2017 word of the year

Inspired by my amazing sister-in-law I have chosen a word to represent what my intentions are for the coming year. There is no better word to describe how I want to live for the next 365 days and beyond than the word brave.

Be present-I have a bad habit of focusing too much on what has been and what could be and this completely takes me out of what I am currently experiencing. Being brave to me means blocking out the past & future and allowing myself to fully live in the present.

Ready for new opportunities-Being brave to me means opening myself up for a new job, new friends, new home, new way of thinking, new budget, new routine, etc.

Act instead of wallow-Brave to me means that instead of sinking too deep into despair when things are bad, I find a way to make things better for myself, even if it’s the tiniest thing.

Vocalize my wants and needs-Brave to me means speaking up and speaking out about what is important to me and not worrying about how others will take it.

Each day is a step forward-Brave to me is living with the knowledge that even my mistakes are going to push me closer to a deeper understanding of myself and the world.


Happy New Year, loves.


Take care of yourselves, ~Suzi

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