Embrace Movie Screening

Last week I was fortunate to go to a screening for a documentary that focuses on rebuffing the toxic idea that there is a perfect body type and embracing what you have. It’s amazing, guys. As simple as the idea that we should embrace our bodies is, it is one of the most difficult battles within ourselves that we ever fight,¬†and sometimes it just takes recognizing our negative thoughts. Comparing ourselves to other women is just so damaging, and let me tell you I am beyond guilty. One thing this movie focuses on hard is the media, and how it shoves in our faces a body type that’s not attainable for most women. You will leave feeling angry, sad, and hopefully, determined to push back against these ideas for yourself and for everyone else. I know I did.

If you are in the DeKalb area or within a reasonable driving distance, please come! We need to get enough reservations in order to get a green light from the theatre, so reserve yours now and you won’t be charged until we have enough people. And bring your friends!!

You can reserve your tickets here.

Learn more about Taryn and the body image movement here.

If you have questions about the movie or screening, please contact me!

Take care of yourself


Take care of yourselves, ~Suzi

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