Announcing Rooted Mama Reads!

Hey friends!

I’m SO excited to announce the beginning of my new book club!

This book club will be different than others for a few reasons:

  1.  It will be virtual. As much as I LOVE talking to people in person about stuff I’m reading, it’s just more feasible to do it online. Also it doesn’t limit us to people who live near me!
  2. It will not be super frequent. I’m starting off doing this every 6 weeks. I know monthly is easier to remember, but I honestly have a hard time getting a lot of reading time in and so I wanted to give myself (and anyone else who has the same issue) enough time to read the book.
  3. I won’t be the one always picking the book! Every time we being a new book, I’ll go through the comments and messages I receive, tally up all of the recommended books, and choose one at random. So if you have a suggestion, make sure to contact me in some way to get it to my ears!
  4. The discussion portion will mainly be in the comments section of my facebook page. Until I decide if it’s worth putting in time to change to an easier format (depending entirely on if anyone does this with me!) it’s just easiest for me to write a post and then have a discussion in the comments. If we find ourselves at some point all living in close proximity we can always take it offline.
  5. I ONLY ask one thing of you, besides that you are a cool, non-judgemental contributor of the discussion (which should be obvious). Share this with others. It would be rad to have a great big group of peeps reading the same book, wouldn’t it? Even if we have 20 people, I think we could have some super interesting threads going.

That’s it! Oh, except the most important thing, other than the above; the book selection!

I am starting the year with a book I’ve wanted to read for a few months after discovering its existence.


Similar in theme to another book that I read years ago and HIGHLY recommend to mothers and non-mothers alike, The Hidden Feelings of Motherhood, The Monster Within speaks to the emotional struggles of trying to be a perfect mother and maternal ambivalence. It’s not a lighthearted read for our first go, and so for some people, this might not be a good time to join us. However, I find that I tend to need books like this that are so honest and vulnerable about a topic that I am struggling with.

We are starting February 3rd, so you have time to get yourself a copy of the book! Look for the blog post being published that day (which is easiest if you subscribe!) or my facebook page on the 3rd and we can start our discussion!

Happy Reading!


*If you purchase the book through my affiliate link I will receive a kickback*


Take care of yourselves, ~Suzi

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