Best Flat Iron For Fine Hair

It can be incredibly frustrating to use a flat iron if you have fine hair because of how easy it is to be damaged.  Compared to thick or wavy hair types, fine hair can be difficult to straighten and work with because of how sensitive it is to heat.  But there has to be a solution to this problem? The solution we recommend is getting the best flat iron for fine hair. Instead of using a traditional flat iron, it is important to use a flat iron that are made for straightening fine hair because they are built with features to protect your hair.  They will protect your hair from overexposure to heat but will also provide you with straight hair that looks great!

Our team set out to create a guide to teach you everything you need to know about flat irons and fine hair.  Our team reached out to our trusts list of beauty contributors as well as did our own personal research to gather as much information on the topic as possible.  There are thousands of different flat irons on the market, but depending on your hair type it can be difficult to find a flat iron that works for you. After reading our guide you will have a better idea of what to look for when buying a flat iron but will also know more about how to protect your fine hair.



review of the GHD golf professional flat iron for women with fine hair

Best Overall Curling Iron:
GHD Gold Professional Flat Iron

review of the remington s9500 ceramic flat iron

Most Affordable Option:
Remington S9500 Pearl Pro Ceramic Flat Iron

paul mitchell flat iron review

Most Available Features:
Paul Mitchell Express Pro Tools Flat Iron

remington wet hair flat iron review

Best Wet Hair Flat Iron
Remington S7310 Wet Hair Flat Iron

Reviews Of The Best Flat Iron Fine Hair

Fine hair is sensitive to heat which makes it difficult to straighten with traditional flat irons, but by looking at flat irons which are made specifically for fine hair you can straighten your hair while keeping your hair healthy.  Below it our complete list of flat iron models we would recommend to use on fine hair:

1.  GHD Gold Professional 1” Styler

review of the GHD golf professional flat iron for women with fine hair

GHD is known for creating high quality hair products and the Gold Professional Hair Styler is a great flat iron for using on fine hair.  We love that it comes with three different heat settings but even the highest of the heat settings only goes up to 365ºF which is much lower than other traditional flat irons.  It is a common misconception that flat irons have to be incredibly hot to straighten hair.  In reality it doesn’t have to be that hot to provide most hair types with a great straightening look.

The ceramic coating on this flat iron provides the user with an even heating surface compared to other materials that typically have hotspots that add too much heat to your hair.  The ceramic material is incredibly smooth and will provide you with an easy to use straightener. Along with the multiple heat settings and ceramic material, we also loved how lightweight the GHD flat iron is.  Often times flat irons are heavy and difficult to use but the GHD is lightweight and easy to transport. Our team as well as the contributors that we interviewed absolutely loved this flat iron and believe it is a great choice if you have sensitive or fine hair.

2.  Remington S9950 Ceramic Hair Straightener

review of the remington s9500 ceramic flat iron

If you have fine hair or if you want to keep your hair as healthy as possible it is important to keep heating temperatures as low as possible.  The Remington Ceramic Hair Straightener has a built in digital temperature setting function that makes it incredibly easy to set your flat iron from 300°F to 430°F.  With fine hair it is incredibly important to use a low temperature in order to not overexpose the hair to heat. We recommend that you start on the lowest temperature possible and gradually move your way to higher temperatures if your hair isn’t staying straight.

The digital temperature setting feature is a major selling point for this flat iron but it also has multiple great features such as it’s “ready in 30 seconds” feature.  There is nothing worse that waiting forever for your flat iron to heat up before using it. The Remington flat iron is ready quickly and even comes with an automatic 15 minute shutoff feature to protect against forgetting to turn it off.  Built with high quality ceramic metal plates provides a sensitive heating surface but the heat plates are also infused with vitamin E and avocado to help keep your hair healthy. Remington believes in this flat iron so much that they proudly offer a full four year customer satisfaction warranty.

3.  Paul Mitchell Protools Express Flat Iron

paul mitchell flat iron review

You may have heard of Paul Mitchell if you are familiar with hair accessories and styling tools because Paul Mitchell is one of the largest brands in the hair industry.  Our team is a huge fan of the Paul Mitchell brand as a whole so we couldn’t wait to review this flat iron. The flat iron is built with their express ion straightening system which allows for a more sensitive hair straightening experience compared to other tools.  The Ion system allows for an even heating with absolutely no heat spots. Heats spots can be incredibly dangerous for the health of your hair but the Paul Mitchell team makes sure that this never happens.

As it was built specifically for fine hair, the Paul Mitchell also comes with one of the lowest heat settings of any straight iron.  Most straight irons will only go down to roughly 300°F or 325°F but this one will go as low as 250°F. This means that even the most delicate and fine hair is safe from heat exposure.  You can trust this flat iron to straighten your hair without damaging it or removing too much moisture for the hair.

4.  XTAVA Pro Infrared Hair Straightener

You may have never heard of XTAVA before, but they sell a wide variety of different hair styling tools and hair products in general.  They have a loyal fan base from around the world that raved about their Infrared Hair Straightener. After reviewing the product as well as surveying our readers we were happy to share a few features that we love with this hair straightener.  The first feature is the ability to pick from 10 different heat settings. Most flat irons only have three heat settings but the XTAVA has 10 different heat settings ranging from 265ºF to 445ºF. We would recommend starting at the lowest temperature and slowly working your way up if you need to.  We also loved the heat plate technology on the infrared hair straightener because it gave a consistent heat that is great for short or long hair.

5.  Herstyler Ceramic Flat Iron

herstyler ceramic flat iron review

We absolutely loved this flat iron for its ability to allow you to express yourself.  It comes in a beautiful and vibrant purple color that your friends will be jealous of.  We also love the wide variety of different heat settings. With the ability to go as low as 180ºF you won’t have to worry about burning your hair even if you have fine hair.  The surface area of the ceramic heating plate is also larger than traditional flat irons which makes it quicker and easier to straighten your hair.

6.  Remington S7310 Wet 2 Straight Hair Straightener

remington wet hair flat iron review

The ability to straighten wet hair with a flat iron is a rare feature for most flat irons, but it can make a world of difference for most people.  Being able to straighten well hair will drastically speed up your morning routine. This Remington Hair Straightener utilizing a steam management system to allow for you to straighten wet hair without any fear of damaging the hair.  It comes with a variety of different heat settings that are great for different hair types, we recommend the lowest heat setting if you have fine hair.

What Make Fine Hair Different From Other Hair Textures?

When it comes to labeling the thickness of hair follicles they are typically separated into three different categories, fine hair, normal hair, and thick hair.  If you are someone who has fine hair it is important to know how to straighten it without damaging it. As you may or may not know, fine hair is more easily damaged by heat so it is important to find the right flat iron as well as the best curling iron for fine hair.

If you aren’t careful you could severely damage your hair if you use heat that is too aggressive to retain the moisture in your hair.  If you take a closer look at the cellular makeup of the different hair texture types you will see that fine hair is different from the other hair types because it is actually missing part of their cellular structure.  Normal and thick hair types are built up of three different cell pieces while thin hair only has two cell pieces. This means it is more important to take extra care of your thin hair compared to other hair types.

How Do I Know If I Have Fine Hair?

It is important to know if you have fine hair or if you have thick hair in order to have a better understanding of how to keep your hair healthy.  If you have fine hair you will have to use different flat irons and curling irons to protect your hair. 

a test to tell if you have fine hair or thick hair

If you aren’t sure if you have fine hair there is a simple test that will help you understand your hair texture.  You first much pluck one hair from the base of your head. It is important to only pluck one hair and not a multitude of hair. Once you have a strand of hair you should hold it in between your thumb and index finger. Gently pinch the hair between your fingers and then give the strand of hair a tug with your other hand.  If the hair easily slides out without much friction, this is a good sign that you have fine hair. If you feel a small amount of resistance when you pull on the strand of hair then you most likely have normal hair but if it is difficult to pull the hair from your fingers you probably have thick hair.

Is Fine Hair and Thin Hair The Same Thing?

Fine hair and thin hair is something you may see used interchangeably but they actually mean different things.  This may be confusing for many people but it is important to understand that fine hair refers to the diameter of the actual hair follicles.  Where thin hair refers to the total amount of hair follicles on your head. It may be easier to help you distinguish between fine hair and thin hair by thinking of thin hair and someone who is going bald, compared to fine hair is the opposite of thick hair.  Now that you know the difference between fine hair and thin hair you can help us spread the word so we never have to hear the two words used interchangeably again!

How To Choose The Right Flat Iron For Fine Hair

As we have described, fine hair is more sensitive to heat compared to thick hair, which makes it difficult to find a flat iron that won’t damage your hair.  It is important to search specifically for flat irons that are designed to work with fine hair instead of just any straightener. We recommend that you look specifically for a few features in your new flat iron.

What Flat Iron Features Are The Best For Fine Hair?

Variety of Heat Temperature SettingsMany traditional flat irons only have a few heat settings, but the problem is that all of the heat settings are just too hot if you have fine hair.  Most people will set their flat iron to 400ºF and begin to straighten their hair, but 400ºF is much too hot for most people.  We recommend that you begin straightening your hair in the 200ºF to 250ºF range and then slowly move up in heat if needed.  This will protect your hair from unnecessary heat exposure by only utilizing the lowest heat setting as possible. It is important to always keep an eye out for flat irons with a variety of different heat settings.

Heating Plate MaterialsYou may think that all flat irons are made out of the same material but this isn’t true.  There are a variety of different materials that your straightener can be made from including ceramic, titanium, tourmaline, and others.  It can be difficult to understand which material is the best for sensitive hair. We researched as many heat plate coating materials as possible in order to come up with a list of the best materials.  We recommend that you look for straighteners that are built with ceramic, silk infused metal, nano infused ceramic, crystalline heat infused metal, or titanium. It is important to find a heating plate material that is built specifically for fine hair.

Iron Plate SizeWhen looking at flat irons you will find that there are a variety of different plate sizes available.  Some are larger such as 2” plates, or small plates such as 1” in width. You may think that every heat plate is the same no matter the size but the each size actually works best for a certain length of hair.  If you have short hair, it is important to use a flat iron with a small heat plate. We recommend that if you have short hair that you only use flat irons with a heat plate smaller than 1” in width. The smaller plate will provide you with better usability on your short hair compared to large heat plates.  On the opposite side of the spectrum, if you have long hair, we recommend that you use a heat plate that is larger. We believe heat plates that are 2” in width or wider are a great choice. If you have a medium length hair we recommend an iron in the 1.5” width range.

Safety Features And Convenience FeaturesWhen looking for a flat iron that works well with fine hair it is important to keep an eye out for extra safety features and other features that will make your life easier.  Some flat irons have more safety features than others but these features can be great to have. Features such as a feature that automatically turns off the iron after 15 minutes can save you from a terrible mistake.  We also always look for other features that will make your life easier such as an extra long cord, a digital display, and swivel end attachments.

A Wet Hair Flat IronA wet hair flat iron may not be a great option for everyone but it can definitely be a great tool.  If you are someone who is always rushing in the morning, this may help your speed up your morning routine as you can begin straightening your hair before it is dried.  We recommend using a flat iron that has a venting system to safely transport the steam away from your hair. This provides your hair with a more gentle straightening experience compared to irons that don’t have this feature.

Tips On How To Straighten Fine Hair Without Damaging It

If you have fine hair it is important to understand how to straighten it with a flat iron without damaging your hair.  The first thing we recommend is to utilize the lowest heating setting as possible. If you have a good flat iron it should have a wide variety of different heat settings.

how to straighten your hair with a flat iron

You should start by using the lowest heat setting possible and gradually work your way to higher heat if your hair isn’t staying straight. It is important to expose your hair to heat for the shortest amount of time possible.  Fine hair is much easier to straighten compared to thick hair so it is important to not go over the same spot of hair multiple times.

We also recommend that you ask your hair stylist for recommended serums and protective oils that are made specifically for fine hair.  You stylist should be able to recommend a few oils that are designed to keep your hair moisturized and healthy while you straighten them.  Typically the oils are applied throughout your hair either before or after you use your flat iron. Our final tip is to never straighten your hair with a traditional iron if your hair is wet.  If you don’t have a flat iron that is designed for wet hair it can be severely damage your hair.

Final Thoughts On Using A Flat Iron With Fine Hair

It is important to understand how damaging straightening your hair can be for fine hair if you don’t use the right flat irons.  The best flat iron for fine hair will be able to straighten your hair without causing unnecessary damage to the hair. If you use a traditional flat iron to straighten your hair it can lead to severely dry hair that is brittle and damaged.  Once hair becomes dry and damaged from straightening it then it will be difficult to repair it.

We hope that we have educated you on fine hair as well as the importance of protecting the health of your hair.  We understand that it can be frustrating to have fine hair because you have to be more gentle with it compared to other hair types.  But by using our article you can find a flat iron that doesn’t damage your hair. Our flat iron for fine hair reviews should be used as a guide to help you find the best product for the health of your hair.  We firmly believe that these flat irons will provide you with a great result and we look forward to hearing your results with them.

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