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what is weight loading

What Is Weight Loading and Why Is It Important

Weight loading, or training with weighted vests, is becoming one of the most popular methods of training, not to mention that this type of exercise offers a range of benefits for people of all ages. While running and walking increase your calorie burn rate, a weighted vest will give a boost to metabolism and increase your calorie burn rate even more. If you want to know more about weight loading and why many people are now interested in it, continue reading to find out.

what is weight loading

Weight Loading

As the name suggests, these exercises can be done while wearing weight vests, which are typically made of composite materials or heavy-duty vinyl. You can increase or decrease your vest weight to control the intensity of your exercises. Normally, weight vests are worn while doing cardio exercises like walking, jogging, running, or hiking, but you can also wear them for bodyweight exercises or any speed or agility exercises. Make sure that you’re controlling the intensity so you won’t burn out quickly or sustain any muscle injuries.

Choose the Right Weight Vest

When you shop for a weight vest, you’ll find a lot of variations on the market, which can be a bit confusing if you haven’t tried one before. As we mentioned earlier, you should buy a weight vest depending on your fitness along with other factors, like the material for instance, what type of exercises you’re doing, and your fitness goals. Luckily, weight vests are highly adjustable, which makes most weight vest models suitable for almost all types of exercises. You should also make sure that the vest fits well, or else you won’t be able to do your workouts as effectively as you did without wearing it. Vests must be snug and comfortable around your body and it shouldn’t throw your balance off. If this isn’t the case for you, it might be time to adjust the weights or get a brand new one.

Consider Your Shape and Exercises

What shape you’re currently in will significantly affect your options when it comes to the size and weight of weight vests. Luckily, they come in all shapes and sizes, so your body mass won’t prevent you from using them. However, make sure that the weight in these vests correlates with your body mass, especially if it’s hindering you from exercising for longer periods. After you lose some weight, you can add more weights to your vests and continue with your exercises as usual. As for your exercises, make sure that you can execute them without exhausting all of your stamina. Once they become easier, you can add more weights.

Why Weight Loading Is Important

Weight vests are designed to up the difficulty of your exercises, so it doesn’t matter what type of activity you’re doing, as you’ll certainly struggle with a layer of weight added to your overall body mass. Despite how exhausting that might sound, it can be highly beneficial. Here is how.

Improve Your Strength

Weight vests are known to increase strength and endurance, mainly because carrying extra weight requires more strength; hence, more oxygen, and all of that happens while your energy is being depleted. However, your body will soon adapt to the added weight and will be able to make up for the depleted energy and oxygen, which can increase your strength and improve your endurance in the process.

Musculoskeletal Benefits

Your bones will also be positively affected by the newly added weight as much as your muscles are. Wearing a weight vest increases the load that is transmitted through your bones, which will stimulate the osteoblasts cells in your bones to create new bone material; therefore, your bone mass will increase as well. This is a natural response induced by the newly added weight to your body, which will make your bones stronger and denser to carry the extra weight you add to them.

Better Posture

A poor posture can have a drastic effect on your overall productivity, as it can lead to pain and discomfort while working out or while you’re sitting on a chair. Luckily, you can improve your posture by simply wearing a weight vest. These vests can help you stand up straight, which will prevent you from slouching and help you develop a better posture eventually.

Weight loading can be one of the best adjustments you add to your training exercises, but make sure that you’re doing it correctly in order to garner all of its benefits. Finding the right weight vest can factor into the quality of your weight loading exercises, so consider the factors mentioned here before buying one. Finally, make sure to add some variety to your workouts to improve all your body muscles strength, and endurance.

hai transmission risks

How to Reduce HAI Transmission Risks

Healthcare systems around the world work hard to help patients with various medical issues. When we get sick, we seek treatment at our local hospital. However, going to a healthcare facility doesn’t always result in receiving medicine, treatment, or a cure for our ailments. 

Sometimes we catch more severe diseases while staying at a hospital. These are called Healthcare-Associated Infections and here’s what you can do to reduce your risk of catching one. 

hai transmission risks

The Problem of Healthcare-Associated Infections 

Hospitals are often kept to strict sanitation standards. However, that doesn’t change the fact that healthcare facilities are also the perfect place for various germs, bacteria, and viruses to thrive. 

That being said, most of those who are at risk of HAIs are patients that had a urinary catheter installed, or have just come out of surgery. Any time you perform any kind of invasive procedures on a patient, the risk of HAI spikes. 

How to Reduce the Risk of HAI Transmission? 

Although the spread of HAI is difficult to eliminate completely, there are ways the risks to an acceptable level. Almost all of the following methods rely on effective planning and contingency procedures. Without them, the equipment we’re about to talk about has very little effect. 

Organization and Planning 

Vectors of HAI transmission aren’t many, but they are complex. The most important method of HAI suppression is frequent and methodical disinfection of all facilities. Having a good cleaning schedule in place is essential. In fact, surveys show that most healthcare employees recognize the lack of frequent cleaning as the main risk of HAI transmission in their place of work. 

Additionally, the use of efficient equipment has also shown to be a major factor. Experts over at https://www.healthysole.com/video argue that using advanced UV disinfection technologies leads to significantly lower rates of HAI transmission. Furthermore, they note that the use of UV radiation offers new options as far as disinfection goes.
learn about different transmission risks

Personal Hygiene

There are generally two vectors of HAI transmission that carry the highest risks — vertical and horizontal. 

  • Vertical vectors imply infection through the use of the same facilities (i.e. two patients using the same bed consecutively). This type of HAI transmission is prevented through proper cleaning and disinfection procedures. 
  • Horizontal vectors imply the spread of infection from one patient to another using a carrier. In many cases, the carrier is none other than the attending physician. 

Preventing the spread of HAIs through horizontal vectors of transmission greatly depends on the healthcare worker’s personal hygiene habits. Frequent handwashing, contact discipline, and extensive use of hand sanitizers have shown a significant reduction in the rate of transmission among patients deemed as high risk. 

Limited Intervention Exposure 

While HAIs spread through contact with physicians as well as medical equipment, they also spread through various interventions. Catheters, central lines, and other tools frequently used to treat/monitor patients are real HAI hotspots. 

While it is borderline impossible to eliminate the use of these instruments, you can choose the timing, as well as the place of insertion that reduces the risk of HAI transmission. 

Additionally, optimizing patients also plays a vital part in this process. Recognizing which patients are susceptible to certain types of infections can help with the planning and triage of such cases. 

Advanced disinfection technologies such as contactless UV disinfection are only as effective as the system they’re a part of. By focusing on proper planning, you can increase the efficiency of any tools and procedures you have in place. 

Improving Personal Hygiene Awareness 

Healthcare facilities are often hectic when they reach peak capacity. Especially if we’re talking about tier 1 trauma centers and similar facilities. That being said, no matter how much traffic a facility sees on any given day, it is of utmost importance to maintain high levels of personal hygiene. 

Washing hands is the most basic form of personal hygiene, but also the most crucial one. Medical workers and healthcare professionals spend hours in contact with patients, handling equipment, and generally being exposed to all kinds of germs. By building a strong personal hygiene culture within your organization, you can set the stage for more complex HAI suppression systems. 

Constant Monitoring 

Once you’ve implemented every infection control procedure and contingency into your regular schedule, it’s important to stay on top of it all. Keep monitoring everything and make changes along the way. 

Patient profiles change, meaning that your sanitary needs also change depending on who is receiving treatment in your facility. By staying on top of HAI, you can reduce the risk of transmission to acceptable levels.

learn about the benefits of using a personal trainer

7 Benefits a Personal Fitness Trainer Can Provide

More and more people are taking their fitness and health seriously because it is one of the keys to ensuring a better lifestyle and longevity. To accomplish this, some go to the gym or leverage technology to follow certain workout routines that they can watch through their gadgets. Others rely on personal fitness trainers to ensure that they will be able to achieve their fitness and health goals. This article delves into the benefits that only a personal fitness trainer can provide.

learn about the benefits of using a personal trainer

Customized Training Plan

One of the primary advantages of having a personal fitness trainer is that they can create a customized training plan for you. A personal trainer will take into consideration your capabilities and goals, which he or she will use as a basis in coming up with a personalized plan targeted to help you achieve your fitness objectives. The trainer will also consider your diet and schedule, which will also be incorporated into your training plan. With a customized training plan, there is a greater chance for you to succeed because the process is aligned with your abilities.

Exercise with the Proper Form

Another advantage of relying on the help of a fitness trainer is that you get to perform exercises with the proper form. In doing so, you will be able to maximize the benefits of your workout routine because you are doing them properly. In addition to this, you are also less likely to garner any injuries during your workout session because you are doing the exercises properly.

Training Education

A personal fitness trainer will also be able to provide you with the proper training education that proves to be beneficial for the long-term. They will be able to teach you proper exercise techniques that will be able to help you maintain your health and fitness. With their seasoned expertise and knowledge in their line of work, they will also be able to teach you proven exercise methods that will help you achieve your fitness goals, regardless of whether you intend to lose weight or build muscles.

Nutritional Guidance

Alongside a proper workout routine, you need to be more conscious of what you take in. This is where a personal fitness trainer can step in too because they will be able to provide you with ample nutritional guidance to best complement your workout session. For instance, if you want to strengthen and build your muscles, they may work with a nutritionist to come up with a meal plan consisting of healthy fats and protein.


A personal fitness trainer will ensure that you won’t slack off or procrastinate in working out. They will not accept your excuses on why you want to skip working out or exercising. Rather, they will help you stick to your schedule to ensure that you achieve the goals that you have set for yourself when it comes to your health and fitness.

using a fitness trainer

Support Network

When you are trying to stay fit and healthy, you need to surround yourself with the right people who will be able to support you achieve your aim. In this case, a personal fitness trainer is one of the most notable persons that you should include in your support network. Apart from looking out for your overall well-being, they will also motivate you to keep on moving forward. They will also help you boost your confidence, particularly after you slowly realize the results of your efforts.

Sustained Healthy Habits

Finally, with the help of a personal fitness trainer, you are more likely to sustain your healthy habits rather than otherwise. They will constantly remind you of your goals, as well as how far you have come in achieving them, pushing you to move forward and maintain the good and healthy habits that you have started, regardless of the pressure or stress that you experience. They will also be able to challenge you in a manner that no other person can do when it comes to your health and fitness.

If you are serious about achieving the fitness and health goals that you have set for yourself, then get the help of a personal fitness trainer. They are the best people who will be able to come up with a customized training plan for you and help you exercise with the proper form. They will also provide you with proper education when it comes to fitness and training, and offer you nutritional guidance to complement your workout. They will also see to it that you are accountable for your health and fitness while being your support network at the same time. With a personal fitness trainer, you are sure to sustain your healthy habits, leading you to achieve your goals.

benefits of percussing therapy

How Can Athletes Benefit From Percussion Therapy?

If you’re committing your time and your body to a sport, then it’s time you start doing what you can on the sidelines to keep your body in tip-top shape and to soothe it in such a way that’s conducive to your next workout. You’re probably familiar with the typical aches and pains that come after a workout, and there’s actually things you can do to ease the pain while also doing a service to your body. Percussion therapy is one of them, and here’s what you need to know about it.

benefits of percussing therapy

What Is Percussion Therapy? 

Following an intense workout, the number one priority of athletes should be to get as much blood circulation going as possible and massaging stiff muscles. Why is this important? It’s because it speeds up recovery time, alleviates soreness so that you can continue working out the next day, and it keeps injuries to a minimum.

Percussive therapy applies pressure to target areas and can push out lactic acid from your muscles, which will help with the soreness. This pressure also inspires blood circulation, which helps with recovery. 

By relaxing stiff muscles, flexibility will be enhanced. This will relieve some pressure on the joints, increasing your overall mobility. 

How Does It Work? 

A percussion massager is a handheld device that sends jolts of energy to concentrated areas of your body. These rapid pulses of pressure created by these powerful massage guns softens muscle tissue where stiffness builds up due to exercise. It can also help with stress or fatigue. 

The device moves in kneading strokes in a pattern of your choosing. 

Unlike many electric massagers, it doesn’t move in circles, but creates vibrations to deeply penetrate the muscle tissue to clear out lactic acid and provide relief from fatigue, cramps, muscle stress, or pain. All of the effects are adjustable in strength and pattern. 

Why Is Percussion Therapy The Best Massage For Athletes? 

No matter what sport you play, there are bound to be muscle groups that are going to get exhausted from playing the sport or working out. One of the reasons percussion therapy is so useful to CrossFit athletes is because it can be used as a recovery tactic. When you’re trying to be the fittest man or woman on Earth, you can’t really take a day off. So you have to soothe your muscles when you can.  

Clears Lactic Acid, Reduces Recovery Time

Lactic acid is the cause of muscle soreness after a workout. The percussion massage instrument clears lactic acid out. This is particularly useful because you’ll be able to use the muscle at the same capacity the next day, aiding you in gaining even more muscle. 

Accelerates Warm Up Time

By increasing blood circulation, the muscles get “warmed up” quicker, which can help you quickly warm up any stubborn muscle group you have before training. Warming up efficiently is a crucial part of avoiding injuries. 

Improves Flexibility

Sometimes working out too much, or even a sedentary lifestyle can be the cause of knots in your muscles, and percussive therapy can assist with that. By working out the knots and relaxing stiff muscles, your range of motion will be enhanced. Flexibility is key in avoiding injury and keeping your muscles in good condition for training and competing. 

Why Is It Better Than A Traditional Massage Therapist? 

Of course hands are used during a traditional massage, and to get the same effect as a permissive therapy session takes much more of your time. The handheld device will only require 15 minutes in target areas. It’s also best to work the muscles with the device directly after working out. This is not possible with a traditional masseuse. 

Hands will not be able to provide vibrations and cannot penetrate target areas. Human hands cannot apply pressure pulses or give a deep tissue massage. This fact alone makes percussion therapy 20 times more effective than traditional massage. 

How Often Should You Use A Percussion Massager? 

A percussion massager can be used every day, but it shouldn’t be used for more than 15 minutes in target areas. Using it more than twice or thrice a day will defeat the purpose by creating more lactic acid. Make sure to set a time and focus on one area at a time to get the full effect.

benefits athletes can see from therapy

If you have injuries, then there’s a possibility that this device will not be the right fit for you. Depending on the injury, it could cause more harm than good. Always check with your doctor or physical therapist before trying one out. 

make your sauna experience better

Simple Tips That Will Make Your Sauna Experience A Lot Better

Saunas and steam rooms are great ways to relieve stress, relax, and detoxify your body. If you live a busy lifestyle, and you just want to spend some time enjoying and treating yourself, going to a sauna is a really good idea. It has numerous health benefits like pain relief, muscle relaxation, or skin cleansing. Studies have shown that going to the sauna regularly can increase your metabolic rate, improve circulation, and help with anxiety and insomnia.

make your sauna experience better

If you want to maximize your sauna experience, avoid possible risks, and get all the benefits, here are some simple tips that will guarantee your safety and enjoyment.

Avoid Eating A Heavy Meal Right Before Sauna

When you eat a heavy meal a lot of blood is concentrated in your digestive system. Since sauna improves blood circulation throughout the body, you won’t be able to achieve all the benefits if you have eaten a lot. Wait for at least one hour for a truly revitalizing sauna experience. While your body digests food, your blood pressure may drop a little bit. The heat from the sauna also lowers your blood pressure, so make sure you eat lightly to avoid getting nauseous or light-headed.

Drink Water Before And During A Sauna

Experts believe that a person loses approximately 2 cups of body water while in a sauna, due to high temperatures. Keeping your body hydrated is essential. Make sure you drink at least a glass of water before the sauna. Whether you are in the Spa salon or at home, make sure you bring some water with you in order to replace lost fluids. Never drink alcohol, because it increases the risks of dehydration, not to mention other health risks (e.g. balance, sensation, movement, or mental capabilities). So, instead of grabbing a cocktail or a beer after relaxing in the sauna, choose water with lemons, cucumbers, or mint to refresh you.

Take A Warm Shower Before Starting Your Sauna Session

If you want to maximize your sauna experience try showering with warm water and mild soap to prepare your skin. You will see a big difference. Your pores will be opened and your skin moisturized, so it’s not just for hygienic purposes. Removing excess oils produced by your skin, any dirt or dust, or creams and lotions is very important. Don’t apply any oils or powders after your shower, because you don’t want to clog up your pores.

tips for using a sauna

Invest In Accessories

Purchasing some interesting accessories can make your sauna experience more relaxing and enjoyable. Choose a sauna that offers headrests, backrests, or footrests for maximal comfort. 

Aromatherapy oils are luxurious and have many health benefits. They often add an atmosphere of relaxation and calmness. Combine them with gentle sponges and brushes. You can bring sea salt to the sauna for a nice scrub or put honey on your skin for moisturizing and increased sweating.

Don’t forget timers and thermometers. They are essential because you need to keep track of the room temperature and the time you have spent in the sauna. Nice lighting and calming background music are important factors as well.

For the authentic Finnish sauna experience don’t miss whisks, ladles, and buckets. When you pour water over hot stones it creates waves of heat that will open your pores and help you sweat out the toxins. Your skin will feel smooth, refreshed, and clean.

Relax, Meditate, And Focus On Positive Emotions

During your time in the sauna, you should be calm and present. Take your time to unwind and relax. Forget about any worries, stay quiet, and reflect on positive emotions. Enjoy nice background music and dim lighting and try to relax both physically and mentally.

 Aromatherapy can be very helpful, so make sure you have your favorite oil with you. Most people prefer eucalyptus, mint, rose, or lavender oil, but feel free to combine them the way you like. Experiment with chamomile, apple, or sage fragrances by adding them to the water you will pour onto the hot stones. The aroma will calm your senses, open the sinuses, and soothe sore muscles.

Take A Shower After Your Sauna

Traditionally, sauna users will jump into cold water or roll into the snow after being in the sauna. However, most people prefer a more gentle way to cool down. If you want a more gradual change of temperature - take a lukewarm shower or climb into a cold pool very slowly. It’s important to lower your temperature, so make sure you don’t skip this step. It will help you rinse off the sweat and close the pores. We guarantee you will feel re-energized.

After the shower, take your time. Lie down and allow your body to air dry slowly. Don’t worry if you continue sweating for a little while, it’s completely normal because your body needs time to adjust. Sit or lie for at least fifteen minutes before getting dressed.

So there you have it! These few tips will make your sauna experience enjoyable and safe. Make sure you try it! It’s very beneficial for your health and incredibly relaxing.

learn about contributing factors about obesity

Obesity: Contributing Factors and Possible Solutions

Current data from the CDC shows that obesity affects more than 40% of adults twenty years old and above. These numbers are quite alarming, considering the numerous health risks one is exposed to when suffering from this condition. Well, perhaps these high numbers are due to the way the modern world has affected people’s lifestyle, nutrition, and other factors.

learn about contributing factors about obesity

If you are the health-cautious kind of person, there’s a big chance you wouldn’t want to grow obese or overweight. If you or someone you love is at risk or already suffers from this disease, it is essential to get enlightenment on how you can prevent it or seek treatment. On this note, let us look at some of the contributing factors of obesity along with various possible solutions.

1. What Is Obesity?

Obesity refers to the state of having excess body fats. The complex disease occurs when a person exceeds the maximum BMI or body mass index. It often stems from the regular consumption of calories so much higher than the body burns during activity. Accumulating over time, the excess is stored as fat in various parts of the body.

As earlier mentioned, obesity can pose a plethora of health risks to the sufferer. Among others, these may range from health disease to diabetes, high blood pressure, and even cancer. For such individuals, bariatric surgery is a common remedy. A highly qualified professional can help ensure that the potential issues or complications from weight loss surgery are minimized. There are various types of weight loss surgery for obese individuals but as we will discover below, these work best when combined with a healthier lifestyle. Let's now shed some light on the causative factors and solutions for obesity.

2. Obesity Contributing Factors

This weight-related disease has various contributing factors. Some of these include the following:

  • Physical inactivity - People who are less active or rather sedentary, tend to burn fewer calories than those who are ever active. With time, they end up gaining more weight than normal. This is why people are advised to always exercise to keep their bodies fit.
  • Excessive eating- Overeating leads to weight gain. This is even so if the food taken is rich in unhealthy fats. Excess starch in food is stored in the body as fat, which could gradually lead to obesity if taken in high amounts.
  • Genetics- At times, obesity is something bound to happen if it's in the gene. If your parents are obese or most people in your family are, then you are likely to be obese. Genetics can affect the hormones responsible for the regulation of body fat, which translates into excessive storage of fats in your body. One of the causes of obesity-related genetics is leptin deficiency. Leptin controls the weight of the body by sending impulses to the brain to eat less when there is excessive fat in the body.
  • Psychological factors- Emotional distress in some people influence their eating habits. When bored, sad, angered, or stressed out, these people tend to eat more than normal. Well, it’s not that most obese have emotional disturbances more than people with normal weight, but their ways of coping with the same mainly involve binge eating
  • Diseases- Obesity doesn't have to be due to one's eating habits or genes. There is a possibility that they have a condition that is making their bodies react that way. Diseases like hypothyroidism, polycystic ovary syndrome, and insulin resistance are possible causes of obesity. 

Hormones- Women, for example, tend to gain more weight during pregnancy and menopause. Other times the use of contraceptives has the same effect. Today, however, lower-dose estrogen pills can help reduce the risk of weight gain.

performing regular fitness with your family

3. Solutions to Obesity 

While there are a lot of factors that contribute to obesity, the solutions are very few and quite simple. They include:

  • Eat appropriate food portion sizes- As earlier stated there is a connection between the amount of food one takes and the weight they have. These eating habits are developed from a young age. It is essential that you feed your kids the right portion sizes right from a young age.
  • Eat slowly and only when hungry- Eating too much leads to the excess fat being stored in the body as fat. It’s important to eat only when the body needs it. 
  • Engage in physical activities- It's good to get out there sweat and have fun. Fun activities like sports, gym, or dancing are essential in burning calories and maintaining the right weight.
  • Get enough sleep- Sleeping has been proven to aid in maintaining the right weight. People who get quality sleep tend to have healthier weights.
  • Get professional treatment - Treatment approaches may include behavioral therapy, lifestyle changes, and surgery. 

Being obese is not anyone’s dream. However, it can occur to anyone over time, especially those who don’t take much caution to their lifestyle and feeding habits. The above are just a few ways obesity can be prevented and treated.

benefits of a keto lifestyle

Benefits of the Keto Lifestyle

As you probably already know, a keto diet is an eating plan that allows you to eat food rich in healthy fats and proteins, as well as very little carbohydrates. The main idea is to get fewer calories from carbs, and more from fat. The way that this diet works is by depleting the body of its sugar reserves. The result of doing so is the production of molecules called ketones, which is where this diet got its name.

benefits of a keto lifestyle

There are a few types of this eating plan as well as numerous benefits of it. In this article, we will go through some major benefits that you can get from living keto.

Weight loss

If we consider the physiology behind this diet, we know that it boosts our metabolism and reduces our appetite as well. As experts on this topic over at https://forketolife.com/ explain, the secret is that the food you eat can fill you up faster and can reduce the amount of hormones that stimulate hunger. Keto diet is becoming more and more popular every day exactly because people don’t have to starve in order to lose weight, but just follow the eating regime. 

It can improve heart health

As for any diet, when you are practicing the keto eating plan, it is important to choose healthful foods. There is some evidence showing that eating healthier sources for fats, such as avocados, instead of, for instance, pork rinds, can help improve heart health by reducing levels of cholesterol. 

Since high levels of cholesterol in the blood can be a trigger for many cardiovascular diseases, practicing the keto lifestyle may reduce a person’s risks of heart complications. But, as we have mentioned before, even with this type of diet, you should choose healthful foods and have a nutritionally balanced diet. 

Improvement of PCOS symptoms

PCOS, or polycystic ovary syndrome is a common hormonal disorder that can lead to the excess production of male hormones, as well as ovulatory dysfunction and polycystic ovaries. Diets rich in carbohydrates can cause adverse effects in people with PCOS. These effects include skin problems and weight gain.

In the early 2000’s, one study has shown that a ketogenic diet improved a few markers of PCOS. These include hormone balance, weight loss, levels of fasting insulin, as well as luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH).

It reduces the chances of getting diabetes 

As we have mentioned before, the keto diet can help in blood sugar control. Since you eliminate most carbohydrate sources on a keto diet, it is only logical that it can have a positive effect on blood sugar control, since there is less sugar in your bloodstream. 

The fact that you have less sugar in your blood causes your insulin levels to lower, since your body no longer needs to manage a lot of sugar. All of this can majorly reduce the chances of you getting diabetes type 2. 

Improves skin quality

Eating foods rich in processed and refined carbohydrates can alter the balance of gut bacteria, as well as the level of blood sugar, which can both majorly affect the health of your skin. Acne can of course have many different causes, but some of them can definitely be linked to diet. As we mentioned before, during the keto diet you reduce carbohydrates intake, and therefore the possibility of breakouts.

It can reduce migraines

There have been a few studies that show the connection between migraines and a ketogenic diet. The people who participated in them reported a noticeable reduction in headache frequency and drug consumption after they started practicing the keto eating plan. Since migraines are such a common issue, it couldn’t hurt to try this method if migraines are a problem that you are facing.


When our bodies face infection, the natural immune response that occurs is inflammation. Even though it is completely natural to face inflammation at some point, if it is persistent it can result in unpleasant symptoms such as swelling, fatigue, pain, and joint stiffness. When you are on the keto diet, your body produces ketones, specifically BHB which is a strong anti-inflammatory substance.

Even the food that you are consuming during the keto diet can have anti-inflammatory effects. Foods such as eggs, coconut oil, olive oil, avocados, as well as other foods rich in omega-3 are considered to be anti-inflammatory. Another great thing about this diet regime is that it promotes the avoidance of inflammatory foods.

tips for beginning the keto diet

To wrap things up

In the end, as all of us live different lives with different priorities, it’s vital that people do proper research regarding what suits them most when it comes to eating habits. The road to finding an optimal diet is, in most cases, one of trial and error, but after reading this article, you are now equipped with knowledge regarding the benefits of a keto diet, and that being said - be sure to try it out before dismissing it!

how to boost your immune system near the holiday season

How to Boost Your Health Near the Holidays

The holidays are upon us and in this time of year there is a lot to do and so little time to do it. Shopping for presents, visiting many relatives and friends, decorating our house and, if you are able, going on a winter vacation.

All of this can be very fun and energizing to some while tiresome to others, but however you envision it it can be a complete nightmare if you are feeling ill all the time.

During the colder months the flu is far more common than during the rest of the year and it is worthwhile taking extra precaution to take care of your health so as not to ruin it right when you are supposed to relax and prepare for a New Year.

how to boost your immune system near the holiday season

Lets see what are some common ways of improving your health during the holiday season and how you can choose the right one for you.

Threats to Your Health

The most common sickness when the temperatures drop is influenza, known also as the common flu.

Tens of millions of people suffer from it every year and it has eluded every attempt of containing and eradicating it so far. And even though there is a new vaccine to combat it every year it is far more pleasant to be generally healthy than to have to resort to that kind of medicine.

Another big issue is heart problems, as during lower temperatures your heart is pumping extra blood to keep the entire body warm and functional, which directly leads to higher blood pressure. This, in return, can cause a heart attack if someone already has a preexisting cardiovascular problem.

Not so obvious, but still an issue, are frostbite and hypothermia.

Frostbite occurs when skin or other tissue is exposed to freezing temperatures and the consequences range from numbness and blisters to the very extreme cases of autoamputation.

Hypothermia, or extremely lowered body temperature, occurs more and more rarely but it is notable that it can easily be deadly if not taken care of in a short period of time.

Both of these low temperature illnesses can be easily taken care of with proper warm clothing and a good and healthy diet.

Another side effect of a strong winter is that many people decide to stay indoors the entire period, for as long as possible, resulting in a sedentary lifestyle for too long, which can easily turn to being overweight if combined with a snack food diet.

And being overweight is already a huge problem in modern society so it should go without saying that it must be avoided.  

How to Combat Sickness

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” says the old proverb and it holds true still. 

Nutrition is the key factor in maintaining a healthy body so it comes as no surprise that it is also the most important thing to consider when fearing for your wellbeing during winter.  

If you already have a healthy and natural diet you may benefit from adding into it a few extra things to boost your immune system when other conditions are not helping it.

Micronutrients, such as vitamins, minerals and various food supplements are both great to use and easy to come by. Visit this website to see some reviews of the various brands on the market today. They can be added to almost any foodstuff while preparing it and most do not require a prescription from a doctor.

Vitamin C is probably the most important factor in this category as it helps reduce the risk of chronic disease, helps fight high blood pressure, boosts your immune system and much more. 

As it is an essential vitamin it means your body needs it but cannot produce it on its own so it must come through digestion. Most fruit contains some amount of this hydrosoluble vitamin and in a balanced diet you will eat enough of it on its own.

But considering that during winter fresh fruit can be a scarce commodity it is advisable to supplement your diet with some vitamin pills.

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Many people think that there is nothing better than breathing through both nostrils clearly again after they have been clogged up for some time. Well what about not having a stuffy nose in the first place? 

Holiday season can be the best time of the year to enjoy yourself - no seasonal allergies, lots of presents and company to look forward to, cheer all around, so why ruin it with lousy health when you can easily take care of that too?

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6 Signs That Show Your Breasts Are Healthy

Just like any other body part, your breasts can develop illnesses and disorders. The majority of women experience some sort of breast disorder in their lifetime, may it be a minor or a major one. It varies from one woman to another, depending on several factors. The immediateness of being aware of the disorder and having them addressed, however, differs depending on the woman’s consciousness with the state of her body.

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Sadly, some women are more unfortunate than others. Anyone in the age range of 15 to 39 years old are more likely to have breast cancer. It is more aggressive in this age group but can occur to anyone older or younger. Although it is rare, men can also develop breast cancer. There are different types of breast cancer and these can have varying severeness depending on what type as well as earliness of identification. This can either cause a loss of a breast, both, or in a worst-case scenario, your own life.

For some women, the loss of a breast or both can be demoralizing. The mental and emotional aftereffects of the surgery may be the hardest part of recovering from breast cancer. On a brighter note, there are specific kinds of surgeries that have been created in order to help women regain their self-confidence and make them feel whole again. Women have the option to undergo plastic surgeries. Some get their breast reconstruction in Beverly Hills, some from their local trusted plastic surgeon, and others from a recommended surgeon somewhere out of the country. It varies from one woman to another because after all, it is a personal decision to be made.
breast cancer awareness

To prevent these, regularly have your breasts checked for potential hidden breast disorders. Have a scheduled regular check-up with your local health care provider. If you do not have the time to do so, you can just perform them on your own. You can do it before or after you take a bath or even before you go to sleep. Do so in your own free time. Self-checks only take a few minutes and won’t be much of a bother to your schedule.

Here are six signs that show your breasts are healthy.

1. They’re both a little lumpy

Some might immediately get frightened at the presence of a lump. Try not to worry because some women have naturally lumpy breasts. It is normal for women to have some lumps that may expand and shrink during their period or when approaching the menopausal stage. Try to feel both breasts if they both have the same lump in the same area. It might probably just be fibrocystic breast tissues.

2. The skin is flat

A healthy pair of breasts should have clear flat skin, free of unusual bumps. Take note of the texture of your breasts. An orange peel-like texture can be a sign of breast cancer. Immediately have it checked if such occurs.

3. They’re warm

Your breasts are supposed to be more or less the same temperature as your torso. A slightly warmer breasts that may or may not be accompanied by reddening of the skin can indicate an irritation or an infection.

4. No discharge

A lactating breast is to be expected of women who have already given birth. It is their bodies’ natural response to provide milk for their baby. However, if this occurs, it may be a signal of a hormonal imbalance.

5. No unusual pain

Pain is usually the most common indicator that there is definitely something wrong with your body, this includes the breasts. Normally, one will experience some sort of tenderness in her breast area before and during menstruation. However, if the pain occurs in an unusual timing, it is advised to have it checked immediately.

6. They change in size

A woman will experience having her breasts change in sizes at different points of her life. Normally, a woman who is about to or has just conceived will have bigger and fuller breasts due to milk production. As you grow older, your breasts start to sag as they lose elasticity.

These are just some of the signs that indicate that your breasts are indeed healthy. If you wish to further understand, you have the option to consult with a doctor. It is better to get answers directly from a professional regarding questions about your body in general. Self-diagnosing is highly discouraged for it may be harmful for you. To further understand your breasts, it is recommended to seek professional aid.

tips for getting started with aerial yoga

Have you Tried Aerial Yoga Before? It’s Nothing Short of Miraculous!

Aerial yoga is a lesser-known form of fitness and wellbeing that needs more attention. This form of yoga incorporates a hammock or a strong piece of cloth that hangs from the ceiling and asks you to perform normal yoga poses while hanging on the hammock. Physical contact with the ground is not allowed in this form of yoga. The hammock suspended from the ceiling supports your forms and flows. Not many people know this, but aerial yoga promotes several health benefits, most of which are related to the health benefits promoted by normal yoga poses. If you despise normal practicing yoga, you can try aerial yoga as it is more interesting and enjoyable.

tips for getting started with aerial yoga

Here is how aerial yoga can help.

1. Improves Core Strength

When it comes to aerial yoga, upper body strength and core strength are a given. You must also establish a strong grip with the silk hammock, which engages your shoulders, arms, and most importantly, your core, all without ground stability. People suffering from joint pain can practice aerial yoga without fear. In fact, this form of yoga works well around tight areas and improves the mobility of joints. With a stronger core, you will notice improvements in your back health as well. With consistent practice, you can also achieve a 6-pack ab look like you always desired.

2. Improves Cardiovascular Health

Even though aerial yoga is a form of low-intensity cardio workout, it improves your cardiovascular health with consistent practice. This yoga form combines several forms of workouts and endurances such as stretching, cardiovascular activities, and strength training, which collectively increase your heart rate. This, in turn, affects your cardiovascular health and improves longevity. Since you are exposing your body to physical endurance while reducing the impact on your joints, you can also ward off osteoporosis and similar effects. Additionally, aerial yoga burns a lot of calories in just one session. A 50-minute session burns around 320 calories, which is a lot. It is believed that practicing aerial yoga for six weeks at a stretch reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases by a significant margin.

3. Reduces Stress

Aerial yoga is highly recommended for individuals suffering from stress, anxiety, and other related issues. The yoga trainees from MissFit.com.au swear by the power of aerial yoga in reducing stress and alleviating stress-inducing problems. It puts your mind at ease and helps you concentrate on important things. Other added benefits of performing aerial yoga include enhanced productivity, increased energy, and improved focus. You will also stay calmer and be more patient.

4. Decompresses Spine

Poses like backbends and downward-facing dog reduces pressure from your spine and relieves it from pain. Normally, your spine faces a downward compression that occurs naturally due to the force of gravity. This can put additional pressure on your spine and add tension. However, with aerial yoga, you can reverse the situation and put your spine at ease as they relax and hang from the hammock. It is highly beneficial for people with joint issues. You can now benefit from the positive effects of yoga without injuring your back.

5. Increases Flexibility

It’s a no-brainer that any form of yoga can improve flexibility. With aerial yoga, you must control your body movements to perfect the poses, which, in turn, improves your body flexibility with time. Moreover, you can move more freely when suspended in the air. Being away from the ground lets you stretch your tendons and muscles without getting injured. All of these factors collectively help improve flexibility.

6. Improves Mood

Lastly, an intensive class of aerial yoga can improve your mood and make you extremely happy by the end of a session. You feel empowered and gain confidence. It prepares you to face your fears and overcome difficult challenges in life. Aerial yoga isn’t easy; you need a lot of practice until you can complete one session successfully. Once you achieve that feeling, you will never be afraid to try something new in life. With aerial yoga, taking the first step can be quite overwhelming. Not everyone can lift up their feet in the air and trust the process. Thinking about all these aspects collectively can improve your mood and brighten your day.

Aerial yoga can be a bit difficult to perform in the beginning. However, once you master the right techniques and take control of your forms, you will never look back. It is one of the most enjoyable forms of yoga that promotes health and wellbeing. If you have always been fascinated with aerial yoga but haven’t given it a try yet, now is the right time.

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