Today my legs hurt, which means I spent some time gaining strength yesterday.
Today I am tired, which means my kids were happily playing at an ungodly hour.
Today my house is a disaster, which means we spent a lot of time lounging instead of cleaning last night.
Today my 3 year old is bossing me around, which means he has strong opinions and I will *someday* be thankful for those.
Today I have a full schedule, which means I have a lot of good things happening in my life.
Today is wet and chilly, which means the dry air we’ve been breathing for months is finally getting some moisture.
Today I’m having a hard time focusing, which means my brain needs a break.
Today my hair is finally getting greasy, which means I need to finally wash it after 6 days.


Today I’m playing red light, green light with my kids, which is a nice break in the day.
Today I’m feeling grateful for good friends, kind, open, supportive people, and for all of you.

Take care of yourselves, ~Suzi

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