Announcing my brand ambassadorship with Conscious Period! (With promo code)

So, let’s chat periods.

Of the wide range of options out there, some of which I’ve tried and some of which I have yet to try, I still find myself going back to tampons on a pretty regular basis. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Diva Cup and I am dying to try Thinx underwear, but for me, there’s something about using tampons that is just convenient. They’re not always fool-proof, and can definitely cause issues (someday I’ll tell all of you about the horror story of the tampon that I lost 9 years ago), but for the most part, I find that they work really well for me.

Since I’ve been using tampons more lately, I wanted to make sure that the ones I’m using are not only good for my body but that the company is thoughtful and proactive in helping other women. I have two companies that I switch off using and they both do wonderful things to help less fortunate people who  need access to sanitary products.

Also, did you know that menstrual products are taxed as a luxury in 36 states? Yeah, a luxury. That’s got to change. Thankfully, some of these amazing brands are also spreading awareness about the absurdity of that fact.

One of those companies is Conscious Period. They make 100% organic, biodegradable, and hypoallergenic cotton tampons, free of glues, dyes, chemicals, synthetics, wood pulp, scents and other mysterious ingredients. Their tampons expand widthwise instead of lengthwise to better fit the shape of a woman’s body and are wrapped in a compact, BPA-free plastic applicator.

You can select regular, super, or super plus absorbency, and each box contains 20 tampons. 18 are meant for you, 1 for a friend, and 1 for a stranger! They even color code the shareable tampons so that you remember to help out other gals in your life. 🙂

The other amazing thing that Conscious Period does is that for each box of tampons sold, they donate one box of pads to women in need. Pads are used because they’ve found that disenfranchised women prefer them over tampons.

If you want to see more of what Conscious Period does, here is a video that an amazing woman named Ingrid Nilsen made last year showing first-hand how the company helps homeless women.

I am so in love with this company that I decided to become a brand ambassador!!  So, for all of you lovely readers, Conscious Period is offering 15% off of your entire purchase with the promo code SuziLeigh15!

Take care of yourself,


Take care of yourselves, ~Suzi

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