In defense of selfies

Okay, okay.  Bear with me.  Selfies have had a tumultuous relationship with the public since they became Kardashian-level famous.  Speaking of that, I’m not going to talk about that selfie book because…it’s the Kardashians.  Nobody was surprised that Kim “wrote” a book of photos of herself looking glam whilst angling her chin just so and pursing her lips to make them look fuller.  If I had her glam squad and resources I’d probably do it too.  But for now, I’ll just defend a person’s right to selfie.

Wet hair, don't care
Wet hair, don’t care

For some of us, taking selfies is a matter of actually getting ourselves in the frame.  Mothers especially are hardly ever in front of the camera, and as this wonderful article points out, that is a shame.  Sometimes, a selfie is what we resort to because our partner isn’t so great at the flattering picture-taking.  Raise your hand if you’ve ever told your partner to take a picture of you, only to have them sit in a chair while you stand up.  WHY DOES NOBODY RESPECT THE DOUBLE CHIN RULE.  And there are also those occasions where you just plain know that you look cute.  Your hair is looking fab, great outfit, great makeup, accessories, whatever.  Or you know that you look kind of crazy but not crazy-crazy.  Like, crazy in a cute way.  Romantic comedy heroine crazy.

I used to feel really self conscious about posting selfies, mainly because of my own  physical insecurities but also because I felt embarrassed.  I didn’t want other people knowing that I wanted my picture taken.  Then one day, it struck me: WHO CARES.  Seriously.  Who cares if my social media friend list knows that I wanted my picture taken, or that I actually had a moment of feeling hot, or that I liked something about the way I looked in a brief moment of time?  Why is that something to be ashamed of?  The answer: it isn’t.

Midnight pita, martini buzz, feelin' goooood
Midnight pita, martini buzz, feelin’ goooood

I know I’m posting this well after the selfie has become more acceptable by those who previously mocked it, but it’s still worth noting that behind some of that smizing can be an air of insecurity.  And that is a shame, because who better to see the beauty in yourself but you?  If I can’t take a picture of myself that I actually feel great in, how can I expect others to?  My own selfie journey has been a journey of feeling better about how I look both in photos and in life.  Even if I might be critical of a certain angle or pose in a particular photo, I try and focus on how I was feeling when I took it.  If it was with a friend or family member, I focus on the joy of being with them and see it reflected in my crooked-eyed smile.  If I’m alone, I focus on what led me to take the picture in the first place.

"my hair is cute today" bathroom selfie
“my hair is cute today” bathroom selfie

Keep on snappin’, people.  If Kim K can fill up a book of photos, surely the rest of us can take a few of our own that we love.

Take care of yourselves, ~Suzi

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