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There are so many different beauty products and regimen  out there, and we plan to review them all!  We strive to give our readers and in-depth review of every single product and regimen possible.  If there are any products or topics that you would like us to write about, please send us a message with your request.

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what to look for in a cosmetic dentist

What Should You Look For In A Cosmetic Dentist

Choosing a cosmetic dentist cannot be compared to that of choosing your ordinary dentist. Cosmetic dentistry requires precision because, and come to think about it, it's all about improving your looks. Enhancing your dental formula takes time, precision, and the use of cutting-edge dental technology to help you achieve a

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learn how to get rid of back acne

All You Need to Know About Back Acne

Back acne, or the dreaded bacne, is a problem that afflicts millions of people from all over the world. It can be hard to treat, hard to clean, and for many people, hard to even see! It’s on your back, I mean, how many people look at their back? We

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how to give your hair a natural boost

How to Give Your Hair a Natural Boost

Damaged hair can be very frustrating to treat, especially when you’ve seemingly tried every trick in the book. Some individuals mistakenly think that by using the most expensive hair conditioners in the market, they can revive their lifeless mane. However, it’s not just moisture that your locks need. Shampoos, hair dyes,

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proven ways to increase the size of your breasts

Proven Ways to Increase Your Breast Size

Many women feel dissatisfied with the natural size of their breasts. Most of them don't have enough time and money to go for breast enlargement surgery. A large section of such women is giving various natural methods to enlarge their breasts a shot. Though the results you might get from

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how to remove a double chin

How To Get Rid Of A Double Chin

A double chin is a common physical characteristic that can cause self-esteem issues and make individuals paranoid about their appearance. A double chin isn't always caused because of poor health or being overweight, it can be caused by the shape of your face and other causes. In this article you

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learn about eco friendly makeup routines

An In-depth Guide to an Eco-Friendly Makeup Routine

The world is constantly going through changes. As we mature as a civilization, it is becoming more and more apparent that our way of life simply isn’t sustainable unless we make some serious changes. Our planet has just about had enough with us, which is why it’s always a good

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how to create your own makeup kit

How to Create Your Own Makeup Kit

Making your makeup kit helps you save time and effort trying to find each piece of your cosmetics collection. If you’ve ever needed to go to a friends house or get ready for a date night, it helps to have everything in one easy to find place so you can

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hair extension guide

Things to Keep in Mind Before Getting Hair Extensions

You have fantasized for a while now about getting a hair extension to give your hair fuller volume. The long, healthy, and lustrous hair is a picture-perfect of the designer magazine that you have always wanted to have. More people are gradually using hair extensions, and you desire to replicate

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how to stop hair loss

Effective Tips to Stop Hair Loss

Aging and genetic problems or even stress can cause anyone to shed hair frequently. It’s completely normal but can cause worry and more stress to most people. For women especially, losing hair might affect their self-esteem and change the way they look at themselves. The thing is, treating hair loss

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how to pick a spa

Qualities To Look For In A Spa

When you're looking to find a way to pamper and indulge yourself, a great spa is always a great choice. It is a place where you can let go of all the negativity, relax, and simply enjoy. It doesn't matter whether you need a massage or sauna, you should always

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how to remove dark skin blemishes

How to Safely Remove Dark Skin Blemishes

Many people confuse dark spots with aging spots, however, they can appear at almost any age and can potentially cause problems such as pigmentation. What most of us don't know is how these blemishes even begin?What happens to our skin that leads to this issue? Frequently, dark patches appear when

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how to get a whiter smile

7 Secrets to a Brighter, Whiter Smile

A smile has the power to turn your life around. It can determine whether you get the girl, ace that job interview, or keep clients coming back. In other words, the power of a smile works in different dimensions of life.But then again, smiles are affected by a wide range

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how to take care of sun-kissed hair

How to Take Care of Your Sun-Kissed Hair

For hair care professionals or anyone mindful of hairstyles, Sun-kissed hair is a common term. Sun-kissed hair is a lightened hair from the mid to the ends while leaving some patches naturally dark. It's for individuals who want to give their black hair a sun-kissed glow. There are so many

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all natural skin moisturizer

How to Find All-Natural Skin Moisturizer

Our skin goes through a lot during our lifetime. It protects us from all kinds of things and as such, it deserves proper care. However, although we think the products we use will help us with this, the truth is, from time to time, we have to deal with nasty

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most popular facial treatments

6 Most Popular Facial Treatments of 2020

When it comes to making ourselves presentable, our faces are often the main focus. We want our hair to look nice and to have a good complexion. Over time, sadly, the signs of aging begin to set in. We develop lines and  wrinkles. We may have been in the sun

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best hair extensions for fine hair

Best Hair Extensions For Fine Hair

In todays beauty article we are going to be talking about the best hair extensions for fine hair. Everyone has different hair and different hair thicknesses, this means you have to find hair extensions that work well specifically for your hair type. After reading our article you will have a

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best face wax for sensitive skin

Best Face Wax For Sensitive Skin

If you have ever used tweezers to remove upper lip hair or other facial hair on a weekly basis, you understand how painful and time consuming the process is.  But what happens I told you I doesn’t have to be like that?  Have you ever considered using face wax to

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best detangler for matted hair

Best Detangler For Matted Hair

Do you have trouble dealing with tangled hair?  Sometimes your hair can get so matted and tangled that it'll make you go crazy.  But don't worry, we are here to show you the best detangler for matted hair!The first step to treating matted hair comes from your preparation in the

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A guide on how to use a curling iron if you have fine hair

Best Curling Iron for Fine Hair

Table Of ContentsBest Curling Iron For Fine Hair Reviews1. The Beachwaver Pro Curling Iron2.  Bed Head Curlipops Curling Wand For Fine Hair3.  The BaBylissPro MiraCurl Professional Curl Machine4.  The Remington Pro Curling WandHow Do I Know If I Have Fine Hair?Why Does Fine Hair Get Damaged By Curling Irons?How To

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driving gloves women

Best Driving Gloves For Women

Driving gloves not only give you the best possible grip on the steering wheel, they also protect your hands from unnecessary friction, as well as provide an accessory that looks great!  Driving gloves come in a variety of different materials and designs in order to give every woman a great

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a test to tell if you have fine hair or thick hair

Best Flat Iron For Fine Hair

It can be incredibly frustrating to use a flat iron if you have fine hair because of how easy it is to be damaged.  Compared to thick or wavy hair types, fine hair can be difficult to straighten and work with because of how sensitive it is to heat.  But

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a lady dyeing her hair purple

Best Purple Hair Dye

Purple is one of the most popular colors that men and women are using to give themselves a new look.  It is common to see celebrities and online personalities sporting a new vibrant purple hair color.  But if you are hoping to change your look it can be difficult to

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view san francisco

Top 10 Healthiest Cities In The U.S

The location of your home can have a huge impact on how healthy your lifestyle is because of the availability of exercise, healthy food, and cultural pressure.  Our team utilized the American College of Sports Medicine’s most recent American Fitness Index where they assessed the fitness levels of 100 American

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