An Ultimate Guide: What Do the Angel Numbers Tell Us?

We’ve all had that moment where we see repeating numbers, 111, 444, 555... and so on. Sometimes it can be repetitive all day long and makes you notice. You wake up at 111, for an appointment and find the address is 111, or you go to a movie at 222, and you see license plates with 222 or get a bill for $2.22 for your coffee.

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These numbers signify that your angels are attempting to contact you and offer advice and support.

Here is the ultimate guide to angel numbers, and what they mean for you.


When you see these numbers, it means that angels are attempting to get you to focus your mind or thoughts and start believing in yourself. When you see these repeating, it is time to truly focus on the goals you have in mind, as that focus can help you realize the goals you are striving towards. Heading these numbers and focusing your energy can be the key to manifesting what you are looking for, and starting on the path to realization.


The number 2 represents a time in your life where you need to pause and reflect. Reflect on yourself and your goals. This can be a reminder that life is passing you by, and it is time to truly consider the path you want to take, and not let life pass you by without true self-realization. Heed these numbers and look inside yourself, and make sure your goals are what will truly make you happy. 

This number can also signify that you need to stop letting others pressure you to be at a certain point, you are right where you need to be and it is time to self-reflect and focus on yourself! Learn more about angel number 222.


This number can signify the need to release yourself, or something you have been holding in. There is something offering imbalance in your life, and it is time to consider and rebalance yourself. Maybe you have a secret or have been holding back. Seeing these numbers is a reminder to correct yourself and release the negativity or fear that you are holding inside. It is time to balance and round out your life and stop holding back.

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Seeing these numbers is a notification to get back to the basics and make sure the foundation of your life is in place. If something is wrong with the foundation, the structure cannot be erected. Maybe you are navigating a challenging time in your life, and you are looking for some guidance, these numbers signify you are being heard and reminded to practice better self-care to allow things to flow and build properly within your life.


Maybe you are stuck in a rut and are feeling helpless, and this number signifies that change is on the way and a reminder from your angels to be strong, angel number 555 meaning is complex and can be a signal for necessary life changes. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to change, but that change is coming, and that can be a good thing! You will get the change you need, even if you don’t realize you need it or are wary of it!


This number is a powerful warning to self-reflect, balance yourself, and take some personal responsibility for your life. Whether it’s thinking about how you spend your time, or how you made your choices, this number signifies the need for self-reflection and self-realization. Learn more about angel number 666.


This signifies a time for enjoyment and rest. If you have been putting off a vacation, or a change of job, or struggling to find time for yourself, this is the sign you need to stop, breathe and relax! Let go of the fears that are stopping you, and take that trip, or relax at home, but with these numbers your angels are saying “hey, relax, take a break”!


These numbers are signs of infinity and energy looping. This is your angels patting you on the back and reminding you how far you have come. This is often seen during challenging times when it is difficult to keep going. It is a reminder to see how far you have come and not focus on how far you need to go.

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This signifies the need for compassion, either towards yourself or others. If you are being too hard on yourself, your angels are here with this number to remind you compassion is not only for others, you can be compassionate with yourself as well!


This is another representation of infinity, this is the sign that you are doing great, be it spiritually or physically. This is your sign that you are on the right path, doing well, and are right where you need to be! Keep doing what you are doing, and greater success is on the horizon.

No matter what you are going through in life, paying attention to these numbers can show that you are not alone and that your angels are there to support you. Heeding the signs from your spirit guides can help to affirm your decisions, or give you warnings about the course of your life. Either way, accept these signs and know, your angels have your back and they are there guiding and protecting you, even when you can’t see them.

Susan Harris

By Susan Harris

Susan Harris is the owner of Rooted Mama Health. She is the mother to two amazing children and wife of a loving husband. She strives to provide the world with all the information they need to live a happy and health lifestyle.