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Best Essential Oil For Dry Skin

Do you struggle with dry skin that tends to look flaky?  Often times dry skin will soon lead to itchy skin that can drive you crazy.  This may come from the dry weather or it may be something that you have always struggled with.  This can occur on your face, back, legs, arms, or any part of your body if not properly taken care of.  In recent years essential oils have been used to help treat dry skin

using essential oils to help treat itchy and dry skin

If you are looking to treat your dry and itchy skin then essential oils are a great option because of the variety of different oils that can help hydrate your skin.  These oils will use natural extract to soothe the symptoms in a natural and healthy manner.  Below are our recommendations for essential oils that will help promote healthy skin.

Which Essential Oils For Dry Work Best?

Our team consulted with experts in the industry as well as did our own research and experiments to put together a list of oils that we absolutely love!

Lavender Essential Oil

If you know anything about essential oils than you have probably heard of lavender oil before.  This seems to be one of the most popular oils on the market and it is easy to find in most grocery stores, boutiques, and beauty stores.  Lavender is known for its calming effects that can help you sleep but it can also help soothe skin that is dry and irritated.  The oil can be used directly on the skin but we generally recommend using a diffuser as this safely disperses the oil into the air which will help your skin absorb it.  Lavender is also a great essential oil for treating acne because of its calming and soothing impact it has on skin.

Helichrysum Oil

Helichrysum oil isn't as widely known compared to lavender oil but it is actually one of my favorite essential oils for dry skin.  I understand the hydrating properties that this oil can provide to your flaky skin.  Helichrysum oil is a little bit more expensive compared to the more common essential oils on the market but the added price comes with anti-aging and skin relieving benefits that are difficult to find elsewhere.

The oil is completely all natural which can put your mind at ease so you don't have to worry about using any harsh chemicals.  Along with the hydrating properties, Helichrysum also comes with scar reducing benefits that can help improve the texture of your skin.  Our team typically considers it to be the best essential oil for skin elasticity because it can also help protect your skin from UV rays.  Our team loves this oil and we believe you will love it as well!  We also believe Helichrysum is one of the best smelling essential oils on the market.

Best Essential Oil For Itchy Skin

Itchy skin can be one of the most aggravating things you have to deal with, but thankfully there are a few essential oils that can help with that.

Myrrh Essential Oil

Myrrh is a great oil that is known for helping to sooth and protect your skin.  It has built in antioxidant properties that will help calm the itching your skin has but it will also promote a healthier skin elasticity.  We loved how hydrated and clean it made our skin feel and we believe part of this was that it also helps protect your skin from UV rays.  This means it will help treat itchy skin but also protect you from further skin issues in the future.

Frankincense Essential Oil

You may have seen frankincense used in beauty products all around the world and this is because of the great skin benefits it provides.  It is known for having the potential to help minimize the appearance of scars, support the growth of new skin, hydrate dry skin, as well as helping to smooth out wrinkles.  If you have itchy skin then adding Frankincense into your daily skin routine can help lead to the promotion of healthy skin.

Our team appreciates the time you took to read through our article and if you are interested in learning more about our favorite oils we recommend that you read our complete beginners guide to essential oils.

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Best Essential Oil For Sore Throat

A sore throat can be a common issue during the spring months or if you spend a lot of your time with kids.  Typically a sore throat will go away on its own but it can still be a pain if it persists for multiple weeks.  Many people will chose to buy over-the-counter medication but often times this does a poor job of effectively treating the illness.  Essential oils have grown in popularity in recent years as an alternative technique to help treat a sore throat.

help treat a sore throat with essential oil diffuser

Essential oils have been around for thousands of years because the main ingredients are extracts for flowers, leaves, and roots of different plants from around the world.  This made it an easy option for many cultures around the world.  Essential oils are used for a wide variety of different conditions from treating acne to bug bites to toenail fungus.  Below is our recommendation for the best essential oil for sore throat or a scratchy throat.

Treating A Sore Throat With Essential Oils

We believe the follow essential oils will be beneficial to use when you have a sore throat.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint is one of the most popular essential oils and it is used for a variety of different cases such as treating a sore throat but also for providing headache relieve and other issues.  Recent studies have found that peppermint oil has an antimicrobial property that can help protect you from the spread of bacteria.  Along with its antibacterial properties, peppermint oil also comes with menthol which is one of the main ingredients in most sore throat medications.  This makes it a great option for those who are suffering from pain in their throat and it is also recommended as one of the best essential oil for allergies.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is one of the most popular essential oils and it is commonly used for helping you fall for sleep.  This is great for those who are suffering from a sore throat as it will help you body get the rest it needs to improve how you are feeling.  Other than helping you rest, lavender oil is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties.  By using a diffuser you put the lavender oil into the air which will have a more direct impact with your throat.

Best Essential Oil For Strep Throat

Strep throat is a much more serious case of bacterial infection that takes place in your throat.  Essential oils won't instantly cure your strep throat but it can help you find some relieve.  Here are our recommendations of oil to try if you have been diagnosed with strep throat.

Eucalyptus Oil

You may have heard of eucalyptus oil or the eucalyptus plant because of how common it is in beauty and health products.  The oil is extracted directly from eucalyptus leaves which are known for their antibacterial properties.  This is great for throat conditions such as strep throat because as you breath in the diffused oil it will begin to help clear out the inflammation.  We believe you will love how eucalyptus makes you feel but we believe you will also love the scent it provides as it is one of the best smelling essential oils.

Echinacea Oil

Most people have never heard of echinacea oil but it has actually been used in herbal medicine for centuries.  Often times echinacea oil is used as soon as strep throat symptoms are noticed as this will give the oil the best chance at reducing the spread of bacteria.  The oil is commonly used for a variety of different illnesses such as the flu, a sore throat, bronchitis, strep throat, and other bacteria related illnesses.  We believe using echinacea on a daily basis when your throat is hurting can help relieve the symptoms and help your body recover quicker than without using it.

We hope you are able to achieve relief from your sore throat by trying a popular essential oil for sore throat.  For more information about essential oils we recommend you take a look at our best essential oil guide.

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Best Smelling Essential Oil Blends

Providing your home or your workplace with a scent that you love can help improve your mood but can also help promote productivity.  By combining your favorite essential oils you can experience the health benefits that they provide but you can also provide your space with a scent you will love!



recommended oil blends

Best Essential Oil Blend Set:
Healing Solutions

It can be difficult to figure out what the best smelling essential oil combination are but our team has done the research for you.  We interviewed a few experts in the industry as well as done our own research in order to provide our readers with a complete list.  There are a variety of different scents that you can aim for when blending essential oils such as a citrus smell, a floral scent, a vanilla scent, a natural scent, and many other options.

great smelling essential oil combinations

Essential Oil Blends That Smell Great

Everyone has a different preference when it comes to their favorite smells.  Some individuals love the smell of fresh grass while other like a stronger spice related scent.  Our list below will help you find your new favorite oil blend.

Citrus Essential Oil Blend

Citrus is a scent that is popular in beauty products as well as cleaning products because of the fresh and natural smell it provides.  Our team have always loved the clean scent that comes from citrus based blends.  We experimented with our blends and finally come across our favorite citrus blend.  We recommend that you combine three drops of lavender essential oil, two drops of Ylang Ylang oil, and then finally four drops of Wild Orange oil.

We believe this is the best smelling oil combination that we have experimented with.  It provides an aroma that helps wake you up in the morning and keep you energized throughout the day.  We typically will use this in the morning as well as in the afternoon to help keep our team productive.  If you like a natural and fruity smell then we highly recommend you give this blend a try.  This combination is also often recommended for those who are looking for the best essential oil for acne or the best essential oil for dry skin because of the skin improving properties it provides.

Vanilla Essential Oil Blend

Vanilla is scent that comes naturally in nature but it can be difficult to recreate with essential oils.  But thankfully after attempting multiple different blends we were able to come up with a combination that smells great but can improve your overall mood.  There are multiple essential oils out there that claim to have a vanilla based scent but these can be deceiving as that are created in a synthetic manner.  Our combination utilizes three drops of natural vanilla bean absolute and three drops of Ola Prima premium quality vanilla therapeutic oil.  By combining two of the highest quality vanilla essential oils, we are able to achieve a natural and high potency scent that can't be achieved from chemical based oils.  Vanilla oils are a great addition to your home if you have anyone who is looking to treat allergies with essential oils or treat a sore throat with essential oils.

Holiday Essential Oil Blend

Everyone loves the smell that is associated with Christmas and other winter holidays.  These scents orginate from Christmas trees, Firs, cinnamon, and holiday treats.  That is why we created a combination that will remind you of the holiday season that we all love.  We take three drops of Cinnamon, with four drops of Siberian Fir, one drop of natural Vanilla, and then finally one drop of Wild Orange essential oil.  This will provide you with a beautiful combination that smells like nature as well as providing a clean scent.

We hope you are able to provide your home with a great smelling essential oil blend that your family loves.  If you are looking to learn more about essential oils, we recommend you take a look at our beginners guide to essential oils.

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Best Essential Oil For Allergies

Allergies are one of the most common illnesses suffered by millions of people around the world.  It can be caused by seasonal issues such as pollen during the spring months, or from other factors such as dust or dog dander.  Many people use over-the-counter allergy medicine on a daily basis without much relieve from their symptoms.  In the past few years more and more people have been seeing allergy relieve from using essential oils.

essential oils for allergies

It is important to understand that there isn't a medical cure for allergies but there are many things that you can do in order to help treat the symptoms of allergies.  The most common symptoms of allergies are sneezing, a runny nose, difficulty breathing, congestion, itchy skin, and other nasal issues.  If you suffer seasonal allergies we recommend giving essential oils for allergies a try!



artizen essential oil

Best Peppermint Oil:
Artizen Oils

frankincense oils

Best Frankincense Oil:
Healing Solutions

eucalyptus oil

Best Eucalyptus Oil:
Healing Solutions

organic lemon oil

Best Lemon Oil:
Mary Tylor Naturals

Treating Allergies With Essential Oils

Below are a list of essential oils that we recommend to help with your allergies.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is one of the most popular essential oils on the market which makes it easy to find at your local grocery store or shop.  This makes it one of the best essential oils for allergies because of how accessible it is for the average consumer.  But the real reason we love peppermint oil is because it has been proven to have a calming effect on muscles.  This means that when used with a diffuser it can help the oil sooth and relax the muscles in your throat and chest.  This will drastically help relieve your congestion symptoms.

We have also found that peppermint oil helps us to wake up and get ready to face the day which is great when allergy symptoms are making you feel bad.  Our team loves to use peppermint in the morning as we are getting ready as it can help give us the boost we need to feel better.  We have also found that peppermint oil can help improve skin conditions such as dry skin or acne prone skin.

Frankincense Oil

Frankincense isn't as popular as peppermint oil but we believe it provides great benefits for those who are suffering with chest congestion and other allergy symptoms.  Frankincense has shown that it can provide anti-inflammatory properties to those who are suffering from congestion or even more serious cases such as bronchitis.  Chest congestion is typically caused by inflammation of the chest or an excess of mucus which can cause wheezing, coughing or asthma like symptoms.  Frankincense oil can be beneficial for these symptoms as it will help sooth the inflammation that has built up in your throat and chest.

Eucalyptus Oil

Our team has found that Eucalyptus oil is a great option for those who are looking for a natural extract to help with their allergy symptoms.  Eucalyptus is commonly found in many different beauty and health products because of the calming properties it brings.  Eucalyptus is a great oil to blend with other oils such as peppermint because they will provide extra anti-inflammatory and soothing properties to the user.

Eucalyptus is often recommended for those who are having respiratory issues or inflammation because of the quickness in which it can provide relieve.  We have found that by using Eucalyptus it is possible to see a reduction in chest congestion, sore throat symptoms, and nasal congestion.  This is why we typically recommend Eucalyptus as the best essential oil for sore throat.

Lemon Based Essential Oil

Lemon based essential oils are great for helping to treat nasal congestion and sneezing issues that are typically caused by seasonal allergies.  Lemon oil shouldn't be confused with lemon juice that is used in cooking as they are two separate products that happen to have the same main ingredient.  Lemon essential oil is a lemon extract that can be applied directly to the skin or it can be used in a diffuser to push the oil into a breathable form.  Lemon has shown that it can be effective to help reduce and slow down the spread of bacteria which is a great benefit for those who are suffering for bacteria based allergies.

We understand how annoying allergies can be but we hope that our article will help you give essential oils for allergies a try to find relief. We recommend you read our guide about the best essential oil for more information.

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Best Essential Oil For Acne

Millions of people around the world suffer from acne, pimples, or other skin conditions that can be caused by hormones as well as excess bacteria and oil on the surface of the skin.  Skin conditions such as acne can be difficult to treat because they come in a variety of different forms.  This is why more and more people are moving to alternative forms of medicine such as essential oils to help treat their acne.

best essential oil for acne

Essential oils have a long history with treating skin conditions that dates back hundreds of years because at their core they are the juices extracted from plants.  They have been used in the past to kill bacteria as well as used to treat inflammation which makes it a great choice for curing acne.  There isn't enough scientific evidence out there to prove that essential oils will be a perfect solution but there have been countless reviews that talk about their effectiveness.

Recommended Essential Oils For Treating Acne

Thyme Oil

Thyme is an ingredient that is popular in the kitchen and is often used when spicing up pasta sauces.  But when it comes to aromatherapy, Thyme is one of the most popular oils.  It has been proven to help kill bacteria at the surface level which makes it ideal when using it for acne.  We recommend using Thyme with a diffuser every night as you sleep which will allow a mist of the oil onto your skin without having to worry about using too much.  Using a diffuser will also help treat dry skin as well as can help with congestion issues caused by seasonal allergies.  We recommend that you be careful not to get any Thyme directly into your eyes.

Rosemary Oil

Rosemary in the past has been used to prevent food from rotting but in recent years more it has been used as an essential oil to help promote healthy skin.  We believe that rosemary is a great choice if you are looking to promote healthy skin we recommend that you use Rosemary on a daily basis.

Best Essential Oil For Acne Scars

Acne scars are a common outcome for those who suffer from severe acne.  These scars can be embarrassing but can also cause other skin issues in the future.  This makes it important to try to find a way to cure the scars to provide your skin with a healthier complexion but also to give you your self esteem back.  Essential oil has been used for acne scars in recent years because of its ability to hydrate your skin and promote healthy skin growth.  Below are the essential oils we recommend for acne scars.

Pure Rose Oil

Rose essential oil is a great option for reducing scaring because it has been proven to fight against bacteria growth and help promote the growth of healthy skin tissue.  Rose reacts similarly to a natural substance because of the health properties it provides to the surface of your skin.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is one of the most popular ingredients for aromatherapy as well as for beauty products such as shampoo and face wash.  Tea tree oil is know for preventing the growth of fungi and bacteria which is great for acne prone skin as it will help clear up the bacteria on the surface level.  We love tea tree oil because of how many other skin products use it and how easy it is to find at your local drug store.

Best Essential Oil For Cystic Acne

Cystic acne can be one of the most painful and embarrassing types of acne because of the inflammation that is caused by the blocked pores.  Cystic acne is considered to be one of the most severe types of acne and causes infection and inflammation to grow because of the blocked pores.  It can be difficult to treat because of how the bacteria causes the pores to swell up.  Essential oils are new to the scene but individuals have come out to say that it helps helped them treat their severe acne.  That is why we have listed our recommendation for the best essential oil for cystic acne.

Oregano Oil

Oregano oil isn't as popular as the other types of essential oils but it has been proven to be an effective tool for fighting inflammation and reducing swelling.  Inflammation and swelling are two of the major symptoms correlated with cystic acne.  We recommend daily use of oregano with the use of a diffuser as well as using a topical acne product such as salicylic acid. 

Bergamot Oil

Bergamot oil is one of the easiest to oils to identify because of its powerful citrus scent.  The scent comes from oranges as well as grape fruit but it is used to elevate your mood, reduce stress, and help clear bacteria from your skin.  Bergamot has also been reported to help relieve pain which is great for cystic acid.

We hope you learned from our article and recommend that you check out our complete guide to the best essential oils.