My current top 5 favorite podcasts


Since quitting facebook (for all intents and purposes, I’m not entirely gone for good) about 6 weeks ago, I’ve filled my time with more things like reading, learning a new language (seriously), and podcasts! I thought I’d share the 5 that I’m currently loving, in no particular order:

  1. Terrible, thanks for asking. Nora McInerny is a mother of two boys who lost her husband to brain cancer two years ago. That’s probably the description most people would give her, but she is so much more than that. She is a woman who speaks to her grief in a very real way, a mother who is navigating having a small boy who lost his father while caring for a new baby with her new family, and a hilarious, open woman. This is very evident in her podcast which explores loss and grief in a way that strips down the cliches and allows people to talk about their loss in the way they want to. It’s hard, it’s raw, it’s funny, and it’s totally worth your time.
  2. Ladies Who Lunch. Ingrid Nilsen is an amazing woman whom I have been following for about 3 years on her YouTube channel. Together with her friend Cat, they answer listener questions and talk about various topics including sex, feminism, mental health, and more. Each of the “ladies” has her own unique perspective and because they are friends it’s a very conversational and friendly podcast; it feels as if you are part of the discussion.
  3. Harry Potter and the Sacred Text. YOU GUYS. If you are a Potterhead like I am, you NEED this podcast in your life! It was actually recommended to me by my therapist so it’s good for your mental health! 😉 Casper and Vanessa are both graduates of Harvard Divinity School and, like most cool people, love HP. They take each chapter one by one and look at it through the lens of a different theme as well as a spiritual practice. It’s such a fun way to look at Harry Potter in a deeper way. HIGHLY recommend.
  4. Women of the Hour. Unless you’ve been living under a rock or are too cool for pop culture, you know Lena Dunham. I LOVE Lena Dunham. I love Girls, I love her book, and I love love LOVE her podcast. She interviews various women from all sorts of backgrounds with all sorts of stories to share and it’s magical. Highlight: her pen pal-turned-bff whose father was recently released from prison for the first time in her entire life. Hearing her talk about getting to spend her first holiday with him (since he was set to be released in November of this year) is chilling and lovely.
  5. Dear Sugar. Another woman that you absolutely should know and love is Cheryl Strayed. Her book Wild was turned into a film and subsequently referenced delightfully on the Gilmore Girls revival, and while Wild is a fantastic book, my personal favorite is Brave Enough. It is a must for all women. Her podcast, which she co-hosts with Steve Almond, who is a writer and essayist, is essentially an advice show, but the advice is given by two awesome and realistic people who look at the reasons why people do what they do and aren’t afraid to curse. The episode on how to talk to friends and family about politics (slash how to avoid getting into feuds) was verrry useful this year.




Thanks for reading! I hope you found some new listening material!



Take care of yourselves, ~Suzi

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