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There are so many different beauty products and regimen  out there, and we plan to review them all!  We strive to give our readers and in-depth review of every single product and regimen possible.  If there are any products or topics that you would like us to write about, please send us a message with your request.

Recently Written Beauty Articles

how to get a whiter smile

7 Secrets to a Brighter, Whiter Smile

A smile has the power to turn your life around. It can determine whether you get the girl, ace that job interview, or keep clients coming back. In other words, the power of a smile works in different dimensions of life.But then again, smiles are affected by a wide range

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how to take care of sun-kissed hair

How to Take Care of Your Sun-Kissed Hair

For hair care professionals or anyone mindful of hairstyles, Sun-kissed hair is a common term. Sun-kissed hair is a lightened hair from the mid to the ends while leaving some patches naturally dark. It's for individuals who want to give their black hair a sun-kissed glow. There are so many

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all natural skin moisturizer

How to Find All-Natural Skin Moisturizer

Our skin goes through a lot during our lifetime. It protects us from all kinds of things and as such, it deserves proper care. However, although we think the products we use will help us with this, the truth is, from time to time, we have to deal with nasty

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6 Most Popular Facial Treatments of 2020

When it comes to making ourselves presentable, our faces are often the main focus. We want our hair to look nice and to have a good complexion. Over time, sadly, the signs of aging begin to set in. We develop lines and  wrinkles. We may have been in the sun

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best hair extensions for fine hair

Best Hair Extensions For Fine Hair

In todays beauty article we are going to be talking about the best hair extensions for fine hair. Everyone has different hair and different hair thicknesses, this means you have to find hair extensions that work well specifically for your hair type. After reading our article you will have a

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