That time I met my fitness role models

Last year, I was browsing Pinterest and came upon a pin from Lauren Conrad’s website that was a short workout routine called The Daisy Dukes Routine.  I had spent months sitting on extra weight that I was not comfortable with, so I decided to try the routine.  I actually really enjoyed the moves, and the girl in the pictures looked a lot less intimidating than some of the other fitness experts I had come across online.  I decided to check out the original website that the routine came from, and within a month, I was a Tone it Up girl.

Tone it Up was started in 2009 by best friends Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott.  These two are freaking gorgeous, typical California girls with their tan skin, beachy waves, and limitless energy.  When I watched their videos, I wanted to hang out with them, they have that kind of appeal.  The kind where they don’t take themselves too seriously, they tease each other, and they seem genuinely invested in spreading positivity through fitness and health.  Basically I fangirled all over them for the last year, and my obsession was turned up to eleven when I MET THEM LAST WEEK.

Kat "I love your top, and your skirt, and shoes, so cute!" Me "Der, yeah, my feet are killing me, der"
Kat “I love your top, and your skirt, and shoes, so cute!”
Me “Der, yeah, my feet are killing me, der”

So yeah.  This happened.  K&K wrote a book and decided to go on a little 5 city tour to promote it, which included Chicago and holycraptheycametomycityandIhuggedbothofthemanditwasamazing.  My very amazing and supportive friend Katie came with me, and together we stood in line for over an hour (I was wearing 5 inch heels.  This is important.) and got our books signed and photos taken with Karena and Katrina.  The level of nerves that I had while picking an outfit was insane.  My bed was basically covered with every single dress and skirt that I own.  I finally settled on a crop top and circle skirt, which I felt a little awkward in, plus the aforementioned 5 inch heels.  A testament to how sweet those ladies are: Katrina told me she loved my outfit, and when I started tearing up telling her how they’ve changed my life over the last year, she replied with “Keep rocking it girl!!”  YEAR MADE.

After the meet and greet, Katie and I bought more comfortable shoes and grabbed some dinner, then wandered through downtown Chicago on our way back to the train.  It was a fantastic, amazing, and inspiring night, one of those “good for the soul” experiences that will stay with me.  It also reaffirmed why I love working out with them so much, they are not just trying to promote their brand but they are really touched by how many people are focusing on their health because of Tone it Up.  If you are looking to mix up your workout routine, or if you are like me and very lazy and just needing something to do in your living room when you get the motivation to work out, I highly suggest checking out Tone it Up.  I should basically work for them because of how often I talk about them.  You hear that K&K?!  Chicago-based office?  Eh?!

Take care of yourselves, ~Suzi

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