All You Need to Know About Back Acne

Back acne, or the dreaded bacne, is a problem that afflicts millions of people from all over the world. It can be hard to treat, hard to clean, and for many people, hard to even see! It’s on your back, I mean, how many people look at their back? We often find out about our back acne through friends or family when they comment ‘what the hell is that on your back?’ Sound familiar? Yes, back acne is a problem that many of us face, a problem with seemingly no solution.

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In this article, we will not offer you a concrete solution for back acne, but rather, we will tell you a few things that could be contributing to your back acne, and a few lifestyle changes that you could make to make your back acne go away.

Here is all you need to know about back acne.

There Are Treatments

While it may seem that there is no solution for bacne, you will find that there is. In fact, there are many, they’re just hard to find! Finding effective bacne treatment, while difficult, is possible. You just need to look a little harder, speak to a few dermatologists, and make a few lifestyle changes. There is also the surgical route, which many people opt for. Whichever method of treatment you choose is entirely up to you but ensure that you only select the best option of treatment for you and ensure the treatment is exactly what you want to do and that you’re not pressured into it.


Quite frequently people experience back acne because of poor hygiene when it comes to their bedding. Yes, not washing your bed sheets can be a direct cause of back acne. You should aim to clean your bed sheets at least once a week, twice if you have a partner who shares your bed with you. Your bedding, when dirty, can be a hive of bacteria and can be the source of back acne. If you do not want back acne, then we recommend that you do clean your bedding.


Like with bedding, dirty clothing can be a hive of bacteria and can contribute directly to back acne. You should only wear clean clothing and mustn’t wear the same item of clothing more than twice before washing them. The human body sheds a lot of sweat and dead skin – all of that is hanging onto your clothes and can be a contributing factor to back acne. Back acne, when you wash your clothing and bedding, should disappear. Although if it doesn’t, you may need to make some more lifestyle changes, such as:


Many people do not scrub their backs. If you do not scrub your back, bacteria and germs are allowed to multiply. You should scrub your back every single time you wash and should have a back sponge designed specifically to allow you to scrub your back. You can pick these up at most health food stores or pharmacies. Back sponges are a great investment to make if you do not have one and you suffer from back acne. Back acne, when you scrub your back, can disappear in a matter of weeks. You could also consider using medicated soap, which we will come to next.

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Medicated Soap

When you are washing your back with your new sponge, medicated soap may be the best thing to invest in. Medicated soap is a great investment because it kills bacteria and germs and can be highly effective in killing the germs that turn into back acne, as well as cleaning up the bacteria in your pores. Medicated soap is a good investment to make if you suffer from back acne, and you can find it in most pharmacies. Equally, you could try natural soaps, as you may have a sensitivity to chemicals, as many people do nowadays.

Loose Clothes

On hot days, tight clothes can be a detriment to your back acne. If you wear tight clothes in extreme heat, that may be the reason for your back acne. Loose-fitting clothes can be your best friend and will solve the back acne problem when combined with the other lifestyle changes made on this page. Tight clothes can keep the sweat in and your skin cannot breathe. Invest in loose clothes for the hotter months, we assure you that you will not regret it. Loose clothes are a great investment for you to make.

In this article, we hope to have told you how you can fight back against back acne, and everything you need to know about solving it. We hope that you have enjoyed this article and found it informative and we hope that you will come back and visit us again soon!

Susan Harris

By Susan Harris

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