What the Bikini Series meant to me

For the Tone it Up Bikini Series, they had weekly prizes as well as one giant grand prize.  The way to enter the giveaway is to submit a 300 word or less essay on what the bikini series meant to you, plus an optional 2 mins or less video.  I thought I’d share my entry with you all! This series meant so much to me and has really transformed the way I see my body. I’m not completely confident in how I look, but the fact that I can do more physically than ever before is a huge improvement for me.  Plus I’d never felt comfortable sharing a bikini pic while at a weight that I’m not happy with before now.


So here’s my essay, complete with awkward youtube video!

The Bikini Series has changed my life in the most surprising ways. I grew up with depression and always hated how I looked, I could never look at mirrors without despising what I saw. As I got older and had kids, my body changed and my metabolism slowed way down. The motivation to be healthy was never really there, because I didn’t have enough self worth to take care of myself. After my second baby, I started taking care of my mental health. I went on a journey of healing that began on the inside. It was a very long road, and I know I will be on it forever, but it is necessary. Then came Tone It Up! I discovered TIU through pinterest, and thought that the workouts looked actually kind of fun! I did one routine, then another, then another, and I really loved the positive energy of K&K, plus the way my body felt after pushing it to the limits. The Bikini Series was the first time I went full force, doing the nutrition plan and all of the workouts, and after 8 short weeks, my body is showing me how much stronger it is, my friends are noticing a change in my attitude when talking about myself, and my kids are noticing how healthy Mommy is! I now crave working out, it is my time to myself every day where I allow myself to treat my body the way it deserves. I could not be more grateful for TIU, the AMAZING community of positive women, and myself for sticking to something long enough to make it my new lifestyle. Most importantly, THANK YOU Karena and Katrina for starting this and for setting the best example for the rest of us!!!

Take care of yourselves, ~Suzi

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