6 Bizarre Personal Injury Cases That Have Been Filed (and Won)

Personal injury cases have been ongoing since time immemorial and are always increasing due to rising accident cases. It involves filing for injuries or damages caused by a third party’s fault and filing for court cases when the at-fault insurance companies don’t act as required. Out of these cases, hundreds of bizarre cases were filed, worn, and owners compensated regardless of how they happened. This article will look into the top six, which no one could ever think of its claimants getting compensated. Here is the list.

bizarre personal injury cases that have won

1. Suing the weatherman

The weatherman’s job is to forecast the weather on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Many people rely on these weather updates to plan their daily duties, including farming, traveling, and much more. But what happens when they go wrong? It happened in Israel where a woman sued the weatherman for giving a wrong weather prediction. They predicted good weather, but then it rained. According to her lawsuit, she dressed well for the excellent weather but was rained on and caught the flu, which made her fail to attend work. The woman also sued for the medical costs and time lost in recuperating. Through this filing, the court compensated her with an equivalent of $1,000.

2. Suing the Trains

What happens when you want to kill yourself, and you don’t die due to someone’s fault? A woman in New York wanted to commit suicide and lay down on a railway track so as the train to cut her into pieces and die. Fortunately, or unfortunately, the train did not kill her, and she sustained injuries. The woman then filed for a court case suing the train company for the injuries. Her case fits among these weird injury claims. She earned her a whopping $14.1 million, which the Supreme Court awarded. She ended up becoming richer by injuries sustained in the process of killing herself.

3. Trapped Burglar

A thief, Bristol, planned to break into a property in Pennsylvania. In trying to steal from the property, he got trapped in the building, not by the set trap, but because the exit he planned didn’t work: the garage door failed to open. He tried other doors, which were all faulty, and found himself staying in the property for eight days. He only ate the dogs’ food and some Pepsi. After getting rescued, Bristol sued the house owners for suffering mental distress and was awarded $500,000 as compensation.

strange personal injury case examples

4. Defective door knobs

Cedrick Makara in New York also filed a bizarre case suing Newmark Realty and 40Worth Associates who represented the property. After using the bathroom with a missing doorknob and wanted to exit, the claimant filed that someone else tried to enter it. In the process, he got injured in the thumb finger. The injury required surgery, which made him fail to work for six months. The court found the defendant guilty and awarded the claimant $3 million. Besides this, Cedrick’s wife also got awarded $750,000 as a dependent of the claimant. 

5. Gloria Estefan Accident and Recovery

Gloria Estefan is a singer who frequently traveled with her band to perform. During one of the trips, she suffered a jackknife accident. She had back injuries, which made her unable to perform the intended concert. The accident was severe in that she had to learn to walk again, do her tours, and perform on stage again. After investigations, the truck company was at fault for the accident. Gloria and her husband sued it for injuries, suffering, pain, and damages incurred. In short, she got awarded $8.95 million in damages. The exciting part is that the truck owner sued the company to recover the money that compensated Gloria and her husband and won the case.

6. Liebeck Versus MacDonald’s Restaurants

This case happens to be among the famous compensation cases which happened in1994. In this case, Stella Liebeck sues MacDonald’s for suffering burns in her groin and upper legs. This accident happened after she purchased the coffee through a drive-through MacDonald’s outlet. Investigations found out that the coffee was hotter than required. The judge awarded the complainant $200,000, where she would receive $160,000, and the balance held for her not being responsible. The case continued, and finally, she got awarded $2.7 million for damages.

There are thousands of bizarre cases that can make a list go on and on. The above list proves that you only need to be consistent with your case, gather evidence, get a good lawyer, and you will get compensated. You only need to present your damages and injuries to your lawyer and let them push the case until the end.

Susan Harris

By Susan Harris

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