How to go from sweaty mess to somewhat presentable in 5 minutes

Sometimes after a workout, I don’t get a chance to shower.  I know that’s gross, but that knowledge won’t change anything.  It just doesn’t happen all the time.  So on those occasions where I need to make myself look somewhat like a functioning human very quickly, I rely on a tried and true routine that I thought I’d share for you lovely people via crappy iphone selfies.  So let’s do this!


So first things first, since I’m not going to be doing any washing or styling of my hair, I put it all up in a messy bun fastened by a fabric headband.  The fabric headband helps prevent that ponytail bump that inevitably occurs with every updo.  I also have a sweatband on because…I’ll be sweating.  I should also mention that this works for me because I have very thick, coarse hair that can go 3-4 days between washing.  For this post, as an example, I was working with day 2 hair that had been styled on day 1 with beach waves.  If your hair is more on the fine side, this might not work for you.


Post-workout, full of sweat.


The very first thing I do is quick wash my face.  Since I have bangs, they immediately need to go back into a headband and then I use my Simple Micellar Cleansing Water.  This stuff is a GAME CHANGER.  Seriously.  It’ll change your life.  It’s found at most drugstores and runs about $10, and it takes EVERYTHING off without needing to rinse.  I’m a liquid liner gal, and this stuff removes every speck of my makeup.  It’s a busy woman’s dream.  So I take a cotton pad and swipe this wonderful stuff all over my face, giving extra love to my super sweaty hairline.  Afterwards I put my moisturizer and sunscreen on.


Next I grab some body wash and scrub all of the places.  No explanation necessary, y’all know how to wash yourselves.


If there is any one product that makes this routine actually work, it’s this.  DRY SHAMPOO IS LIFE.  I have no idea why I was never told about this stuff as a teen, but it would have saved me lots of dry, overwashed hair.  My favorite is the Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo (I think the name could have been longer).  It does leave a white residue if you don’t brush through it, but it smells good and does the trick.  I spray this on my hairline, the nape of my neck, and at my roots.


Then after taking my fabric headband out, I brush the dry shampoo through my bangs, and use my hands to work it into the rest of my hair (since I’m not going to mess up my beach waves with a brush!)

All that’s left is to change my clothes, put on some deoderant and perfume, and then I’m looking somewhat okay!


If I’m planning on leaving the house, I’ll throw some makeup on, but since I tend to workout right before doing some work around the house, I don’t normally put any on until later.

Thanks for reading!  I hope this helps anyone who is looking for a quick way to refresh yourself after working out, especially if you can get away without washing your hair.

*Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post, I am not special enough to be paid to promote products so this is all stuff that I really like and buy myself!

Take care of yourselves, ~Suzi

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