A day in the life

I’ve seen some of these types of posts running around the internet and most recently, one of my favorite bloggers Cassie from Back to her Roots posted one that really showed what her life is like working at home with a one year old. So I thought I’d do one, which will most likely be much more boring than Cassie’s but I think shows how I mix in working for myself with my life as a Stay at home Mom. This particular day was one where I didn’t babysit or work one of my other out of the house odd jobs.
6:40: My cat jumps on me, alerting me to the fact that he has not had wet food in his belly in over 8 hours. Nevermind the dry food we keep out all the time.
7:05: My alarm went off 5 minutes ago, a reminder to work out before everyone else starts banging the doors down. I needed that extra 5 minutes though. We all need 5 minutes sometimes.
7:10: My plan was to run but I realize that I’m super hungry, so I decide to eat breakfast instead and run later while the kids are eating their lunch. There’s some Kashi Sprouted Grains cereal in the pantry which is perfect because my stomach is roaring! I do some facebookin’, some checking emails, and feed the cats.
7:25: Cub peeks his little face over the stairs. “Hi Mom! What’cha doin’?” I’ve been caught!  I tell him to go upstairs and wake his dad up. (Judge if you want but I needed 5 more minutes to myself. We all need 5 minutes sometimes.)
7:42: The family is making their way downstairs. Time to throw some waffles in the toaster and grab my tea that I forgot was steeping!
8:15: Get “dressed” (workout clothes are the new real clothes) for Bean’s swim class. The boys are watching Cosmos with Daddy so I have some time to throw in a load of laundry and watch a quick YouTube video before realizing that I don’t have any clean swim shorts and must take apart their hampers to find a suitable pair.
9:00: blub blub


10:30: Home from running errands, kids are hungry for lunch already so I oblige them. I ate a granola bar in the car so I’m set until after my run and I do some laundry and check on my social media while the kids are eating. Tim is on a work call so my run will have to wait until nap time.
Side note: Can I tell you guys how desperately I needed this stuff in my life? With one kid who has a sleep disorder and wets the bed, another who likes to pull his diaper down while he sleeps, and two cats, this stuff is a MUST in my house.


11:25: Meant to put the kids down for their “naps” a few minutes ago but got lost in some internet stuff. We all need 5 minutes sometimes. The kids don’t sleep, well, Bean does once in awhile, but they both get quiet time every day. Quiet time is good for all.
12:30: Back from my run, time to clean up and make lunch. There’s a new Pretty Little Liars waiting for me! After my show, I do some work and grab some turkey pepperoni to snack on. Midday is when I can’t. stop. eating.
2:00: Kids are eating snacks, I’m still trying to get out of my naptime daze, and there’s a dishwasher ready to be unloaded. After the kids are done I unplug for the next few hours and we head to the park, take a nice walk, grab some stuff from Farm N’ Fleet, then head home so I can start dinner.
5:45: Tonight’s dinner takes me a bit longer than usual because I decided to simultaneously make protein bars whilst chopping and baking.

Watermelon Mint Aqua Fresca
Vietnamese chopped salad from Gwyneth Paltrow

6:45: Kids run around for a bit post-dinner, then eat a hastily thrown together but successful banana “ice cream” (one banana blended with coconut cream) while I clean up the giant mess I made in the kitchen. Then it’s pj’s, stories, brushing teeth, and bedtime for Bean. Cub watches a Woody Woodpecker episode on Netflix in our room to give Bean a chance to settle in his crib, and I watch YouTube while doing some work, including writing this!
8:00: Cub heads to bed, I continue my YouTube/work.
8:20: Tim comes home from Biolife (he donates plasma twice per week) and we watch two episodes of Arrow before heading up to bed around 10. I’ve been trying not to stay on my phone in bed right before falling asleep but I usually at least browse Instagram before rolling over and passing out.
So that’s my day, probably looks very familiar to some of you and that’s what I think is so cool about being my own boss. I really can work and it doesn’t feel like I’m working at all.
I hope you guys liked seeing a day in my life! See you again soon!

Take care of yourselves, ~Suzi

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