Guest post & submission guidelines

Thank you for wanting to submit a guest post! I’m very open to all sorts of submission types, and to make things easier, I’ve included all the things I’m looking for and all of the things I don’t generally want for my site.

For your reference:

My site is mainly focused around mental health and motherhood, though I do not turn down posts that have nothing to do with either topic! There must be some sort of reason this topic would be helpful, however, since my primary focus is self-care. For example: an article about vaccinations does not fit into the umbrella of self-care, while recipes do because lots of people (not me) cook and bake as a form of relaxation.


  • Keep it personal! Even a recipe or a health article should have your personal touch to it.
  • Include at least 1-2 good quality photos. If you’re writing a personal post, consider including a photo of yourself!
  • Include links if you are referencing outside sources for anything!


  • Steal anyone else’s material! If I’m posting this on my site it MUST be your own writing!
  • Be rude to my readers. I like them.
  • Be overtly preachy. I’m all for giving advice (I personally do not feel qualified to give much of any but some of you are pros!) but do not write in a way that makes the reader feel bad for not doing what you recommend.

Turnaround time:

I schedule my posts a few weeks in advance so you can expect to see it published at least 2 weeks out, unless I am having a slow month J You can expect a response to your first email within 72 hours and to your pitch/draft within 48 hours.


When you email me with your pitch, please include the phrase “These pretzels are making me thirsty” somewhere so that I know you read the guidelines!