Caring for your cycle

Today is the beginning of a new series I’m doing focusing on taking care of ourselves during our cycles.
Today’s post is focusing on nourishing your body from the inside. I have mentioned before that I am off the coffee train due to my stomach deciding that coffee is a foreign invader needing to be destroyed every time I have a cup. But when my period is about to hit, and especially the first day, I crave coffee like MAD. I want a big flavorful latte, something loaded with sugary sweetness that will temporarily take away the maddening pains in my uterus.


Here is what happens when I indulge in that craving, though. For about 20 minutes as I drink it, I feel great. My mind focuses on the sweetness and caffeine and all is right with the world. Then at about the 20 minute mark, my stomach recognizes that foreign invader and launches an all out attack. Not only does it make me nauseated, but I am in and out of the bathroom all day long. The sugar just makes me want more sugar, and so I’m left craving even more of the same. My cramps and back pain aren’t much better, and now I’m left dealing with my stomach issues.
So for me, giving into this craving just doesn’t work. So I need a plan B.

Instead of going to starbucks, I make myself a cup of tea at home. The caffeine isn’t as much of a problem in tea form, so I go for a cup of green or black tea sweetened with stevia. No stomach discomfort, yay! Now for the truly important stuff. The pain. My go-to remedy is my vitalizerstress relief complex, and GLA. The omegas are amazing for your cycle, the b complex in the vitalizer helps with mood and energy, and the stress relief…well…you can figure that one out. After eating a protein-packed breakfast I take my pills, do some stretching and/or yoga (I make the time for this since it really helps my back pain) and drink loads of water.

On the first day of my period, I might also need to take an ibuprofen from time to time, so I’m gonna take it. I’m not anti-medicine whatsoever and if it helps, I’m taking it. But I find that I need so much less than I used to before establishing a routine that includes the right supplements and not making a starbucks run.
This is what’s been helping me, obviously everyone’s body is different and you might need to create your own regimen to fit your needs. I wanted to share what works for me since I’m finding so much relief in this routine and I am finally listening to my body and doing what it’s telling me.

I hope this was helpful if you are looking for a new routine for your cycle, and stay tuned for more in the series!

Thanks for reading!

Take care of yourselves, ~Suzi

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