Girl Boss #2: Jessica Fine


Today I am sharing with you another submission for my Girl Bosses series! Jessica Fine is a mama and business owner of some SUPER adorable baby clothes! If you like rap and hip hop or just really cute stuff for little ones, go check out her store here!


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What is your company?  Sweet Baby J’s Clothing.  We sell baby onesies, t-shirts and burp cloths inspired by fun R&B and Hip Hop lyrics!
What is your role? I am the founder/owner
Why did you start your business?  I am a new mom to an amazing 5 month old baby girl.  I am fortunate enough that my job allowed me to take off 6 months of maternity leave which has been wonderful and has allowed me to spend so much time with her.  However, a few months into my leave I realized that the darkness I felt surrounding me was PPD.  I decided to talk to a therapist and start on medication.  It truly changed my life and made motherhood a totally different experience.  It also helped me realize that I needed to make sure I kept doing things for myself, doing things that made ME happy and feel fulfilled.  So I started Sweet B baby J’s!  I have always loved crafting and creating so I was thrilled to combine that love with my new found knowledge of all things baby!
What challenges have you faced in running your business?  Finding the time to create while raising a baby!  My husband is unbelievably supportive so that helps tremendously.  I work around his work sphoto-oct-18-11-24-03-amchedule and my daughter’s nap schedule and we make it work out!
Where do you hope your business takes you in the future? I hope to be able to work from home and do this full time.  I would love the opportunity to do what I love for a living and to show my daughter that the working mom comes in all shapes and sizes and that you can define your own success and make your life whatever you want it to be.

Take care of yourselves, ~Suzi

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