My rushed morning routine

One thing that I’m not proficient at is giving myself enough time in the morning. Especially Mondays. I tend to let my alarm slip by, finally realizing that I need to get moving way too close to the time that we need to be out the door. It’s something that I’m aiming to change, but for those days when I just don’t get up early enough, here is what I squeeze in for those 20-30 minutes before becoming a cartoon cloud version of myself as we race to school!

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Really, who needs an alarm when you have hungry cats? One or both of my furry friends greets me by stepping on my head, purring loudly in my face, or putting a paw on my mouth. There’s lots of cats-on-head action going on before I face reality and roll out of bed.


Usually my husband gives the kids breakfast (*usually*) and I make Cub’s school lunch. Mondays are almost always pb&j, today he got some strawberries, cucumbers, dried persimmons, and graham crackers. He’s a vegetarian so it can get creative making his lunches but I don’t mind, as long as I don’t forget until the last possible second. Which I never do…never…


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One of my pet peeves is having an unclean face. I have super oily skin so I really need to cleanse first thing in the morning or I’m a slick mess. On a rushed morning, I either use a cleansing wipe or a small amount of Enfuselle Purifying Gel Cleanser and then dab on my Enfuselle Eye Treatment and Time Repair A.M. Since I don’t have to be anywhere right after dropping off Cub I’ll skip makeup for now.


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Now onto my breakfast. Thank goodness for SMOOTHIES! I make a quick Strawberry vanilla smoothie while the car is warming up. I use 2 scoops Shaklee Life Shake in vanilla, a giant handful of frozen strawberries, and almond milk (I add enough to make it smooth) and that’s it!

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I love travel tumblers, and this one has an opening wide enough for a metal straw so that I can drink my smoothie on the go! Time to drop off the Cub and take a quick smoothie selfie
I hope you liked seeing what my quick Monday morning looks like!

Take care of yourselves, ~Suzi

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