Rhea Footwear Review

Summer is potentially my favorite time of year. Being born smack dab in the middle of the season, I’m a summer girl through and through. Give me a comfy pair of shorts, a loose tank top, and some sandals, and I’m in my zone.

I haven’t worn flip flops for a number of years and have instead been wearing chunkier sandals, which are comfortable but not always the most practical shoe. Then again, most summer sandals aren’t very practical, right? Or the practical shoes tend to be kind of clunky and not the cutest pair to wear with brightly painted toenails while spending all day hanging out outside.

I recently discovered a brand of shoes called Rhea Footwear, a collection of sandals, boots, and flats, that were designed by two people who realized that there weren’t any great practical shoes that help with slippery surfaces like rain and snow which were also flattering on the feet. So they developed a non slip technology which is with from a patented micro-channel tread pattern that actually pushes liquid away from the shoe to prevent slipping.

I was fortunate enough to be able to try a pair of shoes, and since I haven’t had luck with flip flops lately, I chose the Duos Candy Bar sandals. I’ve not only gotten many compliments on my shoes in the last week + of wearing them, but it’s been raining very heavily off and on this week and I can attest to the fact that my shoes have stayed put while walking on wet surfaces. After leaving my kids’ swim class one day after a heavy rainfall, my shoes stayed in place while walking up a wet hill, while I normally would have had to walk at a snail’s pace to keep myself from falling.

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My legs got a bit tired when I wore them out all day once, but we were doing a lot of standing still and I tend to have muscle weakness in my legs anyway. That was the only time I felt any sort of discomfort. Otherwise the shoes have been very comfortable and are really great for walking on wet surfaces. I’m interested in trying some of the boots in the winter, especially here in Illinois where we can get hit pretty hard with insane ice and snow. My only complaint with Rhea Footwear is that I’d love to see some kids sizes so I can get my little guys some safer shoes!

If you’re interested in trying out some of Rhea Footwear’s non-slip shoes, they have offered Rooted Mama Health readers 20% your order with the promo code “rootedmamahealth”!!

Enjoy your new shoes!

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Take care of yourselves, ~Suzi

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