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Providing your home or your workplace with a scent that you love can help improve your mood but can also help promote productivity.  By combining your favorite essential oils you can experience the health benefits that they provide but you can also provide your space with a scent you will love!



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It can be difficult to figure out what the best smelling essential oil combination are but our team has done the research for you.  We interviewed a few experts in the industry as well as done our own research in order to provide our readers with a complete list.  There are a variety of different scents that you can aim for when blending essential oils such as a citrus smell, a floral scent, a vanilla scent, a natural scent, and many other options.

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Essential Oil Blends That Smell Great

Everyone has a different preference when it comes to their favorite smells.  Some individuals love the smell of fresh grass while other like a stronger spice related scent.  Our list below will help you find your new favorite oil blend.

Citrus Essential Oil Blend

Citrus is a scent that is popular in beauty products as well as cleaning products because of the fresh and natural smell it provides.  Our team have always loved the clean scent that comes from citrus based blends.  We experimented with our blends and finally come across our favorite citrus blend.  We recommend that you combine three drops of lavender essential oil, two drops of Ylang Ylang oil, and then finally four drops of Wild Orange oil.

We believe this is the best smelling oil combination that we have experimented with.  It provides an aroma that helps wake you up in the morning and keep you energized throughout the day.  We typically will use this in the morning as well as in the afternoon to help keep our team productive.  If you like a natural and fruity smell then we highly recommend you give this blend a try.  This combination is also often recommended for those who are looking for the best essential oil for acne or the best essential oil for dry skin because of the skin improving properties it provides.

Vanilla Essential Oil Blend

Vanilla is scent that comes naturally in nature but it can be difficult to recreate with essential oils.  But thankfully after attempting multiple different blends we were able to come up with a combination that smells great but can improve your overall mood.  There are multiple essential oils out there that claim to have a vanilla based scent but these can be deceiving as that are created in a synthetic manner.  Our combination utilizes three drops of natural vanilla bean absolute and three drops of Ola Prima premium quality vanilla therapeutic oil.  By combining two of the highest quality vanilla essential oils, we are able to achieve a natural and high potency scent that can't be achieved from chemical based oils.  Vanilla oils are a great addition to your home if you have anyone who is looking to treat allergies with essential oils or treat a sore throat with essential oils.

Holiday Essential Oil Blend

Everyone loves the smell that is associated with Christmas and other winter holidays.  These scents orginate from Christmas trees, Firs, cinnamon, and holiday treats.  That is why we created a combination that will remind you of the holiday season that we all love.  We take three drops of Cinnamon, with four drops of Siberian Fir, one drop of natural Vanilla, and then finally one drop of Wild Orange essential oil.  This will provide you with a beautiful combination that smells like nature as well as providing a clean scent.

We hope you are able to provide your home with a great smelling essential oil blend that your family loves.  If you are looking to learn more about essential oils, we recommend you take a look at our beginners guide to essential oils.

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By Susan Harris

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