4 Items That Will Make Your Living Room Outstanding

The living room is a place in a private residence intended for general social and leisure activities used by all or most of the family to entertain guests or relax together. The following are four essential items for each living room that if done right will add flair, comfort, and a definite wow factor to the common area.

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A Large Screen TV With Awesome Sound System 

The living room is where friends and family come together to share quality time, so making sure that the space is comfortable makes great sense. Though not everyone finds a television to be useful in the living room because they don’t enjoy watching TV or find it impersonal, family and guests might actually enjoy the practical comfort that modern televisions now provide as smart devices which can also be used for other things besides watching the usual TV channels. If you can’t afford your own home theater with stadium seating, Dolby surrounds sound, seats with cup holders and popcorn making machine don’t worry, you can still entertain yourself and guests with the latest and greatest technology design and innovation currently available in-home television design with top quality sound and design so you can use it to listen to your favorite songs and for that added movie theater experience. 

Get the largest screen possible to fit on your wall then transform it into a piece of art by placing a frame around it or purchase a tv that mounts flat against the wall and comes already framed to look like a picture on the wall. Adding a one-connect box with just one cord that comes from the tv down to a box that you can stash somewhere which allows you to connect all your inputs into will really make it look like a picture on the wall so you have tv when it is on and art when it is off.

A Custom-Made Aquarium with Exotic Plants Inside and Outside of Tank

A vibrant, green, natural plant is something every living room should include. Greenery are so versatile they look awesome in any type of décor or style and all you need to do is pick the right ones for your environment but don’t stop there, kick it all up a notch by installing a custom made aquarium with exotic plants inside the tank as well and you, your family, friends and house guests will not only feel relaxed in the natural environment you’ve created but they will also be breathing in all the great stuff like oxygen that vegetation naturally offers besides looking pretty good.

 If possible install a fish tank right into your wall to provide the room with a living work of art that is fluid and soothing as well since studies show that aquariums relieve stress and invoke an environment of peace and serenity that promotes good physical and mental health. Install a functional piano aquarium that can produce sweet sounds and lovely melodies while at the same time soothing the soul visually through the peaceful flow of colorful fish swimming back and forth through the green part to the sound of musical waves and frequencies that surround them.

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A Comfortable Couch or Sofa Sleeper to Chill Out In

A living room with the perfect cozy couch you can spend hours on with family and friends before converting it into a bed, so you can have friends and family stay over for long weekends is a must if you are looking to take your living room from drab to fab. Make sure it is sturdy but comfortable and since it’s one of the biggest things in the room, you must make sure it matches the overall tone of your living room, from color, material, size, and style.

A Custom Designed Coffee Table

Finally, every living room should have a stylish yet functional coffee table. Aside from holding your coffee in the morning, it's perfect for keeping essential items within reach. A coffee table is also one of those elements that bring all the other pieces together, giving your living room a cohesive look. A coffee table is an investment in space, so make sure to make the right choice. Ask yourself if a square, rectangular or round table suits your living space, or if a custom made coffee table works best in the end for your overall needs.

Susan Harris

By Susan Harris

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