Cute & Funny Cards & Invitations

My family is big on cards. Sometimes I think my mom cares more about the card than her actual gift. I will admit that I don’t always put a ton into the cards I select for people. It depends on the occasion but most of the time I’m running so last-minute that I just grab one that looks cute. My sister-in-law is AMAZING at picking cards, and the ones she sends me are so cute I end up pinning them on my bulletin board. The internet makes is super easy to find cute cards and once I started looking, I realized that I actually want to buy, like, all the cards. So I thought I’d share some of my favorites that I’ve found lately!


  1. Paperless Post Kids’ Invitations
  2. Little Boy & Elephant Card
  3. Sloth Card
  4. Hip Hop Bunny Card
  5. Funny New Baby Card


  1. Dwight Schrute Birthday Card
  2. Mansplaining Card
  3. Grammar Nerd Card
  4. There was room on the door card
  5. Drake Cake Card

Happy card-giving!

Take care of yourself,


Take care of yourselves, ~Suzi

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