Ways to get out of a funk

Yesterday was weird. I started out in a really good mood, but by midday I found myself just out of sorts. Could have been the crappy weather, the big bagel I had for breakfast, or just general weirdness. So I found myself in a funk, and needing to get myself out of it so as not to let it spill over onto the rest of my day.
I tapped into my handy list of ways that I am able to get myself out of a funk, and I thought I’d share it with you!

  • Get out of the house-This is essential. I need to change my surroundings because I tend to associate the place where I found my funk with the way I feel during it. And if I can’t leave the house for some reason, I go to another room. Change your space.
  • Talk to someone-Also helpful. It depends on your personality, of course, but for me, when I’m in a bad mood I find it really helpful to talk to someone who I love because I can be myself and complain and they won’t fault me for it. Without realizing it, they end up cheering me up, and having a different energy to draw from can change my mindset.
  • Move around-Whether it be working out, going for a walk, or doing something around the house where I’m moving is helpful at giving my mind something else to focus on.
  • Take a nap-On the flip side, if I’m able to lay down for a bit, I can take that as an opportunity to reset my day. Plus I can snuggle my cats and that always helps.


  • Read a book-Again, changing my surroundings, only this time it’s putting my mind in another surrounding.
  • Bake something-Not always a great idea but sometimes you just gotta TREAT YO’ SELF.

I hope this list was handy! Next time you find yourself in a funk, try out one of these ideas and let me know if it works!

Take care of yourselves, ~Suzi

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