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best face wax for sensitive skin

Best Face Wax For Sensitive Skin

If you have ever used tweezers to remove upper lip hair or other facial hair on a weekly basis, you understand how painful and time consuming the process is.  But what happens I told you I doesn’t have to be like that?  Have you ever considered using face wax to get rid of unwanted facial hair?  If you are afraid of the “pain” or “irritation” that comes with face wax, have no fear!  This article will help guide you through the process of finding the best face wax for sensitive skin that won’t cause irritation.



Best Face Wax Kit:
Femiro Face Kit

Most Affordable:
Nad's Facial Strips

My Story With Using Face Wax On My Sensitive Skin

I have had sensitive skin for as long as I can remember.  Even since I was young I had to be incredibly careful with what products I use on my face, and part of that is when it comes to removing facial hair.  I hate how my facial hair makes me look, so I would spend many painful hours plucking each individual hair. 

It was a terrible experience that was painful and took ages.  And then just a few weeks later I would have to do the same thing again.  I thought this was the only way to remove excess facial hair because my sensitive skin limited my options.  But I didn’t know that face wax could be the best option for me as long as I chose the right face wax for my sensitive skin.

After doing some research online for different face waxes and asking a few friends I came up with a list of different products that all claimed they were the best face wax on the market, but how would I know which one would work with my sensitive skin?  Well I hand tested each product that I found in order to come up with this list of which face wax to use if you have sensitive skin.

For anyone who struggles with facial hair and have sensitive skin, I highly recommend using a sensitive skin face wax.  It came help you deal with peach fuzz or even more coarse hairs.

How To Use Face Wax To Get Rid of Face Hair

The first tip I have for you is to not be afraid of the pain!  I remember when I first started, I was so afraid of the pain that I made the experience so much worse for myself.  If you apply the wax evenly and pull the wax quickly the pain usually isn’t much more than a slight sting.

Step 1. Pick out the best face wax for you from our list below.

Step 2. Read the instruction written on the product.

Step 3. Start with a clean and dry face.

Step 4. Apply the wax directly to the troublesome area, for best results apply in the direction of the hair growth.

Step 5. Allow the wax to form a solid texture.  Then quickly pull the strip or wax in one swift motion.

I typically tend to use my face wax in the evening time so I can apply my nighttime moisturizer afterwards to help with any of the irritation that may happen.  But typically, with the face waxes I use I don’t see any irritation afterwards!

If you have never used a face wax or face strips before it can be a little scary when you first start out.  But it will become an easy routine after your first few times, and you’ll grow to love it and the results you see from it!

Best Face Wax For Sensitive Skin:  The Complete Review

There are so many different face waxes and waxing kits available online, so often times it can be difficult to figure out which one is the best option for you.  But don’t worry!  I have gone through and tested these products to give you a better idea of which one you should order so you don’t waste your money on a product that you don’t absolutely love.

  •  Amazon’s Choice: Bliss Poetic Waxing Kit

As Amazon’s recommended product when it comes to at home waxing, this means that this waxing kit has received more products than nearly any other waxing kit on Amazon.  Which is usually a good sign that it is a quality product.  But I decided to test this product to see if it would be the best option as the best face wax for sensitive skin.


  • A complete kit that comes with everything you need to get started right away.  This is perfect for someone who is new to facial waxing.
  • Bliss Poetic was created specifically for sensitive skin and has added ingredients that will help reduce irritation and calm the skin after waxing.
  • Nearly painless after you get used to the process.  I found this Bliss Poetic Waxing Kit to be much less painful compared to other face waxes.


  • Isn’t the strongest wax, so if you have extremely coarse facial hair it me not be able to get rid of every little hair.
  • The wax container is smaller than other products, but you do receive a complete kit so it makes up for it.

If you are hoping to give yourself a complete body wax including your face, then this is a great choice for you!  The Bliss Poetic Waxing Kit was created to make it easy to get started and contains everything you will ever need to get started waxing so you don’t have to worry about purchasing any other products.

If you are looking for the best face wax for sensitive skin, then the Bliss Poetic Face Wax is a great choice because it was designed with sensitive skin in mind.  I have used it on my face as well as my entire body and have never had any problems with irritation compared to other face waxes on the market.

2. Veet Facial Hair Remover Cold Wax Strip

One thing that really stood out to me about Veet Face Wax Strips is how popular they are around the world.  This seems to be one of the first products that people will recommend when it comes to face wax.  And because of all of these reviews, I was hoping it was as good of a product as people were claiming, and it is!

With one of the best prices out of all of the face wax on the market, Veet really provides incredible value to their customers for a great price.  The package comes with 20 face wax strips as well as 4 wax dissolving wipes to help your remove excess facial hair as well as clean up the residue afterwards.

The strips work really well to remove peach fuzz as well as thicker strands of hair, and work great for people with sensitive skin.  If you are looking for the best face wax for sensitive skin then you have to give Veet Face Wax Strips a try!

3. Nad's Hypoallergenic Face Wax Strips

Nad's really put an emphasis on sensitive skin with these face wax strips.  By looking through the ingredients you can tell they were careful with anything that may cause irritation or reactions, and I have had nothing but pleasant experiences with Nad's Hypoallergenic Face Wax Strips.

A little more pricier than Veet's Face Wax but they also provide 4 more face wax strips compared to Veet's so it can be seen as pretty similar pricing models for the two products.  I have many friends who sweat by Nad's Hypoallergenic Face Wax and will never use another brand because they love how sensitive the face wax is.

Final Thoughts On Sensitive Face Wax

At the end of the day there are thousands of different products on the market, and I wasn't able to test every single one.  But I have tried a wide variety of different products and received reviews from dozens of friends and beauty professionals to provide you with my top 3 sensitive skin face waxes on the market.

If you would like more beauty product reviews you can check out our beauty article section or check out the rest of our articles at our home page

best detangler for matted hair

Best Detangler For Matted Hair

Do you have trouble dealing with tangled hair?  Sometimes your hair can get so matted and tangled that it'll make you go crazy.  But don't worry, we are here to show you the best detangler for matted hair!

best detangler for matted hair

The first step to treating matted hair comes from your preparation in the shower.  Typically dry and damage hair is more prone to become matted.  So to make sure your hair stays tangle free, make sure that you use hair conditioner multiple times per week.  While you are using the conditioner, you can use a wide-toothed comb to move the conditioner through the entirety of your hair.  It is also important to use a flat iron or a curling iron that is designed for thin hair.  Normal flat irons or curling irons can be damaging to hair that is often matted.



Best Overall Detangler:
Oribe Detangling Primer

Detangler Spray:
The Honest Company Spray

Detangling Hair Brush:
Crave Naturals

After you are finished in the shower, it is important to pay dry your hair instead of rubbing it with a towel.  Rubbing your head with a towel will lead to matted hair and more knots.  After you have finished in the shower, it is time to turn to a detangler to keep your hair clean and free of tangles.

You may have heard of detanglers before but they have gotten better and better in recent years.  Detanglers can stop matted hair and knots before they begin to form and can help loosen up knots that are already tangled.  As well as getting rid of the knots in your hair, most of the best detanglers also have hair hydrating qualities which will also help your hair stay knot free.

If you are looking for the best detangler for matted hair, we recommend the following products.

the best detangler for matted and knotted hair

Oribe Run Through Detangling Primer

Oribe's Run Through Detangler is my go to solution to even the most matted hair.  The bottle design is extremely beautiful and the sent of the detangler is heavenly.  The sent comes from a combination of jasmine and sandalwood which smells clean as well as expensive. Oribe Run Through detangling primer should be sprayed from the roots to the end of your hair.  After the product is misted throughout the hair, you can use a wide-toothed comb to spread the product.  And just like that, you never have to worry about matted hair ever again.

How To Detangle Matted Hair

If you have matted hair then we highly recommend that you use the Oribe Run Through Detangling Primer that we discussed above. It is the number one detangler that we have tested and highly recommend it! The detangler is easy to use and can safely loosen and untangle your matted hair.

If you don't want to purchase a product to dentagle your hair, it is possible to untangle matted hair without using a product but it can be painful ant can damage your hair. If you don't want to use a product you can attempt to detangle matted hair by first dampening the hair with a spray bottle, lathering the hair with coconut oil or conditioner, and then carefully using a pick to detangle the hair. When our team tested this strategy we found that it didn't work that well compared to using a detangling product.

Benefits of Detangling Matted Hair

Many women, and men, around the world struggle with hair breakage and shedding because there hair isn't properly taken care of.  One of the best things to do to help with these issues is to focus on detangling your hair.  There are a lot of factors that come into play because everyone's hair is slightly different so it is important to understand that your ethnic background, your geographic location, the products you use, and other factors can impact your hair.

If you have matted hair it is important to use a detangler on a weekly basis as this will help make your hair more manageable.  Detanglers can help get rid of knotted hair, tangled hair, and other issues.  The combination of a detangling product as well as a conditioner and a comb can provide more comfortable and easier to style hair.

What Causes Matted Hair?

It is possible for many different types of hair to become matted but there are certain types of hair that have a higher chance of becoming matted.  This comes from the type of hair you have, your ethnic background, and a variety of other factors.  Typically matted hair is caused when hair is left unattended to and caused tangled and knots.  When hair is dry and damaged it can become matted because cuticles of the hair are rough and get caught on each other.  By using a detangling product that hydrates and soothes your hair you can begin to see relieve for your matted hair.

How To Get Rid Of Matted Hair Clumps

If you have severely matted hair it is possible to get to the point where you have matted hair clumps. Clumps are large knots of hair that can be incredibly difficult to untangle. This is a more serious situation and we highly recommend speaking to a professional hair salon for this situation. A dentagler will typically be required to fix matted hair clumps and will be incredibly difficult or impossible to fix without a professional or a untangling product.

Best Detangler For Matted African American Hair

African American hair is typically curlier compared to other nationalities, which means it is possible for their hair to become matted. If you are looking for the best detangler for matted African American hair then we highly recommend you use the Oribe detangler we recommended above. It works wonders for all types of hairs and for hair from any nationality.

How To Detangle Severely Matted Hair

If you have severely matted hair then it may require the assistance of a professional. You can speak to a professional at a hair salon who has experience dentangling severely matted hair. You can also use the detangling products that we recommended above to help detangle severe cases of matted hair or matted hair clumps.

How To Prevent Matted Hair

If you are worried about having matted hair then it is important to stay diligent in preventing matted hair. We highly recommend that you comb you hair on a daily basis to keep it from of clumps and knots. It is also important to keep your hair hydrated and clean. We recommend investing in hair oil and a high quality conditioner to keep your hair moisturized and hydrated.

Honorable Mentions For The Next Best Detangler For Matted Hair

The R+Co Pinstripe Intense Detangling Spray - An incredibly light weight hair dentangler that won't leave your hair hardened or shiny.

The Not Your Mother's Knotty To Nice Conditioning Detangler - One of the best options for the money.  This detangler even comes with keratins to strengthen your hair from the roots to the ends.

The Pantene Gold Series Leave-On Detangling Milk - A leave in conditioner that is infused with argan oil to hydrate and tame the matted hair.

If you are looking for more health and beauty articles, we highly recommend checking out our Home Page

A guide on how to use a curling iron if you have fine hair

Best Curling Iron for Fine Hair

It can be incredibly difficult to get great looking curls if you have fine hair.  Fine hair is much more delicate compared to thicker hair and it can be difficult to curl without damaging it.  That is why it is important to find the best curling iron for fine hair instead of using curling irons that are meant for thick hair.  Our complete review will help you find the best curling iron for your needs.

When it comes to having wispy hair it can be a daunting task to even think about curling your hair because you know how dangerous high heat can be for your hair type.  If you didn’t know, fine-grain hair is much easier to curl compared to thick hair but the hair molecules are much more sensitive which makes it more prone to heat damage. It may only take a few minutes to curl fine hair, but if you use the wrong curling iron you can seriously damage your hair.  This makes it incredibly important to use the best possible curling iron as well as to not overexpose your hair to unnecessary heat.

By utilizing a curling iron that is designed for light textured hair, you will be able to curl your hair without the fear of damaging it.  Fine hair curling irons come with a large range of temperatures options compared to traditional which typically only have hot or cold.  The added temperature selections, as well as other design features will help provide your fine hair with the sensitive approach that is desperately needs.  Our complete review of curling irons for fine hair will help you understand what features are important when purchasing a curling iron for fine hair.



Best Overall Curling Iron:
The Beachwaver Pro Curling Iron

Most Affordable Option:
Bed Head Curlipops Curling Wand

Most Available Features:
BaByliss Pro Curling Machine

Honorable Mention:
Remington Pro Curling Iron

Recommended Curling Irons If You Have Fine Hair

We understand how difficult it can be to find the best curling iron to use if you have wispy hair, so we decided to create a complete review of as many curling irons as possible.  We tested curling irons as well as held mass surveys to find the most reliable sources for our buying guide.

1. The Beachwaver Pro Curling Iron

The Beachwaver pro curling iron is one of the most recommended and popular curling irons from our surveys.  It is used by people with fine hair all around the world and they absolutely love it. The main feature we love is the wide selection of temperature options.  With the option of curling your hair from 290°F to up to 410°F you can find the best temperature for your hair.  Most curling irons have limited heat selection options which makes it difficult to find the best temperature to curl your hair without burning it.

The Beachwaver Pro Curling iron also comes with other fine hair features such as its ceramic barrel that specifically designed to evenly distribute the heat throughout your hair.  This protects your hair from overexposure to heat as well as provides it with even curls. We believe this is one of the best options when it comes to curling irons designed for fine hair.

Pros of The Beachwaver Pro Curling Iron

  • Widest variety of heat selections of nearly any curling iron on the market.
  • A dual action ceramic iron that was designed for light textured hair.
  • Built with high quality materials and a long warranty.

Cons of The Beachwaver Pro Curling Iron

  • It is one of the more expensive curling irons on our list, but it is the highest quality

2.  Bed Head Curlipops Curling Wand For Fine Hair

Often times styling wands get overlooked when talking about curling irons, but the Bed Head Curlipops Curling Wand is impossible to overlook.  Designed specifically for wispy hair, it provides you with multiple heating options to make sure you get the curls you love without overexposing your hair to unnecessary heat.  The wand is designed with a double edge ceramic barrel to provide you with an even heat without hot spots.

Along with the curling wand, you get a free heat resistant styling glove so you never have to worry about burning your hand.  With the free two year warranty that comes with the Bed Head Curlipops Curling Wand you can be rest assured that you purchase with be able to provide you with the curls you love for years to come.  We have loved the results from this curling wand and it does a great job of competing against even the best curling irons when you use it with fine hair. 

Pros of The Bed Head Curlipops Curling Wand

  • A wand can provide a more gentle approach to curling hair.
  • A well known brand that is known for great quality.

Cons of The Bed Head Curlipops Curling Wand

  • Some people prefer a curling iron compared to a curling wand.

3.  The BaBylissPro MiraCurl Professional Curl Machine

BaBylissPro is known around the world for being a reliable manufacturer of hair products and curling irons specifically.  This was actually one of the first curling irons we tested while we were doing our research before this article. We knew that any curling iron designed by BaBylissPro had to be a great option, and we were right!  It comes designed with a nano titanium hair curling chamber that is designed to curl any type of hair without burning it. One of the features that helps with this is the built in curling timer. Now you won’t have to guess how long to curl your hair because your curling iron will tell you.

BaBylissPro boasts about the attention to detail they provided when designing the safety features for this curling iron.  Most curling irons don’t really come with any sort of safety features but the MiraCurl Professional Curl Machine comes with their Smart Tech® technology to protect the user from heat and burns.  With a 4 year warranty with every purchase, you know for a fact that you are protected and that you will be able to use this curling iron for years to come.

Pros of The BaBylissPro MiraCurl Professional Curl Machine

  • Built with nanotechnology to provide a safe curling iron.
  • Comes standard with the Smart Tech® technology for added safety.

Cons of The BaBylissPro MiraCurl Professional Curl Machine

  • Because of the added safety measures it is more expensive compared to other models.

4.  The Remington Pro Curling Wand

We heard from hundreds of women around the United States who absolutely love the Remington Curling Wand because of how quick and easy it is to use.  They love having their hair curled every morning but with a traditional curling iron it would take too long. But with the Remington Pro Curling Wand you are able to get started in just a few seconds and quickly and easily curl your hair.  It is ultra sensitive so it a great curling iron for fine hair as well as thick hair.

Designed with a unique barrel style that is a combination of silk and ceramic, this curling wand is gentle for fine hair.  It provides an incredibly even heat exposure that is gentle for all hair types. With a 4 year warranty and great customer reviews we know you will be absolutely delighted to use the Remington Pro Curling Wand.

Pros of The Remington Pro Curling Wand

  • The ceramic barrel is infused with silk to provide a sensitive curling experience.
  • Can be used effectively for anyone with fine-grain hair or thick hair.

Cons of The Remington Pro Curling Wand

  • A wand can be difficult to get used to if you typically use a curling iron.

How Do I Know If I Have Fine Hair?

Before you can understand why fine hair gets damaged by curling irons, you must first understand what fine-grain hair is.  When it comes to fine hair there are two characteristics that are measured, how dense your hair is and how thick each individual hair is.  Your hair density is measured by how close each hair strand is to the other hair strand. The denser you hair is then the closer the roots of each hair are to each other.  The thickness of each individual hair is measured by taking the diameter of a strand of hair. As you can probably guess, fine hair is less dense as well as has a smaller diameter of hair compared to thicker heads of hair.

There are many tests that can be done to tell how fine your hair is compared to other people, but most people won’t end up going to a doctor just to get this test done.  We typically recommend that you do an at-home hair test to understand if your hair if fine or if it is thick.

You must first pluck a single strand of hair from your head.  Be careful only to take one strand and not a bundle of hair. Then you can pinch the strand of hair between your thumb and index finger and try to roll it.  If it is difficult to feel the hair at all, then you most likely have fine hair.

If you do the test and you can feel a small sensation or it is easy to feel, then you most likely have medium or thick hair.  Wispy hair is typically comparable to standard sewing thread in thickness. This can give you a better idea of if you have fine-grain hair or thick hair by comparing its diameter to sewing thread you have laying around the house.

Why Does Fine Hair Get Damaged By Curling Irons?

If you did the at-home test or if you get a scientific test done and you know that you have fine hair, you can know begin to learn why fine hair gets damaged when you curl it.  It is typically thought that fine hair gets damaged by heat for two different reasons.

The first reason wispy hair gets damaged by heat is because the hair follicle isn’t very wide in diameter compared to thick hair, all of the heat will be more focused on one part of the hair.  The heat will build up more quickly compared to thicker hair which means your hair will lose the built up moisture more quickly. This will lead to burnt and damaged hair.

The second reason wispy hair is more easily damaged by curling irons goes down to the scientific makeup of the hair itself.  Thick hair typically has three layers while fine-grain hair traditionally only has two layers. This means that fine hair is lacking an extra protective layer.  If you have fine hair you have to be more careful when curling or blow drying your hair in order to protect it from the heat.

How To Pick The Right Curling Iron For Fine Hair

After reading through the previous few paragraphs you should have an understanding of why fine hair gets damaged by heat, as well as if you have fine-grain hair to begin with.  In this next section we will go through all the details you need to understand when looking for a curling iron for light textured hair. The following buyers guide will give you an idea of what features will benefit you hair the most, as well as what features to watch out for when buying a curling iron.

5 Features To Look For When Buying A Curling Iron For Fine Hair

1.  Heat Adjustment Settings

Most traditional curling irons only come with one heat setting and one cool setting which makes it difficult to use if you have wispy hair.  The standard heat setting is typically much too hot to use if you have fine hair because it will easily damage your hair.

When you have fine-grain hair and you are looking for a curling iron, it is important to look for a curling iron that has multiple heat settings.  We always recommend you look for a curling iron that has a low heat option, a medium heat option, as well as a high heat option. This will give you the best chance of protecting your fine hair as possible. There are even curling irons on the market that have precise heat settings so you can pick a temperature between 200ºF and 375ºF.  This makes it a great tool for anyone with this type of hair as they can start at the lowest heat setting and then slowly work their way to higher heat settings if their hair handles it well.

2.  Curling Iron Barrel Material

When it comes to curling irons, there are a variety of different materials that the barrel can be made out of.  Unfortunately, many of the cheaper curling irons use materials that don’t provide a good heat exposure to your hair.  These curling irons typically will have hotspots that are far hotter than the rest of the barrel which makes it incredibly dangerous to use.  We always recommend that you use ceramic coated curling iron barrels or a titanium curling iron barrel as these will provide the best overall heat exposure.  You won’t have to worry about exposing your wispy hair to heat spots. The ceramic or titanium barrels will evenly distribute the heat across the entirety of the barrel compared to just certain hotspots.

3.  Added Crystal Infusions Into The Curling Iron

You may have seen advertisements for curling irons that have added tourmaline crystal infusions to the ceramic barrels of their curling iron.  This can be hard to understand but it is actually a great feature for your curling iron if you have fine hair. This type of hair typically will lose natural moisture as you expose it to heat from curling irons or hair dryers.  This will create flyaway hairs as the individual hairs don’t have enough moisture to stick with the other strands of hair. This can be incredibly frustrating for many people, but the crystal infusion added to the curling irons will help with this.  The tourmaline crystal infusion that was added to the ceramic barrel will help create a negative ion that helps keep flyaway hairs at bay. This will make it easier to control your hair, help your hair look better, and help your fine-grain hair stay healthier.

4.  Curling Irons With Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology may sound like something out of a SciFi comic book, but there are curling irons on the market with nanotechnology infused into the barrel of the curling iron.  This has a similar impact as the tourmaline crystal infusion but works even better. Experts claim that nanotechnology can help hair retain more than 50% moisture compared to traditional curling irons.  This can provide a great benefit for anyone who has fine hair as it will help them retain the natural moisture in their hair instead of losing it from curling.

5.  Look For Curling Irons With Warranties

This goes for nearly any product you are looking to buy, warranties can help you when things turn bad.  All of the curling irons we have reviewed are incredibly durable and feel well put together. But just like any product, it is possible that it will stop working after some time of use.  This is why we always recommend looking for curling irons that have lengthy warranties. Companies such as Remington and BaBylissPro will happily offer 2 or 4 year warranties with their products.  This will make sure that your light textured hair is curled for years and years.

Tips To Make Fine Hair Look Thicker When Curled

1.  Curling Hair Starts With Preparation

After interviewing and surveying hair professionals for this article we found out about the importance of prepping your hair before curling it.  The prepping process becomes even more important if you have fine-grain hair. Most professionals will recommend that you begin the prepping process the night before you plan on curling fine-grain hair.  They recommend that you use a generous amount of dry shampoo before going to bed and let the shampoo create excess moisture in your hair as you sleep. This will provide your hair with more volume as well as add moisture to protect it from the heat.  This can help keep your hair safe and keep it healthy when using a curling iron or a blow dryer.

2.  Think About Getting Your Hairstyle

Typically the longer your hair is, the more weight it had to it as a whole.  Weight can be good for some looks, but typically weight will cause curls to not last as long.  If you have long hair and you believe that the weight of your hair is pulling out the curls, we would recommend getting a small amount of weight removed from your hair.  This should help your curls last longer as well as speed up the entire hair curling process.

3.  Evenly Spread Curls Across Your Head

When you have fine hair it is important to curling your hair starting at the crown of your head instead of starting from the fringes.  Many people will begin curling their hair at the longest point which doesn’t help the curls stay and makes the hair look thinner than it already is.  We recommend you curl your hair starting closer to the scalp and the move downwards from there. This will help your fine hair look thicker than it is, and will help the curls stay in place for longer.

4.  Try Brushing Out The Curls

When working with thin hair, many professionals will create curling that are tighter than normal and then will utilize a brush to slowly extend the length of the curls.  This may seem counterintuitive but the brush will make the tight curls extend into a regular length curl but will add much needed volume. If you have a tough time with curling irons because of your fine-grain hair this is a good option that will give you volume filled curls.

How To Make Fine Hair Hold Curls For Longer

1.  Ask Your Hairstylist For Recommendations

As previously mentioned, it can be difficult for people with fine hair to maintain curls as the weight of longer hair will pull out the curls.  This is why it can be important to ask your hairstylist what hairstyle they think would be the best option when it comes to maintaining curls with fine hair. 

By getting the correct haircut, your hair will not only look thicker than it already is, but it will also help your curls last longer. The hairstyle you decide on will make a great impact on how easy it is to curl your hair.

2.  Utilize The Correct Heat Setting

If you are using a curling iron with fine-grain hair you have to be careful when deciding on what heat setting you use.  Fine-grain hair is easier to damage with heat compared to thicker hair so it is important to pick a heat setting that works correctly for your hair.  You have to use enough heat to actually curl your hair, but must avoid using too much heat as this will begin to damage your hair. We strongly recommend using a curling iron that has multiple heating settings.  It can also be beneficial to utilize the cool setting on your curling iron as soon as you are finished with the heat setting.

3.  Pick The Correct Curling Iron Barrel Size

Depending on the size of curls you are hoping for, it is important to use the proper barrel size.  If you are hoping to have larger curls then you must utilize a larger iron barrel. And if you are hoping to have smaller curls then it is important to use a smaller barrel.  The proper barrel size with the proper amount of heat will provide you with the best possible results. It is important to use curling iron that was designed to be gentle if you want to have great results.

Final Thoughts For Curling Iron Use On Fine Hair

Many people struggle with using a curling iron if they have fine hair.  Many people who don’t have fine hair believe it would be easier to curl thin hair than thick hair because there isn’t as much hair to work with, but it is actually more difficult with fine-grain hair.  If you want to curl fine hair you will need to understand what light textured hair is and you will need a good curling iron to use. If you are looking for the great results it is important to look for a curling iron that is built with the best possible materials and offer a variety of different heat settings.

The hair curling irons that we reviewed at the beginning of this article will provide you with a great hair curling capability.  They will provide you with a great curl, but will also make sure that you hair isn’t damaged in the process of curling them. If you have any questions about curling irons for fine-grain hair, then we highly recommend you leave a comment below.  You can read more related articles on our Blog.

driving gloves women

Best Driving Gloves For Women

Driving gloves not only give you the best possible grip on the steering wheel, they also protect your hands from unnecessary friction, as well as provide an accessory that looks great!  Driving gloves come in a variety of different materials and designs in order to give every woman a great addition to their appearance, as well as providing them with the best possible control of their car.  It is important to find gloves that fit your needs and will provide you with the benefits that you are looking for. This is why we created a complete buyers guide on the best driving gloves for women.



Best Overall Driving Gloves:
Pratt and Hart Deerskin Leather Driving Gloves

Most Affordable Option:
Isotoner Unlined Driving Gloves

Fashionable Choice:
Warmen Women's Driving Gloves

Honorable Mention:
Lethmik Driving Gloves

Best Driving Gloves For Women Reviews

It can be difficult to find driving gloves that fit your needs as well as look great, our team has decided to research and review as many driving gloves as possible.  We want our readers to easily find gloves that they absolutely love. We will review a variety of different gloves. Some of them will be leather driving gloves, while others will be made of synthetic materials.  This will provide insight on as many different gloves as possible.

1.  Pratt and Hart Women’s Deerskin Leather Driving Gloves

Pratt and Hart is a company that has been around for years and one thing has been consistent for as long as they have been around, they create high value products that last.  They place a huge emphasis on creating the best products on the market, as well as quality testing their products to ensure their gloves will stand the test of time. These driving gloves are made out of the finest North American Deerskin compared to other driving gloves that use synthetic leather.  You will be able to feel the quality of the leather every time you put them on.

Deerskin leather is known to be incredibly durable, but it is also so comfortable you won’t want to take them off.  These are driving gloves that you will love so much that you will find yourself wearing them all day, and not just when you are driving.  Coming in three different colors you will be able to find the driving gloves that fit perfectly with your style. Our team personally love the brown and tan gloves!

Pros of The Pratt and Hart Women’s Deerskin Leather Driving Gloves

  • Made from the highest quality North American deerskin.  These gloves will last for years, and years.
  • These are some of the best looking driving gloves that we have reviewed.  The custom made design are different from every other glove on the market!
  • The deerskin makes these gloves so comfortable that you will have a hard time taking them off.
  • The leather gives you great control and grip of the steering wheel without any friction or irritation you would receive from driving for hours.

Cons of The Pratt and Hart Women’s Deerskin Leather Driving Gloves

  • These gloves are luxury deerskin gloves so they will be more expensive compared to other products.  But they will last for years compared to other gloves, so you will get what you pay for.

2.  Isotoner Shortie Unlined Driving Gloves

The Isotoner shortie gloves are different from the Pratt and Hart gloves as they are made from a combination of spandex and elastic and not leather.  This provides a more cost effective glove compared to other brands, while providing customers with a firm grip of their steering wheel. The gloves come in over six different colors such as brown, navy, black, oyster, camel, and red.  Since the gloves are made out of a spandex composite material they are able to stretch to fit most hand sizes. The added stretchy material provides a comfortable fit that makes it feel like there is nothing on your hands at all.

Pros of Isotoner Shortie Unlined Driving Gloves

  • The spandex material provides a comfortable stretch that feels like you aren’t wearing anything at all.
  • The elastic and spandex composite makes the gloves incredibly lightweight and easy to carry around.
  • The gloves are designed to be water resistance so they are great for the rain or snow.

Cons of Isotoner Shortie Unlined Driving Gloves

  • The synthetic spandex material don’t seem to last as long as leather driving gloves do.

3.  Warmen Women’s Warm Nappa Leather Driving Gloves

Depending on where you live, it may be important to own a pair of driving gloves that are breathable, or it may be important to own gloves that are incredibly warm.  These Warmen driving gloves are made out of high quality lambskin leather to provide you with a great grip on the steering wheel. Lambskin leather is known for its ability to stretch as well as for its durability which means you can expect these gloves to last you for a long time.  These gloves are specifically designed for comfort and warmth. They come with a cashmere and fleece lining that will keep your hands warm and cozy no matter what the temperature is. They come with touchscreen functionality so you don’t have to worry about taking your gloves off in order to use your phone our cars navigation.

Pros of The Warmen Women’s Warm Nappa Leather Driving Gloves

  • The gloves are lined with a combination of fleece and cashmere to provide with the great protection against cold weather.
  • Built with high quality lambskin leather that is durable but also flexible to provide great comfort.

Cons of The Warmen Women’s Warm Nappa Leather Driving Gloves

  • The gloves are slip on without and snap function to keep the glove on your hand, which some consumers may not like as this means the gloves can slip off.

4.  Vetelli Sheepskin Driving Gloves

A classic black set of driving gloves that come with a glove fastener to keep the glove snug on your hand the entire day.  They are made out of the ultra comfortable sheepskin material that is also lined with a wool interior to provide you with comfortable and warm gloves.  Many leather gloves with actually be stiff and uncomfortable but the Vetelli gloves are flexible and feel great to wear. If you are worried about your gloves not lasting for a long time, you can rest assured because these gloves come with a free lifetime warranty.

Pros of The Vetelli Sheepskin Driving Gloves

  • Designed with a high quality sheepskin material that are flexible and provide a great feel.
  • Along with the sheepskin exterior, the gloves are also lined with a wool interior for added warmth and comfort.
  • The gloves come with a free 100% customer satisfaction guarantee for life.

Cons of The Vetelli Sheepskin Driving Gloves

  • The gloves only come in black as well as only three sizes, small, medium, and large so they may not be the right fit for everyone.

5.  Lethmik Women’s All Black Driving Gloves

These are your standard all black driving gloves that are simple and straightforward.  They aren’t the most beautiful gloves but they are affordable and they will get the job done for many women.  They are built with a faux leather material that are tested to be tear resistant. The inside of the gloves are created with a synthetic fleece material that helps with the comfort level.  If you are looking for an affordable pair of driving gloves that can take a beating, then this is a great choice.

Pros of The Lethmik Women’s All Black Driving Gloves

  • These gloves are built with a synthetic leather material that will last for a long time.  You don’t have to be worried about taking care of these gloves.
  • Synthetic leather material provides a flexible feel that adds a great level of comfort when wearing the gloves for extended periods of time.

Cons of The Lethmik Women’s All Black Driving Gloves

  • The gloves are made of a faux leather and not real leather which makes them not as high quality as other driving gloves for women.
  • The design is very standard without a lot of personality.

Benefits of Driving Gloves

Some people may think that driving gloves are only worn to add another accessory to your look, but in reality driving gloves have a variety of benefits that can help keep you safe and comfortable.  The main benefit of driving gloves is to give you a better grip of your steering wheel which means that you have better control of your vehicle. When you have better control of your vehicle this means that you are a saver driver for yourself as well as everyone else on the road.

It is important to not overlook how important driving gloves can be for the safety of you and your family.  If you spend any amount of time in front of the steering wheel you are opening yourself up to the possibility for your hands to suffer from friction burn.  This is more common for women who spend large amounts of time driving but it common for women all around the world. It is important to wear driving gloves to provide your hands with an extra layer of protection against friction.  By utilizing leather driving gloves you can keep your hands comfortable but also keep them protected no matter how much driving you do.

Depending on where in the world you live, the weather can have a major impact on you and your driving ability.  When the weather gets cold it is even more important to keep your hands warm and active while driving. When your hands get cold while you are driving it can become incredibly uncomfortable but it also slows down your reaction times.  This makes your entire drive uncomfortable to hold onto a cold steering wheel but also makes it more dangerous than it should be. When you use driving gloves you will be able to keep your hands warm no matter how cold it is. This can make your driving experience much more comfortable and enjoyable if your hands are warm and comfortable the entire drive.

What To Look For When Buying Driving Gloves

It can be difficult to find the best driving gloves for women as there are so many different products available on the market.  Some driving gloves are made out of natural leather, while others are made out of synthetic materials. This can make the buying process confusing for many consumers.  This is the reason we decided to write this complete buying guide in order to help women all around the world. Here are a few things to look for when buying driving gloves.

What Material Is The Driving Glove Made Out Of?

Driving gloves come in a variety of different materials these days.  You can buy them in high end natural leather, faux leather, cloth, or other synthetic materials.  It all comes down to your personal preference when deciding what material to shop for but it also comes down to your needs.  If you need gloves that will last a long time and will keep your hands warm then we would recommend looking for natural leather gloves.  But if you are looking for a less expensive pair of gloves that you don’t have to take care of then we would recommend looking for synthetic driving gloves.  It is important to understand the different materials and what benefit each material offers.

What Brand Is Selling The Driving Gloves?

If you search on Google for driving gloves you will probably find thousands and thousands of different brands who are selling gloves.  The large amount of different brands selling driving gloves can make it difficult to know which brand is reliable.

That is why we performed research and surveys to provide you with the necessary information that you need to make an educated buying decision.  We strive to only review brands with excellent reviews and brands that are recommended to us by our trusted sources.

Is There A Warranty On The Driving Gloves?

A warranty is an important thing to look for when your are looking to purchase driving gloves or any product.  If there is a warranty provided by the seller, this is a great sign that the company values their customers and wants to provide them with the best possible experience.  When researching companies for this article we were happy to see that most companies provided a customer satisfaction warranty with every product. This proves that they value their customers and that they have faith in the integrity of their product.  If they knew that their product was made from a cheap material they wouldn’t provide a customer satisfaction warranty.

We hope that our research was enough to provide you with a good idea of what driving gloves to look for and enough information to make an educated buying decision.  To take a look at our most recent blog articles head over to our Blog Section.

a test to tell if you have fine hair or thick hair

Best Flat Iron For Fine Hair

It can be incredibly frustrating to use a flat iron if you have fine hair because of how easy it is to be damaged.  Compared to thick or wavy hair types, fine hair can be difficult to straighten and work with because of how sensitive it is to heat.  But there has to be a solution to this problem? The solution we recommend is getting the best flat iron for fine hair. Instead of using a traditional flat iron, it is important to use a flat iron that are made for straightening fine hair because they are built with features to protect your hair.  They will protect your hair from overexposure to heat but will also provide you with straight hair that looks great!

Our team set out to create a guide to teach you everything you need to know about flat irons and fine hair.  Our team reached out to our trusts list of beauty contributors as well as did our own personal research to gather as much information on the topic as possible.  There are thousands of different flat irons on the market, but depending on your hair type it can be difficult to find a flat iron that works for you. After reading our guide you will have a better idea of what to look for when buying a flat iron but will also know more about how to protect your fine hair.



review of the GHD golf professional flat iron for women with fine hair

Best Overall Curling Iron:
GHD Gold Professional Flat Iron

review of the remington s9500 ceramic flat iron

Most Affordable Option:
Remington S9500 Pearl Pro Ceramic Flat Iron

paul mitchell flat iron review

Most Available Features:
Paul Mitchell Express Pro Tools Flat Iron

remington wet hair flat iron review

Best Wet Hair Flat Iron
Remington S7310 Wet Hair Flat Iron

Reviews Of The Best Flat Iron Fine Hair

Fine hair is sensitive to heat which makes it difficult to straighten with traditional flat irons, but by looking at flat irons which are made specifically for fine hair you can straighten your hair while keeping your hair healthy.  Below it our complete list of flat iron models we would recommend to use on fine hair:

1.  GHD Gold Professional 1” Styler

review of the GHD golf professional flat iron for women with fine hair

GHD is known for creating high quality hair products and the Gold Professional Hair Styler is a great flat iron for using on fine hair.  We love that it comes with three different heat settings but even the highest of the heat settings only goes up to 365ºF which is much lower than other traditional flat irons.  It is a common misconception that flat irons have to be incredibly hot to straighten hair.  In reality it doesn’t have to be that hot to provide most hair types with a great straightening look.

The ceramic coating on this flat iron provides the user with an even heating surface compared to other materials that typically have hotspots that add too much heat to your hair.  The ceramic material is incredibly smooth and will provide you with an easy to use straightener. Along with the multiple heat settings and ceramic material, we also loved how lightweight the GHD flat iron is.  Often times flat irons are heavy and difficult to use but the GHD is lightweight and easy to transport. Our team as well as the contributors that we interviewed absolutely loved this flat iron and believe it is a great choice if you have sensitive or fine hair.

2.  Remington S9950 Ceramic Hair Straightener

review of the remington s9500 ceramic flat iron

If you have fine hair or if you want to keep your hair as healthy as possible it is important to keep heating temperatures as low as possible.  The Remington Ceramic Hair Straightener has a built in digital temperature setting function that makes it incredibly easy to set your flat iron from 300°F to 430°F.  With fine hair it is incredibly important to use a low temperature in order to not overexpose the hair to heat. We recommend that you start on the lowest temperature possible and gradually move your way to higher temperatures if your hair isn’t staying straight.

The digital temperature setting feature is a major selling point for this flat iron but it also has multiple great features such as it’s “ready in 30 seconds” feature.  There is nothing worse that waiting forever for your flat iron to heat up before using it. The Remington flat iron is ready quickly and even comes with an automatic 15 minute shutoff feature to protect against forgetting to turn it off.  Built with high quality ceramic metal plates provides a sensitive heating surface but the heat plates are also infused with vitamin E and avocado to help keep your hair healthy. Remington believes in this flat iron so much that they proudly offer a full four year customer satisfaction warranty.

3.  Paul Mitchell Protools Express Flat Iron

paul mitchell flat iron review

You may have heard of Paul Mitchell if you are familiar with hair accessories and styling tools because Paul Mitchell is one of the largest brands in the hair industry.  Our team is a huge fan of the Paul Mitchell brand as a whole so we couldn’t wait to review this flat iron. The flat iron is built with their express ion straightening system which allows for a more sensitive hair straightening experience compared to other tools.  The Ion system allows for an even heating with absolutely no heat spots. Heats spots can be incredibly dangerous for the health of your hair but the Paul Mitchell team makes sure that this never happens.

As it was built specifically for fine hair, the Paul Mitchell also comes with one of the lowest heat settings of any straight iron.  Most straight irons will only go down to roughly 300°F or 325°F but this one will go as low as 250°F. This means that even the most delicate and fine hair is safe from heat exposure.  You can trust this flat iron to straighten your hair without damaging it or removing too much moisture for the hair.

4.  XTAVA Pro Infrared Hair Straightener

You may have never heard of XTAVA before, but they sell a wide variety of different hair styling tools and hair products in general.  They have a loyal fan base from around the world that raved about their Infrared Hair Straightener. After reviewing the product as well as surveying our readers we were happy to share a few features that we love with this hair straightener.  The first feature is the ability to pick from 10 different heat settings. Most flat irons only have three heat settings but the XTAVA has 10 different heat settings ranging from 265ºF to 445ºF. We would recommend starting at the lowest temperature and slowly working your way up if you need to.  We also loved the heat plate technology on the infrared hair straightener because it gave a consistent heat that is great for short or long hair.

5.  Herstyler Ceramic Flat Iron

herstyler ceramic flat iron review

We absolutely loved this flat iron for its ability to allow you to express yourself.  It comes in a beautiful and vibrant purple color that your friends will be jealous of.  We also love the wide variety of different heat settings. With the ability to go as low as 180ºF you won’t have to worry about burning your hair even if you have fine hair.  The surface area of the ceramic heating plate is also larger than traditional flat irons which makes it quicker and easier to straighten your hair.

6.  Remington S7310 Wet 2 Straight Hair Straightener

remington wet hair flat iron review

The ability to straighten wet hair with a flat iron is a rare feature for most flat irons, but it can make a world of difference for most people.  Being able to straighten well hair will drastically speed up your morning routine. This Remington Hair Straightener utilizing a steam management system to allow for you to straighten wet hair without any fear of damaging the hair.  It comes with a variety of different heat settings that are great for different hair types, we recommend the lowest heat setting if you have fine hair.

What Make Fine Hair Different From Other Hair Textures?

When it comes to labeling the thickness of hair follicles they are typically separated into three different categories, fine hair, normal hair, and thick hair.  If you are someone who has fine hair it is important to know how to straighten it without damaging it. As you may or may not know, fine hair is more easily damaged by heat so it is important to find the right flat iron as well as the best curling iron for fine hair.

If you aren’t careful you could severely damage your hair if you use heat that is too aggressive to retain the moisture in your hair.  If you take a closer look at the cellular makeup of the different hair texture types you will see that fine hair is different from the other hair types because it is actually missing part of their cellular structure.  Normal and thick hair types are built up of three different cell pieces while thin hair only has two cell pieces. This means it is more important to take extra care of your thin hair compared to other hair types.

How Do I Know If I Have Fine Hair?

It is important to know if you have fine hair or if you have thick hair in order to have a better understanding of how to keep your hair healthy.  If you have fine hair you will have to use different flat irons and curling irons to protect your hair. 

a test to tell if you have fine hair or thick hair

If you aren’t sure if you have fine hair there is a simple test that will help you understand your hair texture.  You first much pluck one hair from the base of your head. It is important to only pluck one hair and not a multitude of hair. Once you have a strand of hair you should hold it in between your thumb and index finger. Gently pinch the hair between your fingers and then give the strand of hair a tug with your other hand.  If the hair easily slides out without much friction, this is a good sign that you have fine hair. If you feel a small amount of resistance when you pull on the strand of hair then you most likely have normal hair but if it is difficult to pull the hair from your fingers you probably have thick hair.

Is Fine Hair and Thin Hair The Same Thing?

Fine hair and thin hair is something you may see used interchangeably but they actually mean different things.  This may be confusing for many people but it is important to understand that fine hair refers to the diameter of the actual hair follicles.  Where thin hair refers to the total amount of hair follicles on your head. It may be easier to help you distinguish between fine hair and thin hair by thinking of thin hair and someone who is going bald, compared to fine hair is the opposite of thick hair.  Now that you know the difference between fine hair and thin hair you can help us spread the word so we never have to hear the two words used interchangeably again!

How To Choose The Right Flat Iron For Fine Hair

As we have described, fine hair is more sensitive to heat compared to thick hair, which makes it difficult to find a flat iron that won’t damage your hair.  It is important to search specifically for flat irons that are designed to work with fine hair instead of just any straightener. We recommend that you look specifically for a few features in your new flat iron.

What Flat Iron Features Are The Best For Fine Hair?

Variety of Heat Temperature SettingsMany traditional flat irons only have a few heat settings, but the problem is that all of the heat settings are just too hot if you have fine hair.  Most people will set their flat iron to 400ºF and begin to straighten their hair, but 400ºF is much too hot for most people.  We recommend that you begin straightening your hair in the 200ºF to 250ºF range and then slowly move up in heat if needed.  This will protect your hair from unnecessary heat exposure by only utilizing the lowest heat setting as possible. It is important to always keep an eye out for flat irons with a variety of different heat settings.

Heating Plate MaterialsYou may think that all flat irons are made out of the same material but this isn’t true.  There are a variety of different materials that your straightener can be made from including ceramic, titanium, tourmaline, and others.  It can be difficult to understand which material is the best for sensitive hair. We researched as many heat plate coating materials as possible in order to come up with a list of the best materials.  We recommend that you look for straighteners that are built with ceramic, silk infused metal, nano infused ceramic, crystalline heat infused metal, or titanium. It is important to find a heating plate material that is built specifically for fine hair.

Iron Plate SizeWhen looking at flat irons you will find that there are a variety of different plate sizes available.  Some are larger such as 2” plates, or small plates such as 1” in width. You may think that every heat plate is the same no matter the size but the each size actually works best for a certain length of hair.  If you have short hair, it is important to use a flat iron with a small heat plate. We recommend that if you have short hair that you only use flat irons with a heat plate smaller than 1” in width. The smaller plate will provide you with better usability on your short hair compared to large heat plates.  On the opposite side of the spectrum, if you have long hair, we recommend that you use a heat plate that is larger. We believe heat plates that are 2” in width or wider are a great choice. If you have a medium length hair we recommend an iron in the 1.5” width range.

Safety Features And Convenience FeaturesWhen looking for a flat iron that works well with fine hair it is important to keep an eye out for extra safety features and other features that will make your life easier.  Some flat irons have more safety features than others but these features can be great to have. Features such as a feature that automatically turns off the iron after 15 minutes can save you from a terrible mistake.  We also always look for other features that will make your life easier such as an extra long cord, a digital display, and swivel end attachments.

A Wet Hair Flat IronA wet hair flat iron may not be a great option for everyone but it can definitely be a great tool.  If you are someone who is always rushing in the morning, this may help your speed up your morning routine as you can begin straightening your hair before it is dried.  We recommend using a flat iron that has a venting system to safely transport the steam away from your hair. This provides your hair with a more gentle straightening experience compared to irons that don’t have this feature.

Tips On How To Straighten Fine Hair Without Damaging It

If you have fine hair it is important to understand how to straighten it with a flat iron without damaging your hair.  The first thing we recommend is to utilize the lowest heating setting as possible. If you have a good flat iron it should have a wide variety of different heat settings.

how to straighten your hair with a flat iron

You should start by using the lowest heat setting possible and gradually work your way to higher heat if your hair isn’t staying straight. It is important to expose your hair to heat for the shortest amount of time possible.  Fine hair is much easier to straighten compared to thick hair so it is important to not go over the same spot of hair multiple times.

We also recommend that you ask your hair stylist for recommended serums and protective oils that are made specifically for fine hair.  You stylist should be able to recommend a few oils that are designed to keep your hair moisturized and healthy while you straighten them.  Typically the oils are applied throughout your hair either before or after you use your flat iron. Our final tip is to never straighten your hair with a traditional iron if your hair is wet.  If you don’t have a flat iron that is designed for wet hair it can be severely damage your hair.

Final Thoughts On Using A Flat Iron With Fine Hair

It is important to understand how damaging straightening your hair can be for fine hair if you don’t use the right flat irons.  The best flat iron for fine hair will be able to straighten your hair without causing unnecessary damage to the hair. If you use a traditional flat iron to straighten your hair it can lead to severely dry hair that is brittle and damaged.  Once hair becomes dry and damaged from straightening it then it will be difficult to repair it.

We hope that we have educated you on fine hair as well as the importance of protecting the health of your hair.  We understand that it can be frustrating to have fine hair because you have to be more gentle with it compared to other hair types.  But by using our article you can find a flat iron that doesn’t damage your hair. Our flat iron for fine hair reviews should be used as a guide to help you find the best product for the health of your hair.  We firmly believe that these flat irons will provide you with a great result and we look forward to hearing your results with them.

If you would like to read more beauty and health articles please take a look at our Blog Page.

a lady dyeing her hair purple

Best Purple Hair Dye

Purple is one of the most popular colors that men and women are using to give themselves a new look.  It is common to see celebrities and online personalities sporting a new vibrant purple hair color.  But if you are hoping to change your look it can be difficult to find a hair dye that you can trust.  That is why our team surveyed experts and researched the best purple hair dye on the market to provide our readers with the best possible buyers guide.

It can be a scary process to dye your hair, but our team will guide you through the entire process.  We will help you find the best hair dye that will provide you with the color you are hoping to achieve as well as a dye that safe for your hair type.  We believe it is important to give you background knowledge on the brand as well as the product in order to help you make the best possible buying decision.



bottle of arctic fox purple hair coloring

Best Overall Purple
Hair Dye
Arctic Fox

bottle of joico intensity hair dye

All Natural
Hair Dye

adore creative image purple hair coloring kit

Most Affordable:
Adore Creative Image

Top 5 Purple Hair Dyes Review

Artic Fox Vegan Friendly Purple Hair Color Dye

bottle of arctic fox purple hair coloring

Arctic Fox is one of the most popular brands in the hair dyeing industry because of their great products but because of their business ethics.  They try to only use vegan friendly and natural ingredients in their hair dyes but they also donate 15% of the company profits to protecting animals from cruelty.  So you can support the company for helping animals and the environment but also support them because they make great hair dye.

What we love about this purple is that it can be used on nearly any hair color or type.  With many other hair dyes you must first bleach your hair to a light blonde before dyeing it.  But with Arctic Fox's purple dye you won't have to do that.  Even if you have dark hair you will still be able to dye it to a beautiful dark purple that they call Purple Rain.  If you start with extremely dark hair the end result may be a little more subtle compared to someone who started with light hair, but we believe you will still be very happy with the result.

The dying process with Arctic Fox is extremely easy and they even list the steps in an easy to follow format on the packaging. Our team has loved the results we have seen from this brand and we also love how compassionate the brand is.  Their products were never tested on animas and don't contain any peroxide or harsh ingredients that can damage your hair or leave it with a funky smell.  We highly recommend them as a brand and believe you will love their product.

Pros of This ProductWe absolutely love that this purple dye can be used on dark hair which eliminates the need to bleach your hair.  Bleaching your hair can severely damage and dry out your hair which makes this product a healthier option.  We also love the natural and healthy ingredients that are used in this dye compared to other dyes that have synthetic materials in them.  Arctic Fox Is a company that you can support because of their moral standing and how much they care for their customers.

Cons of This ProductIt is difficult to find any cons for this dye because we had such a great experience with them.  It is important to be careful with the dye because it can ruin clothes or other materials that it comes in contact with because of how dark the dye is.  This is important to understand when working with any color hair dye but especially important when working with purple hair dye.

Joico Intensity Semi-Permanent Hair Color

bottle of joico intensity hair dye

Joico is a brand that is incredibly popular with hair stylists and salons as the founder used to work in a salon.  So it is common to see a variety of different Joico hair colors in high end salons.  But just because it is used by hairstylists doesn't mean you can't use it at home!  We used this hair coloring at home and we loved the results!

The Joico Intensity purple coloring is different from other hair dye because it provides your hair with an extremely vibrant purple color compared to other colorings.  The color is described as amethyst purple and if you start with light hair it will become a vibrant shade of purple.  We recommend that you use this dye if you have blonde or brown hair as this will give it the most vibrant look.  But if you have dark hair and are hoping to use this product we would recommend bleaching your hair prior to using it.

Many hair coloring dyes will leave your hair dry and brittle but since Joico was developed by a hairstylist, it leaves your hair soft and conditioned.  From our experience the purple color will stay in your hair for roughly 20 washes, but this can vary depending on how much of the dye was used and the starting color of your hair.  We believe you will love the color transformation that your hair goes through as the dye fades.  It will begin as a vibrant purple but will slowly transform into a beautiful light purple.

Pros of This ProductWe love how vibrant the purple is compared to other dyes that provide a more dull purple coloring.  The purple is deep and power which we know you will love!  The brand is extremely well known and is trusted by hairstylists all around the world.  This is a great product that will give you a beautiful color but won't damage your hair.

Cons of This ProductThe consistency of the dye is much thicker than other hair dye.  This is probably why it provides such a vibrant color, but it can make it a little tricky to spread throughout your hair.  We recommend having someone help you through the dyeing process.  It can also be beneficial to add a small amount of conditioner into the hair dye to make it easier to mix and apply.

Sparks Long-Lasting Purple Hair Color

sparks at home purple hair coloring

The brand name sparks might give you an idea of what kind of results you will receive from this hair dye.  Sparks is known for providing its users with a bright and bold purple hair color that many other hair dyes can't compete with.  The dye is known to be long lasting which is important to know if you are hoping for a short term coloring this might not be the dye for you.

The purple is beautiful because of how bright and bold it is.  This is a much different shade compared to other dyes on our list.  When thinking about using Sparks hair coloring it is important that you have light hair prior to dyeing it.  You most likely won't receive the best results if you attempt to use it with incredibly dark hair.  We recommend that you attempt to bleach your hair before using it in order to give the bright color that best possible foundation.  The hair dye is also infused with cupuacu butter and jojoba seed extract to make sure your hair stays healthy and hydrated.

Pros of The ProductThe brightness and vibrance of this color is much different compared to other products.  If you are looking to make a bold statement then this is the perfect dye.  We love how soft it left our hair because of the infused nutrients.  You don't have to worry about damaging your hair because this dye will keep it hydrated and looking great!

Cons of The ProductIt is important to understand what color this product is before using it.  If you are hoping for a subtle dark purple then this probably isn't the dye for you.  But if you are looking for a fun and bright look then this is a great option.

Special Effects Pimpin' Purple Hair Dye

bottle of special effects sfx purple dye

Special effects may not be a brand that you have heard of but they have been around for numerous years and are based out of the United States.  They provide their loyal customers with a unique hair dye that is popular with the festival scene.  Depending on the lighting, it is possible for this hair dye to glow in the light.  This means it looks amazing at the club or at a music festival!

The initial hair dye is a strong and dark purple that looks beautiful.  But what we love is even when the dye begins to fade it will continue to look amazing.  It starts as a strong purple but will transition into a vibrant magenta and then eventually lead into a beautiful shade of light pink.  Even though the color is strong, the dye is created with vegan friendly ingredients that are gentle on your hair.  You don't have to worry about damaging your hair because you can trust Special Effects to keep your hair nutrient filled.  For best results we recommend that you start the hair dyeing process with light hair compared to dark hair.

Pros of The ProductOut of the different purple hair dyes we have tested, we believe this color fades in one of the best looking fashions.  It starts as beautiful purple and will then fade into a beautiful pink color over a few weeks.  The dye is also filled with natural ingredients that will help your hair stay soft and healthy.

Cons of The ProductWe had a great experience using this hair dye but we our only complaint is that the coloring is known to bleed if you don't do a good job washing your hair after dyeing it.  It is important to dye your hair in a sink that won't easily stain because of the dripping that comes from the dye.

Adore Creative Image Purple Rage Dye

adore creative image purple hair coloring kit

Adore is a well known hair coloring brand that provides their customers with a beautifully bright purple coloring that is even and well spread out.  There are some hair dyes on the market that will leave your hair blotchy but Adore provides one of the most even coloring that we have seen.  You won't have to worry about your dye job being blotchy.

This is a great hair dye for those who want a bright purple coloring that won't easily fade.  Even after multiple washes the color will still be as bright as it ever was.  If you would like to keep the hair dye even longer we recommend that you find a shampoo that is gentle on colored hair.

Pros of The ProductThe purple color by Adore is a beautiful shade that will last much longer than other products.  Even when it does begin to fade it will transition into a beautiful purple with a hint of blue.  The dye is infused with natural ingredients and stays away from harsh ingredients and alcohol to protect the health of your hair.

Cons of The ProductAs we mentioned above, the purple will slowly begin to fade into a shade of blue.  Our team loved the shade of blue but it can be troublesome if you aren't aware that it will turn a light blue.

What To Know Before Buying The Best Purple Hair Dye

There are a wide variety of different purple hair dye on the market.  Some of these dyes will turn your hair bright purple, while others will be a dark purple.  But at the end of the day it is important to understand what kind of hair dye is the best for the color of your hair.  If you have dark hair it may be necessary to bleach your hair prior to dyeing it, but some hair dye will still be able to dye your hair purple not matter how dark your hair is.

It is important to know that there are many different shades of purple.  It can be difficult to understand which shade of purple is the best for your hair but it is important to know the different shades of purple available.  Purple can come in a variety of different shades such as pastel, lilac, lavender, mauve, silver purple, violet, magenta, neon, eggplant, and amethyst.

Along with the different shades of purple in hair dye, it is important to have a basic understanding of what ingredients come in different hair dyes.  There are some purple hair dye that comes with harsh ingredients such as synthetic coloring or alcohol infused coloring.  Harmful ingredients will lead to dry and damaged hair so it important to look only for hair dye that has all natural ingredients.  This will protect you from damaging your hair just because you want a new look.

It can be a scary process to think about dyeing your hair but we hope our guide has helped you find a purple hair dye that you love!  You can read more of our recent articles on our Blog.

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Top 10 Healthiest Cities In The U.S

The location of your home can have a huge impact on how healthy your lifestyle is because of the availability of exercise, healthy food, and cultural pressure.  Our team utilized the American College of Sports Medicine’s most recent American Fitness Index where they assessed the fitness levels of 100 American cities.  We utilized that tool as well as personal experience, surveys, and expert interviews to put together our list of the top 10 healthiest cities in the United States.

Our list takes into account a variety of different factors such as what percentage of residents reach the federally recommended fitness levels, what percentage of residents walk or cycle to work, the availability of gyms, how prominent physical activity communities are in the area, the availability of healthy dining options, and other factors to rank these cities.

Without further ado, please read through the list to see if your city ranks in our top 10 list

Our Top 10 List Of Health Oriented Cities

Learn if your city made our 2020 list!

#10: Portland, Oregon

Population: ~ 650,000

view of portland

Portland starts out our list as the 10th healthiest city in America.  The city invest heavily on their park system with an estimate of park spending at $380 per resident.  This in a combination of an estimate of 12% of the population biking or walking to work on a daily basis.  Residents of Portland value the time they get to spend outdoors as well as the time they get to spend exercising.  With a large percentage of the population taking part in races and weekly organized fitness classes. We were shocked with how popular gyms are in this area.

#9: Denver, Colorado

Population: ~ 705,000

view of denver

Denver brings in the number 9 position on our list because of the sheer number of athletes from this area.  A recent poll revealed that roughly 85% of residents of Denver workout at least one time per week at the gym.  This number doesn’t even bring into account the individuals who walk or bike to work for daily exercise. Denver has proven that it’s residents care about their health and this is proven by a significantly lower average body mass index (BMI) compared to the national average.

#8: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Population: ~ 425,000

view of minneapolis

Minneapolis rounds out the number 8 spot on our list because of their overall determination for healthy living.  They are currently ranked number 3 for cities with the lowest blood pressure and this might have something to do with their nationally renowned organic farmers market.  This allows the residents to find healthy and fresh food for a great price. Minneapolis has also been ranked in the top 5 for best cities to own a bike in by a variety of different publications.

#7: Raleigh, North Carolina

Population: ~ 470,000

view of raleigh

Raleigh jumps in at the number 7 position on our list because of their overall outlook on healthy living.  Recent surveys estimate that roughly 76% of residents workout at a gym at least one time per week. This is drastically higher than the national average and the overall popularity of high intensity interval training (HIIT) in the area has recently had source claiming Raleigh to be the HIIT capital of the U.S.  Raleigh also has one of the lowest amounts of smokers per capita compared to other cities in the Southeast. 58% of residents will attend a spa or beauty service at least 4 times are year which exemplifies the importance of health and beauty in the area. We absolutely love a few of the local walking parks in the area such as the NC Art Museum which has a beautiful walking trail that is often filled with runners and cyclists.

#6: Seattle, Washington

Population: ~ 730,000

view of seattle

The northwest city of Seattle comes in at our number 6 position because of their absolute love for exercise.  Group fitness classes are incredibly popular in the area and it is common to see group fitness classes in the public parks in the mornings.  With an estimate of over 80% of residents working out at least one time a week they are far superior than the national average. Along with working out, over 70% of residents receive yearly health checkups which is nearly double compared to other cities in the area.  Seattle is also one of the most well rested cities in the entire country with a large majority of the city receiving well over seven hours of sleep per night.

#5: Austin, Texas

Population: ~ 950,000

view of austin

Austin, Texas steals the number 5 spot on our list because of a cultural influence that highly support exercise.  In the past few years or so Austin, Texas has been the home of exercise related startup companies such as Onnit. These companies help bring fitness products as well as high quality gyms to the area which promotes a culture that loves fitness.  It is common to see group fitness classes in the Austin area, with yoga classes and Olympic lifting classes being incredibly common.

#4: Washington, D.C.

Population: ~ 635,000

view of washington dc

The Nation’s capital is the city that takes the number 4 spot because of their love for fitness and healthy living.  Washington, D.C actually leads the nation when it comes to having the lowest Body Mass Index (BMI). Their BMI average is significantly lower than the national average and provides a great example of how important health and fitness is for the residents.  D.C residents spend an average of $63/month on health and beauty services. This is nearly 30% higher than the national average per month. D.C residents are always frequent gym goes with roughly 80% of residents attending the gym at least one time per week.

#3: San Francisco, California

Population: ~ 885,000

view san francisco

A culture focused on health and fitness has helped San Francisco claim the number 3 spot on our list.  SF as a city consumes more fruits and vegetables than nearly any other city in the nation but they also have the most amount of health and wellness business per capita in the nation.  All of these businesses and startup companies in the health industry has helped residents stay fit and meet their health goals. We believe that this has created a positive cultural attitude that places health as one of the most important things for residents.  This is demonstrated by the popularity of workout breaks during work hours as well as group fitness classes such as Crossfit and Zumba.

#2: Atlanta, Georgia

Population: ~ 490,000

view of atlanta

Atlanta is one of the fastest growing major cities in the southeast region and this movement is also true for how often they exercise.  Atlanta is considered the second healthiest city in the U.S on our list because of the incredible fitness atmosphere in ATL. With fitness and wellness businesses starting up at an incredible rate it is easy to understand why so many fitness influencers and health minded individuals are flocking to the area.  With over 85% of residents exercising on a weekly basis they are own of the leading cities when it comes to the amount of exercise. Atlanta deserves this position on our list because of their high rankings in a variety of different factors such as average Body Mass Index (BMI), % of residents who exercise per week, the total number of wellness businesses, popularity of group workouts, availability of healthy food, and other factors.  Atlanta seems to have it all when it comes to healthy living.

#1: Miami, Florida

Population: ~ 470,000

view of miami

If you have been to Miami in recent years than you may have guessed that it would be the number one healthiest city in the United States.  The residents of Miami spend more money and more time per week on health and wellness services and activities than nearly any other city in the world.  There is a huge cultural preference for wellness and weekly exercise that is difficult to rival in any other city. Miami is also one of the most well rested cities in the U.S with a large majority of its residents receiving nearly 8 hours of rest per night.  Group fitness is incredibly popular in the area with new gyms and group workout events popping up all the time. It is common to see group workout and friends running on the beach nearly every morning. The weather is typically warm year round which helps with outdoor group fitness classes.  There isn’t an off-season when it comes to fitness in the Miami area.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to read our article about the healthiest cities in the United States.  We would love it if you shared our article to provide your friends and family to see if their city is on the top 10 list.  For more health related articles take a look at our health article section.

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