Things I actually like about my body

I’ve been working out consistently for a few months now, and while I’d love to show you all a photo of my rock hard abs and awesome quads, I don’t have ’em. I may never, because every body is different. It’s going to take time for me to get to a place where I’ll feel like the work is more obviously paying off, and that’s okay. It’s not okay, however, for me to focus on what I don’t look like. So in lieu of that, I’m going to list for you a few things that I like about how my body is changing. Some of these things are noticeable to nobody but myself, but gosh darn it, that’s okay.

  • My legs are showing me day by day how much stronger they’re getting. Whereas in the beginning of my fitness journey I could hardly do a jump squat without feeling like I was dying, I can do more moves each time I work out, and I can actually run and then walk up my stairs afterwards. I might moan a bit but I can do it.


  • My arms are showing more of the work that I’ve put into them than any other place on my body and I love them for that. My arms have always been stick-thin, which I’ve never minded, but I’m really enjoying the shape that they’re taking now.
  • We’re all friends here, right? I have a love/hate relationship with my booty. I really really hated it after my curves developed as a teen, especially since I wasn’t in a mental place to appreciate having curves at all. Now that I’m older, I appreciate having a booty, and based on all of the Tone It Up routines I’ve been doing, it’s definitely getting stronger.


  • As a teen, I had some pretty good abs. But of course, I believed myself to be “fat”, so once again I didn’t appreciate what I had. Despite a good layer of fat, caused by the passage of time, I still have a pretty good layer of muscle underneath. And when I do 25-30 starfish crunches without breaking a sweat, I’m not going to deny feeling awesome.
  • I’ve always liked my back, which seems like a weird thing to like but I do. Remember when backless tank tops were in? Like the little string kind? That was a good time.

My challenge to you, dear readers, is to make a similar list of your own. It can be body, face, hair, whatever, but make a list of things that you like about your physical appearance. It’s an awkward challenge but it feels really good to find things that you actually believe to be great about yourself. I know you’re rolling your eyes right now, but seriously, do it! Be nice to yourself and tell your body how much you appreciate it!

Take care of yourselves, ~Suzi

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