Guest Post: Some Main Concerns of New Mothers

Today’s post is a guest submission from Lily, author of The Baby Lands. She discusses some of the major concerns that new mothers face, and how you can try to take care of yourself while learning to take care of your baby. I’m sure none of you can relate 😉 


Being a mother is hard work. Children are rather delicate and parents have many questions ranging from what to do about their child not sleeping to how to deal with diaper rash. As a new mommy, expect to inundated with questions, concerns, and tons of worries. One thing you need to keep in mind is that while you are striving to address these concerns, you need to know how to take care of yourself too.


Let’s check out some of the biggest concerns that new moms tend to face. New mothers can benefit greatly if they know how to deal these issues as they can lead to real health problems if they are not addressed. Below are a few of the top issues of new mothers and how to deal with them.



Baby Won’t Sleep


Surprise, surprise! When people start telling you that you need to get the most sleep you could get before having that first child, they were not kidding– not at all! The baby’s sleeping pattern is one of the biggest challenge you need to grasp as a new mom.


Unfortunately, there is no magic button to make a baby go to sleep. However, what you can do is create the conditions to encourage sleep and make your baby feel rested and sleepy. As for your own sake (and sanity), you can focus on getting that quality sleep if quantity becomes a challenge.


One trick that I wish I knew when I was battling with sleep and fatigue when my first child came is the use of diffuser and essential oils. Oh! They work like magic. Adding a couple of drops of lemon or cinnamon oil can make you feel more energized. On the other hand, add a couple of drops of chamomile to help you sleep like a baby.


Balancing Work and Parenting

Working and parenting are not the easiest of things. However, it is possible. There are a number of things you can do to make it easier. You can try to share the load with your partner, if you have one. This will make it easier for you and gives your partner an idea what it is like to juggle the two.


If you sometimes fail to make that balance, remember this – never blame yourself. Being a new mom means having to take that road you have never been before. So, expect a few bumps here and there, and know that you will need to take some detour once in a while too.


When choosing a caregiver, if you choose to find one, do not look for a clone or a perfect caregiver because you will not be able to find one. Instead, search for a caregiver that has a similar parenting style and parenting philosophy as you do.


Baby Could Be Falling Behind


If your fear that your child is behind other children their age, this is a normal worry. If they haven’t reached milestones as fast as others have, it is okay as the milestones are not an indicator of intelligence or a sign of good parenting. It does not matter as long as your child is progressing and your doctor is not worried.


In short, cut yourself and your kid some slack. Never compare your kids. This is not healthy for your or for your kids. Kids are different – learning pace, growth, development In addition, Parents are different too. So, other parents are not any better that you are.


Spoiling The Baby


Some parents think that they will spoil the baby if they hear the child cry out and they pick them up every time. Crying is the baby’s language. Researchers have disproved the theory that a child will be clingy or spoiled if a parent responds promptly to the child’s crying.


Baby Getting Sick


This is the worst feeling for every mom – new or experienced. When babies get sick, it feels as though you are being tortured from within. Your best defense against panicking – education and information. Yes, you need to be keen on spotting what is ‘normal’ and ‘ not normal’ when it comes to your baby’s health.


For instance, a common problem that parents experience is Fever Phobia, or panicking when the baby is nursing a high fever. There are several myths associated to fever and you need to dispel all of them. Read about this, so you would not have to rush your baby again to the ER when his temperature is elevated.


Keeping your pediatrician’s office phone number handy also offers that sense of ‘relief’.  Another problem that fuels anxiety to moms is ‘Googling’ about the syndromes. Yes, ‘cyberchondriac’ moms exist and I WAS one them. It didn’t help much. So, it is highly recommended to be talk and listen to your doctors instead.



Expect to face several concerns – this is one part of being a mom. Being a mother is hard and babies can be quite a handful, but I hope this gave you a few things to consider, and most important, how to to take care of yourself while caring for your baby.

Take care of yourselves, ~Suzi

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