Can Moldavite Really Affect Your Emotion?

The belief in the power of healing stones goes back to the old times. Many ancient civilizations believed in the healing powers of different crystals and stones like the Ancient Egyptian Civilization, Ancient China, and the Ancient Greeks. Moldavite has a rich history that goes back to the Stone Age, as it was used for arrowheads and cutlery tools, and also as a spiritual amulet of good fortune, fertility, and protection. Today, people’s interest and belief in healing stones have increased.

can moldavite impact your emotions

The healing effect of these stones is not backed by science, though, as most medical doctors and scientists believe that they are pseudoscience - which means beliefs or practices mistakenly regarded as scientifically proven methods. Nonetheless, healing crystals remain popular at spas and wellness clinics. Crystals and gemstones have healing properties that allow positive energy to flow through the body and ward off negative energy.

Moldavite is a rare healing crystal only found in the Czech Republic. It is named after the Moldau River, where it was found. Moldavite is a green star born stone formed from a meteoric collision with earth. It belongs to the Tektite group of natural glasses that are formed from interplanetary collisions. It is believed that Moldavites produce intense frequencies that have a significant influence on people’s feelings, although people react differently to them. 

Read on to learn more about how Moldavite can benefit your body and soul.

It Activates the Heart Chakra

The healing powers of Moldavite include activating the heart chakra, produces a warm feeling in the center of your heart, and also a strong feeling of emotions welling up inside of you; this might cause a sudden burst of laughter or tears, but it is good to let all the suppressed feelings find their way out of your system.

Helps You Find Your True Purpose in Life

If you are on the path of discovering your purpose in life, it will guide you on your journey by helping you rediscover your true self! Carrying or wearing Moldavite items allows the energy of the stone to remain in your vibrational field throughout the day. If you set an intention to find your calling, the vibrations and frequencies emitted from the stone can help you realize your goals.

It Is Used in Meditation

Like the belief in the healing powers of crystals, the practice of meditation is ancient and is known to many old civilizations; therefore, combining both results in an experience worth living. Using it in meditation is believed to assist in the improvement of mental health, as it boosts and revitalizes the mental receptors to let the body, soul, and mind heal. During Meditation with Moldavite, one can experience an out of body experience! It might also result in a strong visionary state.

It Emits Emotional Healing Energy

Many believe in its ability to cleanse traumas, stress, and suppressed emotions, and it will guide you to the path of healing. It allows the heart and mind to unite and work together in partnership. When the heart and mind are in sync anything is possible.

It Activates the Third Eye Chakra and the Crown Chakra

Moldavite's high vibrational frequency can activate the Third Eye chakra, which is the center of our perception and command. When it is balanced, we are open to new ideas, dreams, and visions, and our thoughts are also balanced. As for the Crown chakra, it is located at the top of our heads. It serves as a gateway to the expanded universe that is beyond our bodies. When the Crown Chakra is in balance, our energies are balanced, and we know our place in the world, and we can see things as they are.

Many people feel intense heat after touching Moldavite for the first time; it is such a common occurrence that it even has a name; this sensation is called “The Moldavite Flush.” Others may feel light-headed, but it goes away when they acclimatize themselves to wearing the stone as a piece of jewelry or carrying a piece of raw Moldavite with them. It is worth mentioning that Moldavite’s metaphysical powers are very strong, and not everyone will feel comfortable wearing them.

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Whether you are a firm believer in its healing powers or are a skeptic who doesn't believe in methods that are not supported by scientific proof, there is no denying that wearing Moldavite jewelry, either casually or formally, will add a majestic touch to your appearance. Moldavite’s mystical green color is eye-catching and very attractive.

Susan Harris

By Susan Harris

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