inflammation

One of the reasons that medicinal cannabis in the United States has gotten so popular was because of its relief from chronic pain and inflammation.   Cannabis has an ingredient called cannabinoids which have been scientifically proven to combat pain and inflammation without the hazardous side effects of traditional pain treatments like pills.  That’s why medicinal cannabis has been linked so heavily to treat diseases such as cancer, Crohn’s disease, and other chronic issues which often have pain or inflammation as their symptoms.  

Helps Maintain and Even Lose Weight

Another great benefit of cannabis is that it actually helps your body regulate and maintain a healthy weight by aiding with your body's natural insulin production and regulation.  This helps you to stay at a healthier weight and also can help you lose weight if that’s your goal.  This also has benefits with diabetes because it aids the body’s insulin regulation.

A 2018 study helped to theorize that in long term cannabis users, although appetite is sometimes stimulated with cannabis, the body’s metabolism is also stimulated which helps your body store less fat and maintain a more healthy weight.

Helps Treat Depression and Other Mental Health Issues

Cannabis has been linked with better mental health because it works to help regulate your endocannabinoid system which leads to faster nervous tissue growth.  This helps to stabilize your mood and also helps boost your overall mood.  Overall cannabis helps to give its users peace of mind and calms symptoms.

In 2006, researchers at McGill University in Montreal discovered that when intaking lower amounts of THC, it actually is more effective than most traditional anti-depression medicine, and has considerably less side effects than traditional medicine.  

Helps to Regulate Seizures:

One of the most popular benefits of cannabis has to be its regulation of seizures.  Medicinal cannabis gained huge amounts of news coverage involving a young child named Charlotte Figi who was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome which is a severe form of epilepsy.  Her parents tried nearly every traditional medicine available, but nothing was reducing the number of seizures she was facing.  Until they tried the newly named, Charlotte’s Web strain, which was designed with a very high CBD to THC ratio which was one of the reasons it was so effective in reducing the seizures.  

Alleviates Anxiety

If you’re someone that deals with anxiety on the daily, then your answer could lie with cannabis.  There are many people who might have seen the opposite, and can actually get some anxiety by smoking cannabis.  But that’s usually because they are taking too high of a dosage or they are taking the wrong strain.  By taking a lower dosage of cannabis or even CBD oil you can usually find a good amount of relief from your anxiety while still being able to function 100% normally.  

Final Thoughts on the Health Benefits of Cannabis and CBD

For years, cannabis and CBD has been seen as a taboo subject, and it has taken years for this stigma to wear off.  In the past few years we’ve seen huge amounts of improvement in the overall stigma of cannabis, and many states have lately implemented the legality of recreational marijuana.  Overall, there are numerous health benefits to cannabis, and if you’re someone that is looking for relief from pain or inflammation, looking for help with your body weight, have mental health issues, or looking to alleviate anxiety, then I would recommend looking into cannabis or CBD as a treatment.

how to use cbd oil for pain

How To Use CBD Oil For Pain

Many individuals and patients who suffer from inflammation or chronic pain will use CBD oil for pain as it provides a variety of natural therapeutic benefits. CBD oil is know for providing similar benefits as medical marijuana but without the psychoactive effects. This safe and natural solution is great for those who suffer from chronic pain or inflammation.

how to use cbd oil for pain

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD stands for cannabidiol and it is one of the many different chemical compounds which are found in the cannabis sativa plant. CBD does not contain THC which is the psychoactive compound found in marijuana so it is legal in all 50 states of the U.S. The extraction of CBD from the plant can be used to treat pain by being used in oils, soaps, drinks, food, and many more methods.

What Pain Can CBD Oil Treat?

CBD oil is known for treating inflammation, pain, and can also help relieve stress. This means it can be used to help treat a wide variety of different ailments. CBD oil can be used to reduce pain, improve inflammation throughout the body, improve mood, appetite, and more. Below are a few of the most common ailments that CBD oil can help treat.

Sleep Disorders

Those who struggle to fall asleep or struggle to stay asleep can find relieve from CBD oil as research has shown a positive impact on sleep. CBD can help calm the body and the mind which makes it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep the whole night. Many patients around the world utilize CBD oil to improve the quality of their sleep.

Muscle & Joint Pain

Muscle and joint pain plague millions of Americans because of years of wear and tear. CBD oil can help to relieve inflammation and treat pain associated with muscle pain. It is utilized by athletes as well as anyone who feels pain because of inflammation and damage to their body. It can help relieve tight muscles as well as make joint pain much more bearable.

Migraines and Chronic Headaches

CBD has been used as a natural solution for treating headaches because of its anti-inflammation properties. It is also know to help reduce stress, improve sleep, and battle inflammation which all will help make an impact on treating pain caused from headaches.


CBD is know to help reduce inflammation and swelling in joints as well as muscle which can have a dramatic impact on arthritis. If you are looking for a natural way to reduce the pain caused by arthritis then CBD can be a great alternative to powerful medicine.

How To Use CBD Oil For Pain

There are many different types of CBD oil and thousands of different brands that make it. This means there are millions of different products to buy which can make it difficult for beginner to decided which CBD oil is the best for them. Different types of CBD will have higher chemical ratios which makes some of them more powerful than others.

The most popular method of using CBD is a tincture which is a droplet that is consumed directly. You will place a small amount of CBD directly under your tongue and hold it there for roughly 30 seconds before consuming. The second most popular method is using a soothing ointment directly on the problem area. This is a great option for arthritis or painful muscles or joints.

the best alternatives for turmeric

Substitute For Turmeric

Turmeric is used in kitchens all around the world because it can be used in a variety of dishes and offers a great taste.  If you are looking for a substitute for turmeric because you ran out of it or aren't able to use it in this dish, it is important to find the best alternative.  If you are looking to buy turmeric powder, you can read our article about the best turmeric powder.

Turmeric is so common around the world because of how versatile it is to use it in a variety of different dishes.  It is known as one of the most common ingredients in the world because of its flavor as well as its anti inflammatory properties.  It is important to keep your kitchen stocked with turmeric powder but it is possible that you will eventually run out.



Mehr Premium Saffron

Curry Powder
Rani Authentic Curry Powder

Ginger Powder
Simply Organic Ginger

If you ever run out of your turmeric or aren't able to use it in a dish that you would typically use it, then it is important to find a substitute for turmeric.  Thankfully there are multiple alternatives that will spice up your meal and provide you with everything you need to create a dish that is filled with flavor.  Below are the best alternative for turmeric if you ever run out of the anti inflammatory spice.

the best alternatives for turmeric

5 Best Turmeric Substitute Options

We have found five alternatives that will be able to provide your dish with flavor as well as other health benefits. If you don't have fresh turmeric, then these are our favorite turmeric substitutes.


If you are looking for a good substitute, then saffron is one of the best options.  Saffron is known as one of the spices with the most health benefits but this also comes with a steep price point.  It is one of the more expensive spices on the market which makes it difficult to use for many people, but it also comes jam packed with antioxidants, anti inflammatory properties, and other health benefits such as improved mood, reducing PMS symptoms, boosting weight loss goals, and other benefits.

Saffron will give a similar taste and orange color as turmeric but because of the price point it can be difficult to justify using it for some.  The flavor of saffron is similar to turmeric because it is subtle and it provide and floral like aroma to the dish.  Saffron is often used as an ingredient for creating golden paste. This is a great alternative for turmeric if you have the means to use it. Saffron is one of the most popular turmeric substitutes and can be compared to the highest quality of fresh turmeric.

Curry Powder

Curry powder is used most commonly in curry based dishes but it is also used in a variety of other dishes because of its distinct flavor.  The powder is made up of a mixture of various spices and ingredients which actually contains turmeric in it.  This makes it a great choice if you have run out of turmeric because it is one of the main ingredients in curry powder.  It can be beneficial to use curry powder as you won't have to use any spices or herbs if you use curry powder because of the complete mixture.  


Ginger is a great turmeric substitute because of how common it is within most kitchens.  This means if you run our of turmeric you can hopefully find ginger in your kitchen without having to go to the store.  Ginger and turmeric are similar in their organic chemistry which gives them similar health benefits.  Ginger is commonly recommended as an antioxidant as well as to help with an upset stomach.  The only major difference between the two is that ginger is used in the form of a root, while turmeric is used in a grounded up powder form.

Cumin Powder

Cumin and turmeric are often used in the same dishes as they have complementing flavors.  However, cumin is known to have a much stronger flavor so it is important to only use a small amount if you are replacing turmeric with cumin.  Cumin is a spice that is part of the parsley family because it comes from the dried Cuminum plant.

Mustard Powder

Mustard powder may not seem like a great alternative for turmeric but it provides a similar color, although this powder has a stronger yellow color and flavor.  If you are looking to add a bit more color and more flavor to your dish, mustard powder can be a great choice.

Final Thoughts On Our Favorite Turmeric Substitute

If you are looking for a turmeric substitute then most experts recommend saffron because of the similar taste as well as similar color qualities to turmeric. Our team also believes that any of these five ingredient will give you the best substitute for turmeric.  They may not give you the exact same flavor or yellow color that you are used to, but they will give your dish the added flavor you need.  Next time you find out the you have ran out of turmeric or can't use it in your favorite dish then you can rest assured that your dish will be saved by these added ingredients.