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If you spend anytime in the kitchen or watching cooking shows then you probably have some experience using turmeric.  It can be used in a wide variety of different dishes or as a way to add some more color to your food, but turmeric is most commonly known for its versatility and health benefits.  It is common for the average individual to just grab a low quality turmeric brand from the grocery store, but if you are looking to create the healthiest food possible then you should use to utilize the best brand.

It is important to find the best brand possible if you care about the quality of your food.  That is why we took the time to create an article that lists the most popular turmeric powder as well as the healthiest brands on the market.



a package of feel good powder

Best Overall Turmeric Powder:
Feel Good Organics

jiva organics jar

Most Antioxidants:
Jiva Organics

anthony organics package

Most Affordable:
Anthony's Organics

Top 5 Turmeric Powder Reviews

Our team has done research, personal testing, and talked to professionals in the field to learn more about the substance and the best brands on the market.  Below are our favorite turmeric root powders.  If you are looking for a turmeric substitute then we can also help you find an alternative for your next dish.

Organic Turmeric Root Powder by Feel Good Organics

a package of feel good powder

One of the most popular turmeric powders on the market is the Organic Turmeric Root Powder that is created by Feel Good Organics.  It is known for providing their customers with organic powder that is powered with strong antioxidants ingredients such as natural curcumin and rhizomes.  The antioxidants will provide you with health benefits such as reducing the amount of inflammation in your body and helping to defend against signs of aging and heart disease.

Feel Good Organics utilize 100& raw turmeric powder that they harvest directly from turmeric plants in India.  This allows them to bring that most natural ingredients to their products.  Other companies will utilize artificial powder that dampen the flavor and health benefits of the powder.  We firmly believe that you will be able to tell the difference in taste as well as feel the difference that this product offers.  Our team absolutely loved using their organic root powder and we don't think we will ever go back to eating artificial powder.  Organic turmeric powder can be a great addition to your diet and we believe you will fall in love with this product.

Pros of Feel Good Organics Turmeric Root Powder:

  • It is created with high quality and natural ingredients.
  • The taste is rich and can be used in a variety of different dishes.
  • Filled with antioxidants to provide great health benefits.

Cons of Feel Good Organics Turmeric Root Powder:

  • The taste has less added sugar than artificial powders so the flavor may not be the same as what individuals are used to.

Anthony's Organic Turmeric Root Powder

anthony organics package

Turmeric is known for the health benefits that it provides to those who eat it on a routine basis.  Which means that it can be a great addition to your weekly meals.  We believe that you will be able to feel the health benefits as well as expand your palate by creating new flavors.  Anthony's Organic Turmeric Root Powder is great for creating curry powder or while using it in a variety of different meals.  You can use the powder in your meals or you can add it to your tea to help fight inflammation in your body.  Anthony and his team put a lot of time testing his products to provide his customers with a GMO-free and organic product that tastes amazing!  We believe this is a great option to add to your spice cabinet and we know you will absolutely love it.


  • This powder can be used in nearly any dish.
  • The plant is grown and grounded up in India.
  • The powder is GMO-free and uses high quality ingredients.

Healthworks Turmeric Powder

a package of healthworks root powder

Turmeric has a notable and easy to distinguish orange color that is used in a variety of different meals.  Healthworks utilizes natural ingredients and plants in order to make a powder that originates from Southeast Asia.  Healthworks strives to provide their customers with the best possible product possible because they use clinical testing to test the potency of the powder.  Our team has tested this product in a variety of different dishes as well as using it in tea and smoothies and we love the taste.  Along with the taste we love the health benefits that come with it.  We highly recommend this powder if you are looking to try out a popular turmeric brand.


  • Can be used in nearly any dish.
  • Grown and sources directly from India.
  • The packaging is BPA free and the product is GMO-free. 


  • The taste is strong compared to other brands.

PowerNutri Shop 100% Organic Turmeric Root Powder

powernutri organics package

Turmeric powder has been around for hundreds of years and has been used by a variety of people.  It can be used in different dishes and it can even be sprinkled in water to add flavor and provide health benefits.  PowerNutri Shop provides their customers with 100% pure organic turmeric root powder which is amazing for reducing inflammation in your body.  We have heard that many people use this root powder in nearly every meal that they make.  We absolutely love how high quality the ingredients are.  We highly recommend this product to our readers.


  • The ingredients are incredibly high quality.
  • We have heard of great digestive system benefits.


  • This product isn't as well known as other popular turmeric brands.

Jiva Organics Turmeric Root Powder

jiva organics jar

Jiva organics isn't one of the most well known brands but this may be one of the most tested brands.  Instead of coming in a plastic bag, the powder comes in a vacuum sealed jar that makes it easier to ship the product safely.  The powder is a certified by USDA as a organic and non-gmo product.  This means it is one of the most tested products on the market so you have a firm understanding that you are buying a safe product.  The powder comes with a high level of curcumin which is one of the highest on the market but it provides great health benefits.


  • Certified by USDA to be organic and non-gmo.
  • Comes in a vacuum sealed jar that is easy to transport.
  • High curcumin content that provides great health benefits.


  • Jiva Organics aren't the most well known brand compared to other brands.

Benefits Of Using Turmeric Powder

Turmeric root powder has been around for a very long time and over the years it has been used in a variety of different ways.  They can be used to make curry powder, or it can be used to spice up a dish, or it can be used in smoothies or water to provide the individual with great health benefits.  Below are a few of the benefits of turmeric powder that people have been using for years.

Natural Anti-inflammatory Properties

Turmeric powder is packed full of curcumin which is known for providing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.  The great thing about curcumin is that it provides great health benefits without any dangerous side effects.

Lower The Risk of Heart Disease

Heart disease is one of the most devastating disease in the modern world.  Unfortunately, it is difficult for modern medicine to treat heart issues when it is too far gone.  This is why it is important to consume turmeric to make sure your heart is as healthy as possible.  The powder can help regulate blood pressure and fight blood clotting.

As you can tell, turmeric has a variety of benefits for your kitchen but also for your health.  It is important to find a brand that you trust and a flavor that you enjoy.  We recommend that you try a few of the powders that we list above.  These brands have been tried and tested to provide a great flavor but also to provide great health benefits.  For more health and fitness articles we recommend checking out our health articles.

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