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Purple is one of the most popular colors that men and women are using to give themselves a new look.  It is common to see celebrities and online personalities sporting a new vibrant purple hair color.  But if you are hoping to change your look it can be difficult to find a hair dye that you can trust.  That is why our team surveyed experts and researched the best purple hair dye on the market to provide our readers with the best possible buyers guide.

It can be a scary process to dye your hair, but our team will guide you through the entire process.  We will help you find the best hair dye that will provide you with the color you are hoping to achieve as well as a dye that safe for your hair type.  We believe it is important to give you background knowledge on the brand as well as the product in order to help you make the best possible buying decision.



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Top 5 Purple Hair Dyes Review

Artic Fox Vegan Friendly Purple Hair Color Dye

bottle of arctic fox purple hair coloring

Arctic Fox is one of the most popular brands in the hair dyeing industry because of their great products but because of their business ethics.  They try to only use vegan friendly and natural ingredients in their hair dyes but they also donate 15% of the company profits to protecting animals from cruelty.  So you can support the company for helping animals and the environment but also support them because they make great hair dye.

What we love about this purple is that it can be used on nearly any hair color or type.  With many other hair dyes you must first bleach your hair to a light blonde before dyeing it.  But with Arctic Fox's purple dye you won't have to do that.  Even if you have dark hair you will still be able to dye it to a beautiful dark purple that they call Purple Rain.  If you start with extremely dark hair the end result may be a little more subtle compared to someone who started with light hair, but we believe you will still be very happy with the result.

The dying process with Arctic Fox is extremely easy and they even list the steps in an easy to follow format on the packaging. Our team has loved the results we have seen from this brand and we also love how compassionate the brand is.  Their products were never tested on animas and don't contain any peroxide or harsh ingredients that can damage your hair or leave it with a funky smell.  We highly recommend them as a brand and believe you will love their product.

Pros of This ProductWe absolutely love that this purple dye can be used on dark hair which eliminates the need to bleach your hair.  Bleaching your hair can severely damage and dry out your hair which makes this product a healthier option.  We also love the natural and healthy ingredients that are used in this dye compared to other dyes that have synthetic materials in them.  Arctic Fox Is a company that you can support because of their moral standing and how much they care for their customers.

Cons of This ProductIt is difficult to find any cons for this dye because we had such a great experience with them.  It is important to be careful with the dye because it can ruin clothes or other materials that it comes in contact with because of how dark the dye is.  This is important to understand when working with any color hair dye but especially important when working with purple hair dye.

Joico Intensity Semi-Permanent Hair Color

bottle of joico intensity hair dye

Joico is a brand that is incredibly popular with hair stylists and salons as the founder used to work in a salon.  So it is common to see a variety of different Joico hair colors in high end salons.  But just because it is used by hairstylists doesn't mean you can't use it at home!  We used this hair coloring at home and we loved the results!

The Joico Intensity purple coloring is different from other hair dye because it provides your hair with an extremely vibrant purple color compared to other colorings.  The color is described as amethyst purple and if you start with light hair it will become a vibrant shade of purple.  We recommend that you use this dye if you have blonde or brown hair as this will give it the most vibrant look.  But if you have dark hair and are hoping to use this product we would recommend bleaching your hair prior to using it.

Many hair coloring dyes will leave your hair dry and brittle but since Joico was developed by a hairstylist, it leaves your hair soft and conditioned.  From our experience the purple color will stay in your hair for roughly 20 washes, but this can vary depending on how much of the dye was used and the starting color of your hair.  We believe you will love the color transformation that your hair goes through as the dye fades.  It will begin as a vibrant purple but will slowly transform into a beautiful light purple.

Pros of This ProductWe love how vibrant the purple is compared to other dyes that provide a more dull purple coloring.  The purple is deep and power which we know you will love!  The brand is extremely well known and is trusted by hairstylists all around the world.  This is a great product that will give you a beautiful color but won't damage your hair.

Cons of This ProductThe consistency of the dye is much thicker than other hair dye.  This is probably why it provides such a vibrant color, but it can make it a little tricky to spread throughout your hair.  We recommend having someone help you through the dyeing process.  It can also be beneficial to add a small amount of conditioner into the hair dye to make it easier to mix and apply.

Sparks Long-Lasting Purple Hair Color

sparks at home purple hair coloring

The brand name sparks might give you an idea of what kind of results you will receive from this hair dye.  Sparks is known for providing its users with a bright and bold purple hair color that many other hair dyes can't compete with.  The dye is known to be long lasting which is important to know if you are hoping for a short term coloring this might not be the dye for you.

The purple is beautiful because of how bright and bold it is.  This is a much different shade compared to other dyes on our list.  When thinking about using Sparks hair coloring it is important that you have light hair prior to dyeing it.  You most likely won't receive the best results if you attempt to use it with incredibly dark hair.  We recommend that you attempt to bleach your hair before using it in order to give the bright color that best possible foundation.  The hair dye is also infused with cupuacu butter and jojoba seed extract to make sure your hair stays healthy and hydrated.

Pros of The ProductThe brightness and vibrance of this color is much different compared to other products.  If you are looking to make a bold statement then this is the perfect dye.  We love how soft it left our hair because of the infused nutrients.  You don't have to worry about damaging your hair because this dye will keep it hydrated and looking great!

Cons of The ProductIt is important to understand what color this product is before using it.  If you are hoping for a subtle dark purple then this probably isn't the dye for you.  But if you are looking for a fun and bright look then this is a great option.

Special Effects Pimpin' Purple Hair Dye

bottle of special effects sfx purple dye

Special effects may not be a brand that you have heard of but they have been around for numerous years and are based out of the United States.  They provide their loyal customers with a unique hair dye that is popular with the festival scene.  Depending on the lighting, it is possible for this hair dye to glow in the light.  This means it looks amazing at the club or at a music festival!

The initial hair dye is a strong and dark purple that looks beautiful.  But what we love is even when the dye begins to fade it will continue to look amazing.  It starts as a strong purple but will transition into a vibrant magenta and then eventually lead into a beautiful shade of light pink.  Even though the color is strong, the dye is created with vegan friendly ingredients that are gentle on your hair.  You don't have to worry about damaging your hair because you can trust Special Effects to keep your hair nutrient filled.  For best results we recommend that you start the hair dyeing process with light hair compared to dark hair.

Pros of The ProductOut of the different purple hair dyes we have tested, we believe this color fades in one of the best looking fashions.  It starts as beautiful purple and will then fade into a beautiful pink color over a few weeks.  The dye is also filled with natural ingredients that will help your hair stay soft and healthy.

Cons of The ProductWe had a great experience using this hair dye but we our only complaint is that the coloring is known to bleed if you don't do a good job washing your hair after dyeing it.  It is important to dye your hair in a sink that won't easily stain because of the dripping that comes from the dye.

Adore Creative Image Purple Rage Dye

adore creative image purple hair coloring kit

Adore is a well known hair coloring brand that provides their customers with a beautifully bright purple coloring that is even and well spread out.  There are some hair dyes on the market that will leave your hair blotchy but Adore provides one of the most even coloring that we have seen.  You won't have to worry about your dye job being blotchy.

This is a great hair dye for those who want a bright purple coloring that won't easily fade.  Even after multiple washes the color will still be as bright as it ever was.  If you would like to keep the hair dye even longer we recommend that you find a shampoo that is gentle on colored hair.

Pros of The ProductThe purple color by Adore is a beautiful shade that will last much longer than other products.  Even when it does begin to fade it will transition into a beautiful purple with a hint of blue.  The dye is infused with natural ingredients and stays away from harsh ingredients and alcohol to protect the health of your hair.

Cons of The ProductAs we mentioned above, the purple will slowly begin to fade into a shade of blue.  Our team loved the shade of blue but it can be troublesome if you aren't aware that it will turn a light blue.

What To Know Before Buying The Best Purple Hair Dye

There are a wide variety of different purple hair dye on the market.  Some of these dyes will turn your hair bright purple, while others will be a dark purple.  But at the end of the day it is important to understand what kind of hair dye is the best for the color of your hair.  If you have dark hair it may be necessary to bleach your hair prior to dyeing it, but some hair dye will still be able to dye your hair purple not matter how dark your hair is.

It is important to know that there are many different shades of purple.  It can be difficult to understand which shade of purple is the best for your hair but it is important to know the different shades of purple available.  Purple can come in a variety of different shades such as pastel, lilac, lavender, mauve, silver purple, violet, magenta, neon, eggplant, and amethyst.

Along with the different shades of purple in hair dye, it is important to have a basic understanding of what ingredients come in different hair dyes.  There are some purple hair dye that comes with harsh ingredients such as synthetic coloring or alcohol infused coloring.  Harmful ingredients will lead to dry and damaged hair so it important to look only for hair dye that has all natural ingredients.  This will protect you from damaging your hair just because you want a new look.

It can be a scary process to think about dyeing your hair but we hope our guide has helped you find a purple hair dye that you love!  You can read more of our recent articles on our Blog.

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