Girl Boss #1: Meg Graf



I am SO excited to introduce to you the first submission for the #girlbosses series! Meg is a friend of mine for many years, a mother, an activist, and an all-around amazing person. She recently started her own headshotsmall business with Hilltop Designs, a natural soap and spa product line that is awesome! Meet Meg!


What is your company?
My company is called Hilltop Designs. They make simple, natural and handmade bath and body products.
What is your role?
I am an independent consultant. This means I tell everyone how awesome Hilltop is! I also sell product through my link (, through Facebook or home parties and vendor shows!
Why did you start your business? 
 I started with Hilltop because I fell in love with it. I love that it is natural, yet extremely affordable. I love that it makes me feel pampered after a long day of working and parenting. I was toying with the idea of joining them, but wasn’t sure it was the right timing. After a date night with my husband where we spent a lot of time discussing our debt free living goal (clearly this was a romantic evening) and how to get there, I started feeling like God wanted me here. The opportunity and desire were not rational, yet here it was in front of me. Further more, my “day job” boss thought it was a good idea. It felt like one of those times God was trying to tell me something. I’m still waiting to see how it plays out, as I’m less than three months in. But sometimes you need to trust in that feeling. I took the leap and am interested to see where He takes me.
hilltopbackgroundWhat challenges have you faced in running your business?
I struggle a bit with sales and booking parties. I’ve always had a hard time selling myself, but it is a definitely a good challenge!
Where do you hope your business takes you in the future? Well, I am hoping to get myself into a good groove with booking parties and telling people about product I feel in love in with. The ultimate goal is to use this source of income to pay off debts, like car and home loans, as we work to become debt free!

Take care of yourselves, ~Suzi

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