My 10K training essentials

I’m doing something completely outside of my comfort zone and training for a 10k, which I will run at the end of October. My training started out slowly but I’ve hit a breakthrough where I’m finally getting regular runners highs and I can actually envision myself running the whole thing! Part of that is due to a resolve and pushing myself every time I run, and part of that is due to an arsenal of stuff that is helping me get through hurdles.
I am in no way an experienced runner nor do I have much background to know what works long term, but these are some things that have been helping me make it through each week!

  • My shoes. This one is pretty obvious, right? Good running shoes are super important and I got mine from a running store where you jog on a treadmill and they record your feet and legs to see what you look like, if you pronate, etc. Mine have done me quite well, though I’m not married to the brand so I might try some other ones when I’ve hit the mileage on these.


  • Joint Health Complex. I’ve been taking this for 2 weeks and I’ve noticed huge improvements in how my legs feel during and after a run. I get shin splints but as far as joint pain goes, nothing.


  • Performance. It’s Shaklee’s version of gatorade but I can actually stomach this stuff and in fact I think it’s really delicious.


  • A good headband. I have blunt bangs (as if you can’t tell from the pics) and I need a wide enough headband to cover them without making little hair spikes stick up. This one from True North Collection is not only wide enough but it was a mere $12 and 100% of the proceeds go towards helping the family of a Tone It Up team member who recently passed away from cancer. I’m going to order more headbands from her, these are really great and stay in place during high impact activities.


  • Joint and Muscle Pain Cream. Remember those shin splints I mentioned? They go away as soon as I put my legs up and apply this stuff. It’s so cooling and feels awesome right after a long run.


  • Tunes! I used to run to podcasts when I was running less than 3 miles at a time, but now I listen to music and I’m really loving it. Here’s one of my spotify runningplaylists.
  • Energy Chews. I pop one or two of these babies about 15 mins before a run and I have enough energy to get through it. And they’re made with green tea so if you can’t do high levels of caffeine these might be a good option for on-the-go.


  • Extras: sunglasses, earbuds, arm iphone holder, my fitbit, water, etc.

I hope this was helpful if you’re a running newb like me!

Take care of yourselves, ~Suzi

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