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how to boost your immune system near the holiday season

How to Boost Your Health Near the Holidays

The holidays are upon us and in this time of year there is a lot to do and so little time to do it. Shopping for presents, visiting many relatives and friends, decorating our house and, if you are able, going on a winter vacation.

All of this can be very fun and energizing to some while tiresome to others, but however you envision it it can be a complete nightmare if you are feeling ill all the time.

During the colder months the flu is far more common than during the rest of the year and it is worthwhile taking extra precaution to take care of your health so as not to ruin it right when you are supposed to relax and prepare for a New Year.

how to boost your immune system near the holiday season

Lets see what are some common ways of improving your health during the holiday season and how you can choose the right one for you.

Threats to Your Health

The most common sickness when the temperatures drop is influenza, known also as the common flu.

Tens of millions of people suffer from it every year and it has eluded every attempt of containing and eradicating it so far. And even though there is a new vaccine to combat it every year it is far more pleasant to be generally healthy than to have to resort to that kind of medicine.

Another big issue is heart problems, as during lower temperatures your heart is pumping extra blood to keep the entire body warm and functional, which directly leads to higher blood pressure. This, in return, can cause a heart attack if someone already has a preexisting cardiovascular problem.

Not so obvious, but still an issue, are frostbite and hypothermia.

Frostbite occurs when skin or other tissue is exposed to freezing temperatures and the consequences range from numbness and blisters to the very extreme cases of autoamputation.

Hypothermia, or extremely lowered body temperature, occurs more and more rarely but it is notable that it can easily be deadly if not taken care of in a short period of time.

Both of these low temperature illnesses can be easily taken care of with proper warm clothing and a good and healthy diet.

Another side effect of a strong winter is that many people decide to stay indoors the entire period, for as long as possible, resulting in a sedentary lifestyle for too long, which can easily turn to being overweight if combined with a snack food diet.

And being overweight is already a huge problem in modern society so it should go without saying that it must be avoided.  

How to Combat Sickness

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” says the old proverb and it holds true still. 

Nutrition is the key factor in maintaining a healthy body so it comes as no surprise that it is also the most important thing to consider when fearing for your wellbeing during winter.  

If you already have a healthy and natural diet you may benefit from adding into it a few extra things to boost your immune system when other conditions are not helping it.

Micronutrients, such as vitamins, minerals and various food supplements are both great to use and easy to come by. Visit this website to see some reviews of the various brands on the market today. They can be added to almost any foodstuff while preparing it and most do not require a prescription from a doctor.

Vitamin C is probably the most important factor in this category as it helps reduce the risk of chronic disease, helps fight high blood pressure, boosts your immune system and much more. 

As it is an essential vitamin it means your body needs it but cannot produce it on its own so it must come through digestion. Most fruit contains some amount of this hydrosoluble vitamin and in a balanced diet you will eat enough of it on its own.

But considering that during winter fresh fruit can be a scarce commodity it is advisable to supplement your diet with some vitamin pills.

learn to boost your health

Many people think that there is nothing better than breathing through both nostrils clearly again after they have been clogged up for some time. Well what about not having a stuffy nose in the first place? 

Holiday season can be the best time of the year to enjoy yourself - no seasonal allergies, lots of presents and company to look forward to, cheer all around, so why ruin it with lousy health when you can easily take care of that too?

breast cancer awareness

6 Signs That Show Your Breasts Are Healthy

Just like any other body part, your breasts can develop illnesses and disorders. The majority of women experience some sort of breast disorder in their lifetime, may it be a minor or a major one. It varies from one woman to another, depending on several factors. The immediateness of being aware of the disorder and having them addressed, however, differs depending on the woman’s consciousness with the state of her body.

healthy chest

Sadly, some women are more unfortunate than others. Anyone in the age range of 15 to 39 years old are more likely to have breast cancer. It is more aggressive in this age group but can occur to anyone older or younger. Although it is rare, men can also develop breast cancer. There are different types of breast cancer and these can have varying severeness depending on what type as well as earliness of identification. This can either cause a loss of a breast, both, or in a worst-case scenario, your own life.

For some women, the loss of a breast or both can be demoralizing. The mental and emotional aftereffects of the surgery may be the hardest part of recovering from breast cancer. On a brighter note, there are specific kinds of surgeries that have been created in order to help women regain their self-confidence and make them feel whole again. Women have the option to undergo plastic surgeries. Some get their breast reconstruction in Beverly Hills, some from their local trusted plastic surgeon, and others from a recommended surgeon somewhere out of the country. It varies from one woman to another because after all, it is a personal decision to be made.
breast cancer awareness

To prevent these, regularly have your breasts checked for potential hidden breast disorders. Have a scheduled regular check-up with your local health care provider. If you do not have the time to do so, you can just perform them on your own. You can do it before or after you take a bath or even before you go to sleep. Do so in your own free time. Self-checks only take a few minutes and won’t be much of a bother to your schedule.

Here are six signs that show your breasts are healthy.

1. They’re both a little lumpy

Some might immediately get frightened at the presence of a lump. Try not to worry because some women have naturally lumpy breasts. It is normal for women to have some lumps that may expand and shrink during their period or when approaching the menopausal stage. Try to feel both breasts if they both have the same lump in the same area. It might probably just be fibrocystic breast tissues.

2. The skin is flat

A healthy pair of breasts should have clear flat skin, free of unusual bumps. Take note of the texture of your breasts. An orange peel-like texture can be a sign of breast cancer. Immediately have it checked if such occurs.

3. They’re warm

Your breasts are supposed to be more or less the same temperature as your torso. A slightly warmer breasts that may or may not be accompanied by reddening of the skin can indicate an irritation or an infection.

4. No discharge

A lactating breast is to be expected of women who have already given birth. It is their bodies’ natural response to provide milk for their baby. However, if this occurs, it may be a signal of a hormonal imbalance.

5. No unusual pain

Pain is usually the most common indicator that there is definitely something wrong with your body, this includes the breasts. Normally, one will experience some sort of tenderness in her breast area before and during menstruation. However, if the pain occurs in an unusual timing, it is advised to have it checked immediately.

6. They change in size

A woman will experience having her breasts change in sizes at different points of her life. Normally, a woman who is about to or has just conceived will have bigger and fuller breasts due to milk production. As you grow older, your breasts start to sag as they lose elasticity.

These are just some of the signs that indicate that your breasts are indeed healthy. If you wish to further understand, you have the option to consult with a doctor. It is better to get answers directly from a professional regarding questions about your body in general. Self-diagnosing is highly discouraged for it may be harmful for you. To further understand your breasts, it is recommended to seek professional aid.

tips for getting started with aerial yoga

Have you Tried Aerial Yoga Before? It’s Nothing Short of Miraculous!

Aerial yoga is a lesser-known form of fitness and wellbeing that needs more attention. This form of yoga incorporates a hammock or a strong piece of cloth that hangs from the ceiling and asks you to perform normal yoga poses while hanging on the hammock. Physical contact with the ground is not allowed in this form of yoga. The hammock suspended from the ceiling supports your forms and flows. Not many people know this, but aerial yoga promotes several health benefits, most of which are related to the health benefits promoted by normal yoga poses. If you despise normal practicing yoga, you can try aerial yoga as it is more interesting and enjoyable.

tips for getting started with aerial yoga

Here is how aerial yoga can help.

1. Improves Core Strength

When it comes to aerial yoga, upper body strength and core strength are a given. You must also establish a strong grip with the silk hammock, which engages your shoulders, arms, and most importantly, your core, all without ground stability. People suffering from joint pain can practice aerial yoga without fear. In fact, this form of yoga works well around tight areas and improves the mobility of joints. With a stronger core, you will notice improvements in your back health as well. With consistent practice, you can also achieve a 6-pack ab look like you always desired.

2. Improves Cardiovascular Health

Even though aerial yoga is a form of low-intensity cardio workout, it improves your cardiovascular health with consistent practice. This yoga form combines several forms of workouts and endurances such as stretching, cardiovascular activities, and strength training, which collectively increase your heart rate. This, in turn, affects your cardiovascular health and improves longevity. Since you are exposing your body to physical endurance while reducing the impact on your joints, you can also ward off osteoporosis and similar effects. Additionally, aerial yoga burns a lot of calories in just one session. A 50-minute session burns around 320 calories, which is a lot. It is believed that practicing aerial yoga for six weeks at a stretch reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases by a significant margin.

3. Reduces Stress

Aerial yoga is highly recommended for individuals suffering from stress, anxiety, and other related issues. The yoga trainees from MissFit.com.au swear by the power of aerial yoga in reducing stress and alleviating stress-inducing problems. It puts your mind at ease and helps you concentrate on important things. Other added benefits of performing aerial yoga include enhanced productivity, increased energy, and improved focus. You will also stay calmer and be more patient.

4. Decompresses Spine

Poses like backbends and downward-facing dog reduces pressure from your spine and relieves it from pain. Normally, your spine faces a downward compression that occurs naturally due to the force of gravity. This can put additional pressure on your spine and add tension. However, with aerial yoga, you can reverse the situation and put your spine at ease as they relax and hang from the hammock. It is highly beneficial for people with joint issues. You can now benefit from the positive effects of yoga without injuring your back.

5. Increases Flexibility

It’s a no-brainer that any form of yoga can improve flexibility. With aerial yoga, you must control your body movements to perfect the poses, which, in turn, improves your body flexibility with time. Moreover, you can move more freely when suspended in the air. Being away from the ground lets you stretch your tendons and muscles without getting injured. All of these factors collectively help improve flexibility.

6. Improves Mood

Lastly, an intensive class of aerial yoga can improve your mood and make you extremely happy by the end of a session. You feel empowered and gain confidence. It prepares you to face your fears and overcome difficult challenges in life. Aerial yoga isn’t easy; you need a lot of practice until you can complete one session successfully. Once you achieve that feeling, you will never be afraid to try something new in life. With aerial yoga, taking the first step can be quite overwhelming. Not everyone can lift up their feet in the air and trust the process. Thinking about all these aspects collectively can improve your mood and brighten your day.

Aerial yoga can be a bit difficult to perform in the beginning. However, once you master the right techniques and take control of your forms, you will never look back. It is one of the most enjoyable forms of yoga that promotes health and wellbeing. If you have always been fascinated with aerial yoga but haven’t given it a try yet, now is the right time.

learn how to improve your vertical leap

How BoingVert as a Program Can Increase Your Vertical Leap

Launched in 2011, BoingVert is a physical endurance program that claims to help individuals boost their vertical leap and jump height. It is aimed at those who want to improve their endurance, get good at sports such as basketball and volleyball, and aspiring athletes who wish to improve their jump height. While there are several vertical training programs and exercises that improve vertical leap height, BoingVert is one of the most popular products of all. The developers of the program, Shawn Myszka and Kelly Baggett, guarantee huge gains within a short period. Here is how BoingVert can increase your vertical leap and improve your endurance.

learn how to improve your vertical leap

Structure of the Program

As mentioned, BoingVert aims at improving an athlete’s vertical leap through a combination of two styles of programs, which are:

  • Animal Program: Based on plyometrics
  • Monster Program: Based on the athlete’s strength

The other two programs recently included are named Savage and Method X.

Animal Program

This program is designed to last 16 weeks and includes a set of exercises that don’t need weights or any kind of equipment. All you need is a pair of comfortable shoes and you can practice it in your living room. Based on the data retrieved from over 100,000 users, the Animal program helps increase around 7 inches of vertical increase on an average. The program is based on a 4-phase plan that is divided between 16 weeks. The creators claim the program to be backed by scientific studies (a set of clinical experiences and research), which makes it more effective. The program costs $23 and can be accessed lifetime.

Monster Program

This program comprises 11 weeks and is a lot more intense than the Animal program. The creators claim the program to be backed by scientific data and thorough research, which guarantees its success. Upon taking this program, you will be guided under the influence of a set of Eastern European and Russian training secrets, which are lesser-known. Before you begin training with the Monster program, the creators recommend taking the Animal program first as it is lower in intensity and helps you prepare for the Monster program. Hopping on to the latter directly may cause serious injuries. This program costs $33 and can be accessed at any time.

Both these programs are sold separately and cannot be bought together. For better results, combine both of these programs and implement them with consistency. However, get enough rest in between rounds as it can be too intense. Overworking yourself and failing to take rest between both programs can result in sprains, muscle damage, or soreness. The recommended time period to rest between both programs is around 2 to 3 weeks. This will also help you get better results and improve your endurance.

Another program, which is the Lifetime package, combines both programs and comes with additional features and benefits. Along with the Animal and Monster program, you can access every future program that will be introduced in BoingVert. You will also get a program called BasketballBrain, which gives you tips and trains you to play basketball while staying in bed. On top of it, you can get free access to the BoingVert app that is available on both iOS and Android. You will also get assistance on performing the jumping technique and mastering it. Other popular programs and series that can be accessed for free include the Jump Form series, Don’t Get Tired, and many others. Lastly, buy BoingVert apparel at 10% off with this program. The total package costs $79.95 and can be accessed lifetime.


Several programs similar to BoingVert are gaining popularity. These include Jump Manual, Vert Shock, Bounce Kit, and many more. If you want to try something new, Here's a good jump program that will help you achieve the results you want. Most of these programs improve flexibility, enhance endurance, and increase vertical leap.


All in all, you can gain these benefits from the BoingVert program –

  • Improves flexibility: Whether you use the Animal program or the Monster program, you will notice an improvement in flexibility.
  • No need for equipment: You can perform the exercise anywhere. A simple bench or a mat on the floor of your living room will suffice.
  • Improves form: ‘Jump Mastery’, a section included in the program, focuses on form and jumping movements.
  • Increases vertical leap: The program is designed using scientific research that effectively increases jump height.
everything you need to know about your vertical jump

Even though it is believed that BoingVert was popular due to the success of Jacob Hiller’s ‘The Jump Manual’ program, the success rates have helped the program carve its own niche and surpass the competition. One of the major reasons behind this program’s popularity can be attributed to its marketing strategy. It is heavily promoted on social media pages and YouTube. If you want to see notable results and increase your vertical leap, give BoingVert a try today.

diet plan for diabetic people

How To Make An Effective Diet Plan For Diabetic People

Diabetes is caused when your body becomes resistant to insulin, which increases the level of blood sugar levels after the food you consume is broken down. Even though the effect of diabetes is irreversible, you can take measures to control the adverse signs. Meal planning is not just about crafting a balanced diet but also incorporating ways to control the adverse effects of any disease and stick to it with consistency. The diet plan should incorporate food items that maintain your blood sugar levels and avoid spikes of glucose content.

diet plan for diabetic people

Follow this guide to prepare an effective diet plan for diabetic people.

Step 1: Choose Healthy Carbs

Since carbohydrates form a major part of any diet, they cannot be completely shunned. Carbs are high in fiber and sugar content, which is why diabetic patients must choose healthy carbs. When compared to other macronutrients such as fat and protein, carbs increase blood sugar levels at a faster rate. Avoid using unhealthy carbs such as white pasta, white bread, or any other food made with refined flour. Instead, choose healthy carbs such as whole grains and vegetables that will keep your blood sugar level at bay. Before incorporating any ingredient or food item in your meal, learn more about its carb content.

Step 2: Incorporate Protein

Another essential macronutrient found in every diet is protein as it helps build muscle mass and keeps you satiated for long. Unlike carbs, they do not raise blood sugar levels instantaneously. However, exceeding the limit of protein consumption can lead to weight gain. The amount of protein you consume should be utilized through weightlifting or by performing high-intensity exercises. Since protein enhances the function of insulin, it is wiser to stay away from protein shakes and similar mixes as they often contain added sugar and carbs. Meal planning also works for diabetic patients who are vegetarians. If you do not want to add meat options, you can look online to find some examples of vegetarian diet plans that are rich in protein. Include dietary fiber as it also helps control blood sugar levels. Some foods rich in dietary fiber are artichokes, green peas, lentils, beans, etc.

Step 3: Pick Foods Rich in Healthy Fat

Pick healthy fats to keep you full and regulate your blood sugar levels. Some food items you can incorporate include avocado, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, and seeds. Since most of these food items are high in calories, control your consumption as it can lead to weight gain.

Step 4: Measure your Portions

Since portion control will regulate the amount of carbs, protein, fiber, fat, and calories you intake, it is necessary to measure the amount of food you consume for each meal. Use the ‘plate method’ to control your portion sizes and food intake, which is dedicated to patients with type 2 diabetes. This is a visualization technique that will help diabetic patients understand the recommended food intake. Choose non starchy vegetables to fill half of the plate and a healthy carb to fill one-quarter. Pick a lean protein to fill the final quarter on the plate. This will also prevent overeating and weight gain. You can also calculate portion sizes based on your age, gender, height, and weight through health apps and online habit trackers.

At the same time, avoid food items such as full-fat dairy, processed grains such as white pasta and white rice, food items with a high glycemic index and added sweeteners, pastries, and food rich in saturated fats.

Take a look at this diabetic-friendly weekly diet chart as an example. The meals are in order of breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner.

Day 1: Poached eggs, turkey-stuffed bell peppers, yogurt with berries, pan-fried salmon.

Day 2: Whole grain cereal with oatmeal, salmon with green beans, hard boiled eggs, mushroom and tofu stir-fry.

Day 3: Berries and Greek yogurt smoothie, pan roasted chicken, roasted chickpeas, Thai chicken.

Day 4: Omelet, Chicken and cauliflower brown rice, apple slices with peanut butter, salmon-stuffed avocados.

Day 5: Lentils on toast, spinach and salmon salad, a small cup of cottage cheese, egg and spinach scramble.

Day 6: Whole wheat muffins with 100% cocoa, braised pork stew, handful of almonds, Mediterranean lettuce wraps.

Day 7: Basil and cheese frittatas, shrimp and avocado salad, air-popped popcorn, tuna salad.

Some diabetic-friendly dessert options include berry yogurt bites, yogurt chocolate fudge, banana bread smoothie, and berry bowl with Greek yogurt.

healthy food for those with diabetes

Apply these tips to design a diabetic-friendly meal plan and experience the positive results within no time. You can also replace all non-vegetarian ingredients with veg food items. Individuals suffering from diabetes must pay special attention to their diet and eating habits, and designing a meal plan using these tips is the first step towards healthy living.

tips for buying a bench press

Qualities to Look For When Buying a Weight Bench

Whether you’re looking to pack on mass or maintain what you’ve got, a weight bench can serve as the foundation for any workout regiment. With the right add-on equipment, you can easily engage all your muscle groups using just your bench. If you’re shopping around, then consider these points before making a purchase on a weight training bench.

everything you need to know about buying a weight bench

Flat, Adjustable, Multipurpose

There are a few different categories of benches that you’ll have to choose from. Which bench you decide on will be determined by your needs and fitness goals. 

If you just need something that will support some simple ab, glute, and tricep workouts, then a flat bench will do just fine. A more well-rounded workout will require a weight bench that is adjustable. Regardless of what type it is, the good thing about weight benches is that they offer support for a plethora of fitness goals and can meet pretty much anyone where they are. 

Bear in mind that you won’t want to drop too much cash on a bench that offers all sorts of special features that you’re not going to use. So, as you read, consider whether or not the features on each bench will actually move you closer to your health and fitness goals. 

Flat Bench

Don’t be fooled by the basic structure of a simple flat bench. While they may look like just another piece of furniture, they are great for any skill level and actually offer more options than you might think. You can use this for supported push-ups, chest presses, or glute bridges and much more if you add a pair of dumbbells to it. Flat benches are lightweight and easy for anyone to fold up and stow away. 

Adjustable Bench

Adjustable benches are any kind of bench whose angle can be changed. By being able to adjust the angle of the bench, you can access a wider range of motion and get more out of the workout. More experienced fitness folks tend to gravitate more to the adjustable bench because they want to utilize more muscle groups and possess the know-how to do it safely. With that being said, always make sure that your workout matches your skill level to avoid injury. 

Keep in mind that because adjustable benches offer more, they’re typically a bit more expensive. They are also a heavier piece of equipment and require more strength to move it in and out of a space.

Multi-Function Bench

This type of bench is for the well-seasoned fitness gurus. This type of bench will come with a lot more equipment that will allow you to have a more detailed fitness plan by offering options that target many muscle groups. You will need an adequate space for this type of bench, as you will be using a wider range of motion and will have more toys to play with! 


Weight benches are not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. While most sized benches will in fact fit most people, length is something you should consider before purchasing. If you’re over six feet tall, then you’ll want to read the reviews and see what people say about the size of the bench. Most benches are at least four feet long, but people over six foot need a longer one than that.


If you’re doing any kind of presses from a lying position, then your feet need to be planted on the ground. If you’re average height, then the height of your bench should be about 15-16 inches from the ground. 17-20 inches tall for those who have long legs. 

Weight Capacity

If you’re a big person doing heavy lifting, then you’ll need to make sure your weight bench can support you and the added weight of a bench. The cheapest benches will hold around 300 pounds, which might be plenty depending on your size and ability. It goes without saying that a bench that doesn’t support your weight plus the weight of what your lifting is terribly dangerous. 

Goals and Needs

If you’re looking to do some heavy lifting, then you’ll definitely need a bench that can support all the weight. If you want to just tone up, then a light weight flat bench should be the perfect fit. The more experienced you are, the more complex the bench should be so you can get the most out of it. Flat bench is pretty basic, and adjustable and multi-purpose are for a more well-rounded workout.

tips for buying a bench press

When shopping around, you’ll have to find the perfect ratio of a bench that fulfills needs and fits your budget. The adjustable and multi-function benches will cost you more, but if your needs don't require many options, then there’s no reason to spend the extra cash on it. Remember to always have a work out buddy for heavy lifting and to take caution when working out alone.

benefits of using phone health apps

How Health Apps Help Our Daily Lifestyle?

It’s been a strange and hectic year, and everything that has taken place in 2020 has brought everyone’s attention to the value of healthcare. It has also made us quite wary of wanting to visit hospitals and clinics because we always have that nagging fear at the back of our heads wondering whether there are cases at these places and if we’re going to get infected simply by being there. It is a very real and valid fear, and it is also one that has a solution. 

benefits of using phone health apps

Fortunately, the use of healthcare apps is on the rise and more and more people know about them. We’re going to dedicate this article to bring to light how health apps help people in their daily lives.

Home Care is More Convenient

This option is actually more convenient for both the patient and the doctor. For the patient, having to wait in a waiting room and worrying about what illnesses the other people have is not something they have to worry about anymore. For the doctor, there will be a country-wide database that will have all the necessary case and pharmaceutical information available, and this will make treating patients that much more accurate and convenient. Communication is also much better when it comes to using apps because the doctor and the patient can continue doing so by using the app chat, and this will all be done on record. Referring back to these records at the click of a button will allow any other doctor to understand a particular patient’s case and dealing with emergency cases, in particular, will have no risk whatsoever.  

The Apps Provide More Structure

When you find that you’re injured or ill and don’t have a specific doctor already on call, the process of finding a reliable one can be quite stressful and time-consuming. These health apps actually have specific developers that allow their platform to have more structure. The services provided at Vincit.com are specifically geared towards healthcare providers, and this is because they understand that the structure within the medical world is a unique one. So the best apps will make your search that much easier and efficient by having categories and helping you narrow it down at a much faster rate than you would by say, researching for doctors online randomly. 

Anywhere at Anytime

It doesn’t matter how remote your location is, the best thing about these health apps is that they have GPS to be able to pinpoint your exact location, and their services are provided 24 hours a day. If someone works at an isolated location, this is no longer a point of worry. Many construction workers, for example, have injuries and the worst part is having to commute to the emergency room at odd hours of the day. 

iphone mobile health applications

With the health apps, you don’t need to risk more damage by moving, and the doctor will come to wherever you are at any time. These apps generally have doctors at as many locations as they can find so that the range of service is more convenient for any patient in need of attention. 

Efficient Payment Method

Given the current effect of the pandemic, we are becoming more aware and more paranoid about how we exchange currency. Going to a hospital, having to stand in line to pay, taking cash from someone who’s sitting in a hospital all day- this is something that can bring out the paranoid monster in any of us. With healthcare apps, you can pay using your credit card without actually having to hand it to anyone, or just pay the one doctor in cash when they visit. And speaking of money, this definitely cuts costs for both the doctor and the patient. Rent for the clinic at the hospital increases costs for the doctor, and any clinic or hospital will charge you more for that. 

Health apps have been around for a while, but they’ve really gained traction and popularity over the past year. And this is probably one of the most positive things that have come out from the difficult circumstances that 2020 has dealt us. There are so many positive traits to healthcare apps and they really do integrate conveniently into our lifestyles because it is an efficient and detailed service that definitely makes life that much easier during hard times and dire circumstances. It is important that you use an app that is well known and good reviews though because you don’t want to end up using something that has a bunch of fake doctors! 

learn about the benefits of acupuncture

Benefits of Getting an Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture is a holistic procedure involving thin needles through a person’s skin at specific entry points on the body. If you’re new to this, it might sound terrifying. Does it hurt? Is it going to make me feel better? This form of treatment originates from China and has been in practice for thousands of years. The notion around acupuncture is that your body may have a blockage that disturbs the body’s life energy and might lead to health issues.

learn about the benefits of acupuncture

The purpose of the thin needles is to restore the flow of your body’s energy, which helps to promote healing and relaxation. If you’re still feeling confused, we’re going to cover the benefits of acupuncture treatment, which might change your mind.

Quality Sleep

Acupuncture helps to boost your body’s ability to produce melatonin. When melatonin is present in your body in optimal amounts, it helps control your sleep and wake cycles. If you’re looking for a good place for Acupuncture in Peoria, AZ, you surely already know that fixing your sleep pattern through acupuncture treatment will ensure a good night’s sleep. Studies have revealed that many people have low levels of melatonin, primarily caused by modern living lifestyles. Additionally, some of us are always fatigued due to insomnia. If you’re suffering from sleep problems, acupuncture helps to restore your natural sleeping ability.

Strong Immune System

Our living standards have challenged the strength of our immune systems now more than ever before in history. It would be at least if you understood that your immune system plays a vital role in the optimal functioning of keeping you safe from diseases. Acupuncture treatment helps strengthen your immune system, which is the first line in your body’s defense against infections. Additionally, this helps your body to defend itself against bacteria and other organisms that cause illnesses.


If you suffer from tension headaches, we recommend attending at least five acupuncture sessions to help deal with your condition. A few studies have shown that acupuncture treatment helps to lower the frequency of headaches compared to conventional care treatment remedies. Additionally, acupuncture may help reduce the frequency of your migraines by triggering a healing response.

Mood Booster

Sometimes we’re faced with real-life stress or chronic stress, which might lead to an imbalance in hormones. This might lead to mood fluctuation and, even worse, depression. However, the good thing is that acupuncture can resolve this and offer better relief. During your acupuncture sessions, an acupuncturist will insert needles in your body, which will stimulate your central nervous system (CNS). Your CNS will reciprocate by releasing endorphins, which help to boost your mood.

see how acupuncture can help you

Digestive Relief

Acupuncture helps to boost the healthy functioning of your digestive system and other vital organs. As we mentioned above, acupuncture helps to stabilize your body’s energy fields and treats any problems associated with your digestive system. If you’re suffering from gastrointestinal issues or stomach inflammation issues, acupuncture treatment can alleviate this.

Before introducing any form of treatment like acupuncture, it would be best to consult your healthcare provider. They will help to assess whether your medical history might in any way interfere with your acupuncture treatment. In recent years, acupuncture has gained more definitive research, and many practitioners are regulated in practice and training. 

everything you need to know about acupuncture

What You Should Know About Acupuncture And Why You Need To Try It

In the acupuncture treatment method, needles are pierced through the skin at particular strategic points of the body. The treatment method was initially practiced in China and is especially useful in getting rid of the pain associated with many health issues. Besides that, modern-day health professionals have also found it helpful to manage stress and boost your overall wellness. A specialized health professional called an acupuncturist performs the procedure. He or she inserts needles into the patient's body to balance the energy of the body.

everything you need to know about acupuncture

Risks Associated With Acupuncture

When a competent, duly certified acupuncture specialist carries out the procedure using sterilized needles, the levels of risk associated with the process are pretty low. The experts at https://5thandwell.com point out that sometimes there are mild side effects like light bleeding, feelings of soreness, or slight bruising in the body region where the needles are inserted. With sterilized and disposable needles, the infection risks are minimum too. However, you should note that acupuncture is not universally suitable, and should the following kinds of people should avoid it:

People Suffering From Bleeding Disorders

If you have any bleeding disorder or have to use blood thinners, you are better off avoiding this procedure. Avoiding it will help to prevent bruising and bleeding risks from the insertion of needles.

People With A Pacemaker Fitted Into Their Hearts

If the therapist chooses to apply electrical pulses to the needs, it might interfere with the pacemaker's operation. It might thereby endanger your health.

If You Are Pregnant

Some acupuncture forms are known to stimulate labor, which might result in a premature delivery for pregnant women.

Choosing A Suitable Acupuncturist

Your choice of the individual therapist plays an essential part in the healing you get. You need to choose an acupuncturist while exercising discretion and care. While selecting a suitable acupuncturist for your therapy, observe the following steps:

Look For References and Recommendations

It is a good idea to ask for acupuncturists' recommendations from friends or other people you trust. The references will be beneficial if your friends have undergone acupuncture treatment from a particular person before.

Make Surer The Practitioner Is Certified And has Proper Credentials

When you come across an acupuncturist, you need to remain vigilant. Please don't take their word as their proof of expertise. Instead, enquire into the relevant skills and training they possess as an acupuncturist. There is this NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) exam that non-physician acupuncturists are required to pass as per the laws in most US states.

Interview The Therapy Provider

Another great idea to follow before undergoing treatment from an acupuncturist is to interview the person. Ensure that you discuss things like what will be involved in the entire treatment process and how it will make your condition better. Another critical thing to know beforehand is the cost of treatment and if it falls under your present insurance.

Things To Note About The Treatment Session

Several body areas are essential to acupuncture treatment and, thereby, to the acupuncturist. As a result, your acupuncture therapist might request you to change your regular attire and put on a gown. Then. You will be required to lie down at a table before the actual beginning of the procedure. The treatment will usually consist of the following:

Needles Will Be Inserted Into Your Skin

The procedure begins with the insertion of thin needles into the skin to varying depths. Most people don't find the needles to be painful, while others may experience a minimal amount of discomfort. The therapist may use from five to twenty needles to carry out his treatment procedure. Some people may, however, feel a sort of ache when the needle reaches the required depth.

Manipulating The Needles

When you have placed the needles, it might call for different types of manipulation like twirling. In other cases, heat and electrical pulses may be applied after inserting the needles.

Removing Needles

Usually, the acupuncture therapist will leave the needles where they were inserted for a specific period, generally for at least ten minutes, letting you relax. When the needles are finally removed, you will experience relief from your discomfort.

Why You Should Try It

Acupuncture might attract you for several health reasons. There are a vast number of health issues and symptoms that acupuncture helps to overcome. They include the following

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Allergy
  • Chronic pain, especially the ones in the back, neck, knees, and head
  • Insomnia
  • Hypertension
  • PMS And Menstrual Cramps
  • Morning Sickness
  • Migraines
  • Strokes
  • Sprains

Additionally, medical research suggests that acupuncture can help treat cancer and multiple sclerosis. Still, more research is needed before we can say anything about that with certainty. There is also further limited evidence for the benefits of acupuncture therapy for the following health issues and symptoms:

  • Pain In The Abdomen
  • Acne
  • Cancer Pain
  • Insomnia
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Infertility
  • Stiff Neck
  • Schizophrenia
  • Alcohol Dependence
acupuncture guide

Final Thoughts

Acupuncture need not necessarily be a cure-all with magical powers. Still, it indeed is an effective treatment option for a wide variety of illnesses and conditions. Considering that people have been befitting from it for over 2500 years, it is one of the oldest healing forms. We are still learning more about the exact why's and how's of such acupuncture effects. Happy healing!

how to lose weight at home

Stress-Free Ways You Can Lose Weight Right In The Comfort Of Your Home

Losing weight can be a stressful experience. It doesn’t have to be, but often it is. For too long, we’ve been told by the media and pop culture that the only way to lose weight is to never eat anything and suffer. This isn’t the truth. This is actually the exact opposite of the truth. If your body is suffering, it’s under stress, and you’re flooded with the hormone cortisol. This changes how your body functions and negatively impacts your weight and every other area of your health.

how to lose weight at home

The following will explore some of the more stress-free ways to lose weight. All of these tips can be followed at home in comfort and privacy and are suited to all paces. You can adopt these tricks as slowly as you like and still feel the benefits of them.

Mindset Work

This is the step that everyone likes to skip, but it is the most important one. You need to have a mental moment before you begin any of the other work. Get still and put all your other worries to one side. You can pick them up right after this step is done. We promise. Take a moment to think about weight and weight loss. Pay attention to the thoughts that arise within you. Each time an idea presents itself, ask whether or not it’s true. Question everything you believe about weight loss.

Again and again, studies have shown that our beliefs about ourselves shape every aspect of our lives. These beliefs determine how successful we are in everything that we attempt. Any type of lasting change involves a shift in perspective.

Likely these beliefs were implanted when you were very young. You might not remember the moment the programming happened, but you can be sure that it did. Self-limiting beliefs are false and harmful. If you don’t know what we mean, here are some examples of things that people can believe that aren’t true:

  • I hate exercising
  • No matter what I do, I’ll always be bigger
  • I hate vegetables
  • It doesn’t matter what I try
  • If I do succeed, I’ll be miserable
  • I don’t have control
  • This time will be like all the others

Yes, this step might be uncomfortable, but it is crucial. If you don’t tackle these beliefs first, it doesn’t matter if you lose the weight; keeping it off will be a constant battle. That’s because our mind would rather be right than happy.


Thanks to the internet, there are thousands upon thousands of free yoga classes you can follow along with. Yoga is fantastic for reducing stress, and we know that stress is one of the big contributors to weight gain. If your body thinks that you’re in danger or struggling, it’s going to hold onto weight, so you don’t have to worry about food as much. Beyond this, yoga can contribute to muscle growth and overall fitness, which plays a part in weight loss as well. 

It takes only an internet connection and a yoga mat to get started. There are videos for any stage in your fitness journey with poses for all difficulty levels. There are eco friendly yoga mats that can also help reduce the damage to the environment that this activity results in if you’re worried about that. It’s important with yoga that you don’t skip over the breathing aspects of the activity. The magic of yoga happens in the breath. And make sure that you do the savasana pose at the end. Even though it feels like you’re doing nothing, you’re actually doing so many beneficial things for your mind and body.


We all need more sleep. We know this. But what not enough people know is how interconnected sleep and weight are. Getting enough hours of high-quality sleep can help set your internal rhythms right. This influences your metabolism and hormone cycles. Extra sleep can also help boost your motivation and willpower and lead to making wiser, safer decisions. Getting more sleep has a way of improving every area of your life: your relationships, your work, your energy levels, your skin, your creativity, your joy… you name it. Sleep makes everything better.

The above tips are by no means the be-all and end-all of weight loss, but they can set you up to begin your weight loss journey healthily and without stress. The process is about finding what works for you in your daily life, not forcing yourself into a regime that feels like torture.