When is your “angry time”?

Do you have a time of day where your stress level always goes up? I’m talking about a particular time of day where you can always count on things to not go in the direction you need them to, or even if everything is pretty normal, you know that you will be annoyed/angry/stressed for possibly no real reason. We all have those right? Not just me?

My time is between lunch and nap time. I should say “nap time” because my kids don’t actually fall asleep, they just play in their room “quietly” for a bit. “Sort of independent sometimes quiet-ish not-at-all destroying things time” would be a better name for it.

Anyway, the thing that stresses me out about this time is that there’s a small amount of hope that I will have some alone time in the near future but it hasn’t occurred yet, and to get to that possible time, I need to make sure my kids eat their lunch and that the toddler tries to go potty. Potty training is lame, btw. Not a fan.
But it’s that expectation of alone time which stresses me out. The potential of being able to get some things done or lounge around semi-uninterrupted is such a need that I get myself stressed out knowing that it is on the horizon. This stems from a fear of not having control, and the anxiety that comes with it. The most inconsistent variable in my life is the one I am the most responsible for. That’s true of all parents, we are responsible for people who have their own ideas and can make their own actions, whether it’s on our schedule or not. And that can be super stress-inducing.


The only thing I know how to do to help this is to find ways to get my alone time, even if the kids don’t take their “naps”. This is easier now that I have 2 days a week with both kids in school for a couple of hours, but on the other days, I have to find ways to work with my husband and our schedule to give myself that time. Even if that time of day is still stressful, maybe it will be less stressful if I give myself permission to take that alone time when I can get it.
Do you have a stressful time of day? What is it, and what does it usually relate to?

Take care of yourselves, ~Suzi

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